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Excursion destinations in Thuringia for families with children

With its beautiful landscapes and cultural cities, Thuringia does not have much to offer for adults.
There are also plenty of excursion destinations for families with children. You can find a selection of them on this page.

There is a lot to discover on a day trip, at the weekend or during the holidays.

Saalfeld fairy grottoes

Discover the most colorful show caves in the world and learn a lot of interesting things about the former mining and the life of the miners. Elves, fairies, trolls and goblins have created a magical place in the accompanying fairy forest adventure forest.

Exotarium Oberhof

Kids should not be afraid of snakes, amphibians or insects when they visit the Exotarium. Because in Thuringia’s largest aquarium-terrarium zoo there is a lot of it. Around 100 different animal species can be seen on 600 square meters.

sandstone & fairytale cave

What "sand maker" are? They have mined the fine-grained sand for litter or scouring sand and created an underground labyrinth. Speleologists are now exploring the area. Between the 2,500 columns you will also find more than 30 different fairy tale pictures. They make the excursion underground a fabulous experience.

Suhl Zoo

The animal park in Suhl is dedicated to keeping and breeding European domestic and wild animals. Around 450 animals of 100 species have found a home here. For example, visitors can observe the extremely shy lynxes up close or delight in the meerkats.

Thuringian Zoo Erfurt

Huge elephants, cute meerkats, bright emerald monitor lizards – in the zoo of big animals curious animal researchers can go on safaris all day long and discover lots of small and large animals from all continents. If you want to cuddle a little afterwards, you can get up close and personal with the dwarf goats in the petting zoo.

Gotha Zoo

Bears, tigers, but also domestic owls or wolves are among the 140 different species of animals that can be found here. Of course, a trip to the petting zoo and the adventure playground is an animal pleasure for no visitors.

Fairytale forest Saalburg

Picked up from the parking lot by the Tschu-Tschu train, families enter the world of Little Red Riding Hood, Ms. Holle and the other fairy tale heroes. Visitors discover the largest witch house in Europe and lots of fun – from minicars to giant slides.

egapark Erfurt

The egapark invites you on a journey of discovery into the local and tropical flora – with the largest flower bed in Europe, Japanese rock and water garden and much more. Afterwards, the kids can romp to their heart’s content on the largest playground in Thuringia or visit the animals in the children’s farm.

Natural History Museum Erfurt

The 14 meter high oak tree, which stretches over four floors, is impressive – as is the entire exhibition on the geological history of Thuringia and the local flora and fauna. As a special attraction, a Noah’s Ark with the ship’s rat Rainer is waiting in the basement of the museum.


Kids dive into the world of knights and damsels behind the thick walls of the Leuchtenburg. With children’s programs, they try out old handicrafts and get to the bottom of the castle history museum. The brave descend into the deepest dungeon.

Marine aquarium exotarium Nautiland

Prospective marine researchers get to the bottom of the secrets of the underwater world in the show aquarium. You will encounter cute seahorses, flower animals, dangerous lionfish and even sharks. A special highlight: shark feeding on Wednesdays and Sundays from 3 p.m. The playroom also attracts with a real pirate ship.

German toy museum

6,000 toys – the children’s room at home is much too small for that. Germany’s oldest toy museum has been collecting everything that makes children happy since 1901. It shows the development of the toy from the beginning to the present. And together with their parents and grandparents, they also immerse themselves in their childhood experiences. The play area is particularly exciting.

outddor inn

Are you looking for a sporting challenge? Maybe tree or rock climbing? The outdoor inn also offers geo caching, climbing in the high ropes course or archery – for an afternoon or a varied weekend.

Ski arena silver saddle

The largest alpine ski area in Thuringia offers pure winter fun: Ski and snowboard fans get their money’s worth on five slopes. Chair lifts and drag lifts pull them up the mountain again. There is a baby lift and a ski children’s carousel for everyone who is not quite sure on the boards yet. In summer, bike freaks go on tour in the bike park.

Explorata-interactive world

Physics is boring? Not at all! Especially since you can try everything yourself. There are over 80 experiment stations with exciting tasks. After the visit, every child knows whether a shadow freezes or whether you can put out a candle with a bang. For children from 4 years old.

Marine aquarium adventure park

Are there sharks in Thuringia? sure, of course.
They can be admired in the marine aquarium – just like many other inhabitants of the tropical oceans. Small marine researchers discover a colorful underwater world in the adventure park. The very brave run over the bridges in the separate crocodile house or go to shark feeding on Sundays at 3 p.m..

Leisure center Gleis3Eck

Water rats, hobby bowlers, ice princesses and speed skaters – in Waltershausen kids will find varied leisure time fun in every season. They jump or slide into the outdoor pool in summer and ice skating in winter. The bowling alley is open all year round.

Dwarf Park

Not far from the Trusetal waterfall, children enter the realm of the dwarves. In the dwarf park you will meet more than 2,500 of the funny fellows. With the Bimmelbahn, visitors take a tour of the over 5,000 square meters of gardens, drive through tunnels and discover a tree on which dwarfs grow. On the climbing mountain you can then visit the Mayor Richard Richard.

Merkers mine experience

Children from 10 years of age experience a journey into the world of white gold in the Merkers mine. 500 to 800 meters underground you will discover the largest underground bucket wheel excavator in the world, a hands-on museum, the crystal grotto, the legendary gold room and a simulated demolition.

