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The Hofer family does not live, as the name suggests, on a country estate just outside Hamburg, but in the middle of our beautiful ski jump, where they opened their candy factory two weeks ago. The Hofer family used to work in the IT industry, but they lost their fun. In Denmark, the country of sweets, the idea arose: We are opening a candy factory in Hamburg!

It was planned and searched for a year and on The End the shop at Bartelsstrasse 11, just a two-minute walk from the apartment, was found. The old building with the beautiful tiles and dark planks brought the charm with it, the three-month renovation provided the necessary interior. New electrics were needed and a new coat of paint, in which the ceiling in the office was immediately looking for the way down: Over the weekend, a new ceiling was quickly pulled so that the shop could open its doors for the Hamburg sweet tooth.

And not just for them, the shop is also very popular with tourists: city tours that pass the shop go, had to be changed in time because the enthusiasm among the visitors was too great to leave the shop after only three minutes. Don’t be surprised, because traditional production is still going on here.

The 120 year old candy machine, on which the Hofer family and their nice employee produce candies by hand and with muscle power, could be stolen from a museum in South Tyrol. Right from the start, the idea was to practice the original craft, which hardly exists in Germany today, as the Chamber of Commerce has broken down the profession of the candy manufacturer and many customers prefer mass rather than class to the large manufacturers to buy. The Hofer family is increasingly seeing a change in society towards natural ones "real" Products. They want to fulfill this wish with their candy manufacture.

Bulk does not come over at the Hofers: All ingredients are from organic cultivation, whether organic glucose to organic sugar or natural flavors and colors. "Even if the colors are less bright", say the Hofers. When I visit the store, a joint production with the French liqueur manufacturer Merlet is being tipped into the sweets – tastes good!

By the way, everyone who comes to the store and the open show production can try: "People have to like it!", says Ms. Hofer. "Everyone knows sweets, but no one knows how to make them, so people can watch us make their sweets." It is an ethical claim to which the Hofers and their employees feel committed. Everywhere they tried to find old books and recipes and are still happy when customers push recipe books into their hands. If your Opi candy maker was or a dusty book of candy making is in your attic, the three will be happy if you let them know.

The oldest recipe is from a 120-year-old book that Mr. Hofer has from an antiquarian bookshop in Switzerland. At Hofers, old and new come together: In their charming shop with traditional production, there are not only time-honored varieties, but also unusual items, such as plum with chia (tastes good!). Incidentally, all sweets are also vegan, except those with honey, but for which organic honey is used instead of honey aroma.

The factory produces both embossed candies, which come from the old candy press, and so-called rock candies, on which you can read your name, your loved one or that of the cat. Logo candies are also available from Hofers. And if you still don’t have enough, you can celebrate your birthday there or take part in a workshop. What surprised the Hofer family was that not only children’s birthday parties are celebrated in the shop, but also girls’ evenings are moved to the shop: one, two or three bottles of sparkling wine are then used to make your own sweets.

If you would like to take a look at the Hofers Bonbonmanufaktur family in the ski jump, you only have to turn left at us and you are already in the paradise of children’s dreams:

Family Hofer Bonbonmanufaktur | Bartelsstrasse 11 | Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays and public holidays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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