Excursion destinations in baden-württemberg for families


You are looking for ideas for Excursions with your children in Baden-Württemberg or want to find out which activities with children the holiday resorts offer? Here you will find family-friendly excursion destinations on Lake Constance, in the Black Forest, on the Swabian Alb and in the Stuttgart region.

Would you like to be out in nature?? Especially in the Black Forest you will find the most varied adventure trails, past one of the picnic areas or Lakes and equipped with our researchers backpack with magnifying glasses, binoculars and landing nets, the adventure trails are an ideal destination for a day trip.

Do you and your children like to visit one or the other museum? Then the child-friendly museums are an ideal excursion tip for your activities. In the certified museums and open air museums in Baden-Württemberg you can touch, discover, invent and play yourself.

Or do you love thrills and tingles? Then be sure to plan a visit to one amusement park on! The youngest in particular look forward to a trip to Dreamland on the bear cave on the Swabian Alb or ins Ravensburger Spieleland near Lake Constance. Families with older children tend to have that Tripsdrill adventure park or that Europe Park on the wish list.

In winter the ski areas open their ski lifts again. Especially in the Black Forest .

Baths are particularly popular with children – whether outdoor or indoor swimming pool is actually just a question .

Adventure trails are a great destination for family hikes, especially for families .

Families can borrow a research backpack here .

A visit to an amusement park is a special experience for all family members, .

Here you can find lookout points and lookout towers in Baden-Württemberg, .

Geocaching is a modern type of treasure hunt and is offered in many family-friendly places. .

Touching, participating and discovering yourself is not only allowed in our museums, but also .

Baden-Württemberg not only has "above the Earth" the most diverse destinations for .

Just because the weather is not cooperating does not mean that your trip with the children .

Here you will find child-friendly restaurants with extra equipment, a playground and much more. .

Here you will find the best places for your next one .

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