Exciting games for a jungle party

The jungle fever has broken out – the jungle calls and invites the children to exciting Play on. Games where all birthday guests can let off steam and live out their desire to play, their urge to move to their heart’s content. In line with this topic "jungle" we would like to introduce some games to you.

All of these games have been tested by children and are rated "Best game" receive.

Now you can look forward to many beautiful games on the subject "jungle Party".

We wish you lots of fun and an exciting and adventurous journey into the wild and dangerous jungle ;-))

And let’s start with the game ideas:

Each child receives three clothespins. The teammates spread out in the room. At a start signal, everyone is now trying to get rid of their clothes pegs by quickly attaching them to the cladding of the others – who of course are trying to avoid them. Whoever was the first to get rid of their clothes pegs won without that these are on the floor.

At night in the jungle
All children lie down on the floor and play sleeping jungle animals. A previously selected child must now make the sleeping animals laugh. If you laugh, you have to get up and help the child. The last sleeping animal is the winner.

Stop dance of the animals
The children (jungle animals) spread out loosely in the room, the party music was turned on and people danced afterwards. If the music is stopped, everyone has to stand still, without wobbling, without laughing! Anyone who moves is eliminated. The best thing to choose as music is songs about animals. Whoever remains last is the winner!

My right seat is empty
The children sit in a circle and there is one chair or pillow more than there are children.
The child next to the empty seat says: “My right seat is empty, I wish. (Name of the child and name of the animal. E.g .: Maik the lion) here.
The child who changes places must pretend to be a lion, monkey etc. and must go to the free place.
Then it is the next turn, which is next to the empty space.
It is very funny if you e.g. snatches at the children as a dangerous predator.

The Inca Treasure
Cook the green groats and let them cool in a bowl. Then chop the groats with a knife. Now small waterproof prices or edible rubber animals (Snake, frogs, mouse.) place in the groats.
The children sit in a circle. The “jungle pudding” is now passed around alternately. If the kids want these prices, they have to go through a jungle exam first consist. To have to they grab the prices by mouth without the help of their hands.
Please have sufficient washing supplies ready!

The anaconda game
The children stand in a row and hold on to their hips. Now the first child in the row tries to catch the back tail of the snake (last child). If he succeeds, the captive child is the head of the snake. The game starts over.

elephant tails
Two children always play against each other. Each child gets a string tied around his belly, one end represents the elephant tail, at the end of which there is a ballpoint pen. Now the children stand with their backs behind a mason jar and try to get the tail into the glass with the ballpoint pen. Whoever does it first is the winner!

Even more jungle party ideas:
Everything you need to know about hosting a jungle party: invitation, decoration, recipes. Let yourself be inspired by other birthday games.

Last but not least:
Have you celebrated a jungle party yourself and have some nice ideas for our readers? Then we look forward to your mail, which you can send in HERE.


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