Exciting vacation with children in the eifel

Young naturalists can look forward to exciting Eifel expeditions through mysterious beech forests, moorland and rocky gorges, past extinct volcanoes, deep blue marshes and lakes in the low mountain region. As Day trips Medieval castles, game reserves and amusement parks, old mine tunnels and family-friendly museums attract visitors. And if you are not on the way to explore, they offer Hotels / wellness hotels and apartments / holiday homes in the Eifel everything for the perfect family vacation. At our family-friendly hosts you and your kids will find a wide range of features and services that are specially tailored to the needs of families with children.

Off to the Eifel wilderness!

There is a lot to discover in the Eifel National Park and in the nature and geoparks. Whether you go off on your own or join a guided tour, the fascinating Eifel nature has many surprises for children interested in nature on the way. And if shy wild animals such as beavers, wild cats and lynx don’t cross your paths, a visit to the numerous animal parks and game reserves in the Eifel is recommended.

Action and fun?

The Eifel also has that to offer! A visit to the playgrounds and amusement parks, raging downhill runs on summer toboggan runs, ski and toboggan runs and exciting climbing games in high ropes courses ensure a cheerful exuberance among children and teenagers. And for the youngest Eifel guests, a visit to the fairytale forest or petting zoo is recommended.

Culture can also be exciting!

Especially when the children immerse themselves in the past in the footsteps of the ancient Romans, medieval knights and damsels. Brilliant children’s eyes promise child-friendly theater performances on open-air stages, at open-air festivals and in the small and large theater halls in the Eifel. And if it should rain, a trip to the diverse museum landscape of the Eifel with its entertaining offers for families and young museum visitors is worthwhile.

There is a lot to discover in the Eifel for families with children in every season.

Whether you want to experience the blossoming of nature with your children in spring, take a dip in the cool water of lakes and outdoor pools in summer, stroll through autumnal Eifel forests or go on winter sleigh rides – a family holiday in the Eifel is always worthwhile!

Excursions for families

Lünebach Eifel Zoo

Over 400 animals from all over the world can be admired in the Eifel Zoo – from lions to goats, from Siberian tigers to Central European beavers, everything can be found. A trip through the Eifel Zoo with the narrow-gauge diesel locomotive is certainly a special experience for young visitors. Daring kids will have a blast on the rapid cable car ride across the large forest lake.

Wildlife park Schmidt

An experience also for small children: there is a lot to discover on the hiking trail through the Schmidt wildlife park, e.g. Enclosure with red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and mouflon, plus various types of ducks and geese on the ponds. A large meadow enclosure at the entrance area offers the little ones the opportunity to feed goats, donkeys and horses, while the parents fortify themselves with a cup of coffee and homemade cakes.

Trier Toy Museum

A visit to the Trier Toy Museum makes children happy and adults as well! Toys from over a hundred years tell exciting stories of big and small people. Tin toys, trains, dolls and dollhouses, shops, teddies, steam engines and rocking horses make children’s eyes shine and evoke memories of their own childhood among adults.

Fairy tale forest Bad Breisig

A walk through the Bad Breisig fairy tale forest is a unique experience for families with small children. The fairy tale forest brings 13 fairy tales to life and the fairy tale educational trail presents exciting background information on the individual fairy tales suitable for children.

Wild & Daun adventure park

A visit to the wildlife park can be so comfortable: families with children can take a look at the forest dwellers from their cars on a trip on the 8 km car hiking route. Six viewpoints invite you to get out. The "Natureum" provides the kids with entertaining knowledge about the flora and fauna. An adventure playground with climbing castle, pirate ship and tower invites you to play and run around.

It’s all about here – action & Fun for K >


Fun and action are guaranteed in Phantasialand! There are six unique subject areas to discover on an area of ​​280,000 square meters. World-wide unique attractions leave children, teenagers and adults in amazement. Boredom has no chance here!

Summer toboggan run Altenahr

Tobogganing is something for the winter months, isn’t it? For families who cannot wait that long, a trip to the summer toboggan run in Altenahr is recommended. On the fast-paced toboggan run through 7 fast bends over 500 m down into the valley, the kids can set their own pace by using the brakes more or less.

Wildlife and amusement park Klotten

It’s really wild here! The water rushes at 75 km / h "For the fall of the knight" the roller coaster turns down, no less rapidly "hot ride" their rounds in the game and leisure park Klotten. While the bigger kids experience an adrenaline rush after the other, families with smaller children have ample opportunity to walk through the game enclosures to observe wild animals such as deer, ibex, wild boar and birds of prey.

Bubenheimer Spieleland

Off to the Bubenheim play area: fun, games and adventure in the open air are guaranteed on the large adventure playground. And even one or two rain showers can not spoil the joy of playing for kids, because in the 3000 square meter all-weather hall, you can also romp and play to your heart’s content. From early July to late October, little explorers can put their skills to the test in the extensive corn labyrinth.

