Excursion destinations for families on lake constance

Excursions for the family
On the way with the family at Lake Constance

Hardly any holiday region in Germany offers so many leisure activities for the whole family as Lake Constance. In summer, the beach baths lure children and adults into the cool water when the weather is hot, in autumn and winter there is all the more time for the numerous great leisure activities and excursion destinations around Lake Constance. Places like Lindau, Constance, Immenstaad, Meersburg and many more offer the most beautiful experiences for you and your children. To make the excursion a highlight for the whole family, we will tell you which destinations are most suitable for which age.


Lindau or Meersburg lure with beautiful old towns, in which enough rest breaks at the lake and in child-friendly restaurants are possible.

Nothing stands in the way of family holidays at Lake Constance. No matter what time of year, the range of excursion destinations for the whole family is huge! In addition to excursion tips, there are also numerous events for young and old, especially in summer.

A holiday at Lake Constance with the family sounds good, but you still don’t really know how to go about it? We have put together useful tips and tricks for you from arrival to a successful stay.

Family vacation at the lake with toddler

The Lake Constance region is very family-friendly and is therefore an excellent holiday destination for parents with small children. The cities of Langenargen and Kressbronn are particularly open to young families, but you will also be warmly welcomed in other places.

Of course there is a lot to organize beforehand. In addition to a relaxed journey and the right accommodation, the program on site must also be right. To make your excursions a highlight for the whole family, we have put together a few recommendations for you and your toddlers up to the age of 6:

  • We find animal parks particularly suitable, such as the wildlife and leisure park in Allensbach or the Affenberg in Salem. The parks are accessible with prams, you spend time in the fresh air and there is a lot to discover.
  • Young children can learn in a playful way in the specially designed, interactive museums. Our favorites are the Ravensburger Museum and the Inatura in Dornbirn.
  • Younger kids can also participate in amusement parks, such as Ravensburger Spieleland or Conny Land – not everything, but a lot.

Are you curious? Then take a look at all the excursion destinations that we recommend for holidays with toddlers.

Tip: How to save money on vacation with children

  • It doesn’t have to be an excursion every day. Many places, including Überlingen, Wasserburg and Friedrichshafen, offer a colorful holiday program for holiday children. Your children are of the same age, explore the kids’ highlights in town and have a great day while you have time for cultural tours or a few quiet hours.
  • The holiday resort and the surrounding nature can also be explored together. To make things a bit more exciting for your children, you can borrow a research backpack from some tourist information offices. In this way, your children get to know Lake Constance and its flora and fauna even better when counting, measuring and observing.

Would you like a few excursions anyway? Then take a look at our overview for all excursion destinations with children!

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