Oberweißbacher cable car

Who has ever ridden a funicular? With the listed Oberweißbacher Bergbahn, the ascent is 25 percent up the mountain to Cursdorf. The Schwarzatalbahn leads railway fans along the Schwarza river, where they enjoy a wonderful view of the landscape and the castle of Schwarzburg.

Garden gnome museum Griebel

Gräfenroda is the cradle of the garden gnomes. They are still made here.
Their history can be admired in the museum: from the beginning with animal heads and fairy tale characters to today’s garden gnome. Families also learn more about the skill it takes to make a garden gnome.

Inselsberg fun park

So the decision is really difficult: Should it first go to the summer toboggan run, the how-flyer or the adventure playground? Another highlight is the Rennsteig-Fox, a zip line at lofty heights.

automotive world eisenach

No question: Eisenach is the Wartburg city – and therefore the cars that were built here also have their name. In the former automobile plant, the automobile world Eisenach, people interested in technology get to see a lot of vintage cars and learn more about their history.

Oberhof ski hall

There is no snow again in winter? Or do little skiers fancy a cross-country ski tour in summer? Then nothing like the ski hall to Oberhof. There you can also watch well-known Thuringian skiers training. A ski school is also on site.

Hohenfelden reservoir amusement park

How about a bike tour or a refreshing swim in the lake? A trip to the Hohenfelden reservoir is great fun in every season. Kids can run around in the lido and on the adventure playground, go sailing or have fun on the bungee trampoline.

Hohenfelden climbing forest

Swing from tree to tree like Tarzan and Jane – kids from the age of 6 experience this adventure in the climbing park directly at the reservoir. If you want to conquer the seven courses with 118 climbing elements, you must first complete the instruction course. After all, security comes first.

Thuringian open air museum Hohenfelden

What village life in Thuringia may have looked like in the past? The 30 historical buildings in the open-air museum bring the past to life and tell exciting stories – from farms, the one-class school, the smithy or the shoemaker’s workshop.

Adler and Falkenhof

Eagles sail majestically through the air. Hawks, eagle owls or the legendary Andean condor fly close over the heads of the kids. During the breathtaking flight demonstrations, families experience the birds of prey up close and learn interesting things about their life and behavior.

1. German Bratwurst Museum

It’s all about the sausage here. To be precise, the Thuringian bratwurst. There is a sausage theater, the largest walk-in sausage in the world and a museum on its history, tradition and cultural significance. One or the other "exhibit" can then be tried right away – fresh from the grill, of course.

Weimar Haus – The historical experience

Would you like a very special journey through 5,000 years of Thuringian history? In the impressive experience exhibition, explorers from 8 years old meet personalities from all eras of the city – from the original Weimarers to Goethe and the Duke Anna Amalia.

Chinese garden in Weißensee

If you want to walk through a beautiful Chinese garden, you don’t have to travel far: The Garden of Eternal Happiness is located in Weißensee. Then go rowing or pedal boating to the gondola pond right next door.

Kyffhäuser Monument

It was one of the largest castles of the Middle Ages: the Reichsburg Kyffhausen. Today it is a ruin. The museum next to the impressive Kyffhäuser monument tells the exciting history of the castle. For a unique panoramic view of the region, it is worth climbing the 247 steps to the tower dome.

Panorama Museum

Is there a painting that is 123 meters long and 14 meters high? The largest symbolic painting in the world can be admired in the Panorama Museum. Over 3,000 figures can be discovered on it. Young people interested in culture who want to know exactly are welcome to count.

Donkey ride to the Wartburg

The Wartburg is not just any castle – it is a piece of German history that families can experience up close in the stately walls. You will travel back in time 900 years and discover numerous medieval treasures. Incidentally, the castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Those who visit them in summer should traditionally ride their donkeys to their gates. In winter the histor. Christmas Market.

Bach house in Eisenach

Children and adolescents experience how exciting classical music can be in the Bachhaus – for example in the walk-in piece of music. In addition to enjoying music, they are also presented with multimedia biographical details from the life of the musician.

A small 20-minute Bach concert on baroque keyboard instruments takes place once an hour.

Luther House in Eisenach

Martin Luther once went to school in Eisenach. Today, the multimedia exhibition in what is probably the oldest half-timbered house in Thuringia takes all children thirsty for knowledge on an exciting journey through his life and work. So history is really fun.

Hennebergisches Museum Kloster Veßra

Children can experience how the monks lived in the Middle Ages in the impressive monastery complex.
With an audio guide, Henne Mechthild takes you on a fascinating journey through time through the open-air museum, the gardens and the regional history and folklore of the Henneberg region.

Elisabethenburg Castle

Who would have thought that there was a castle in the castle? An exciting world awaits kids from 4 to 14 years old: they track down treasures, are creative and have a lot of fun in the playroom. In addition, children from Meiningen have made a children’s museum guide that leads through the exhibition.

Natural History Museum at Bertholdsburg Castle

Behind the castle walls, little explorers take more than just a journey through time through the castle and regional history: they immerse themselves in the fascinating world of minerals and follow the traces of 300 million years of Thuringia. Then you climb the 128 steps of the large main tower to visit the historic clockwork and a kestrel domicile.

Shetland pony hike Thuringian Forest

Children from the age of 5, adolescents, adults – who enjoy nature and animals – are equally invited to take part in the hikes around the Langen Berg near Gehren and to escape the hectic pace of everyday life.

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Accommodation in Thuringia

You want to relax and discover the many excursion destinations for families with children in Thuringia?
Then you will find a huge selection of accommodation under the following links, from exclusive to inexpensive.

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