Tolli Park Mayen

Are you looking for adventure, fun and excitement for the whole family? Then the destination can only be called Tolli Park in Mayen. A world of adventure, fun and action awaits visitors on a 30,000 square meter site. Shows, animals, water fun, cars and boating, flipping somersaults or flying through the air, pony rides, everything is possible in Tolli Park.

Hürtgenwald high ropes course

Adventure and thrill for those with a head for heights! For children over 6 years and adolescents, a visit to the Hürtgenwald high ropes course is a highlight in the truest sense of the word. But before going to lofty heights, there is a brief briefing on the ground. On the high-altitude adventure course peppered with adventure boards, the forest becomes a classroom that can be experienced by all the senses.

Discovery tips for families

Visitor Mine "Pit welfare" and mining path Rescheid

"good luck for!"- now it goes underground: a visit to the almost 900 meter long tunnel "Pit welfare" brings mining history to life. Eventually, ore was mined in the old mining region around Hellenthal for more than 2000 years. The up-and-coming miners can look forward to an exciting exhibition about the Rescheider lead ore mining.

Eifel Milky Way

How does grass actually become milk? Answers to these and other questions on the topic "Milk makes a landscape of coolness" get you and your children on the 7.5 kilometer hike "Eifel Milky Way". On 8 information boards around the Steinfeld Monastery, the Lotte cow reveals to young milk fans exciting details about agriculture and milk production in the Eifel.

Grubenfeld worlds of experience

It was tough in the quarries around Mayen! The Terra Vulcania adventure center brings the 7,000-year history of mining volcanic basalt to life. In a modern interactive exhibition, young museum visitors learn exciting details about the hard work in a basalt quarry and the individual steps involved in extracting the volcanic rock. But that’s not all. Particularly brave people can hunt for the treasure at the Silbersee in the Mayener Grubenfeld.

volcano Museum "Lava Dome"

Things get hot here: museum attractions such as a digitized volcanic eruption, an adventure cinema and talking stones promise fantastic experiences. In the unique world of experience around volcanism, the young naturalists can expect exciting experiment stations and interesting insights into the volcanic heritage of the Eifel.

Geyser Andernach

An unforgettable nature experience for young Eifel explorers! If the geyser Andernach shoots up to 60 meters, the kids will not be amazed. To learn more about the rare natural phenomenon, a visit to the Geysir Experience Center is recommended. Then it says "Cast off" for shipping to the peninsula "Namedy value", where the outbreak of the world’s highest cold water geyser is located.

Knights, Romans and Co. – time travel for K >

Nideggen Castle

Yes, that’s what the old knights were like: In the past, the lord of the keep looked out for approaching enemies. Today there is a unique view of the Rurtal from the Höhenburg. The Middle Ages come to life in the castle museum at Nideggen Castle. Things weren’t always as peaceful here as in the past. The view of the dark castle dungeon and the rustic torture tools does not only chill the young visitors to the castle.

Roman baths Zülpich – Museum of bathing culture

Immerse yourself in 2000 years of bathing culture: In Zülpich, the best preserved Roman thermal baths of their kind north of the Alps offer an exciting wave ride through bathing culture from the Romans to the modern era. The two cartoon characters Jonas and Julia take little museum visitors on an entertaining museum rally to Roman thermal baths, medieval bath rooms, early sinks and "toilets", strange inventions like bathing ships and rocking bathtubs.

Olbrück Castle

Medieval action for kids: With a treasure hunt or a castle rally (by prior arrangement), the Middle Ages and the eventful history of the landmark of the Brohl Valley come to life. Of course, Olbrück Castle can also be explored on your own – audiovisual narration stations provide the discoverers with the necessary information. And if you don’t get dizzy looking down, you should not miss the unique view over the Vulkaneifel from the tower of the castle ruins.

Satzvey Castle

Your children only know knight tournaments from television? If you and your kids want to see proud knights live on their battleships, don’t miss the Knight Festival at Satzvey Castle in spring and autumn. Further highlights in the round of medieval events are witch dance, Easter market, Halloween and castle Christmas.

Roemervilla Museum

Roman life in the Eifel province: The manor house of a Roman estate from the 2nd to 3rd centuries was considered a sensation when it was discovered in 1980. Today, the ancient ruin, protected by a museum building, uses the exposed relics of wall paintings, bathing facilities, kitchen and underfloor heating to show what amenity the upscale living culture offered to rich Romans in the Eifel Province.

Event tips for families, children & youth

The holiday region Eifel offers families with children a varied program of events, with many special offers for entertainment and entertainment tailored to the interests and wishes of children and young people. Whether your children prefer to go on a discovery tour with national and nature park rangers, do handicrafts while hammering tufa or building arches, travel through time to the Romans and knights or be entertained by theatrical performances, the Eifel has something to offer for all tastes and ages!

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