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St. Martin 2018 – The most beautiful lantern processions in Berlin and Brandenburg

St. Martin 11 November 2018 – As a Roman soldier, Martin shared his cloak with a beggar. Later he became bishop of Tours and canonized for his good deeds. When Martin was later appointed Bishop of Tours because of his deeds, he hid out of modesty. People searched for him half the night with lanterns and finally found him in a goose house. To commemorate this story, a parade of lanterns took place on 11 November. Today, St. Martin is celebrated as a Catholic festival with lantern processions and St. Martin’s fires.

We have many (le >✪ 2017 are marked in black): Where and When ✪ 8.11. ✪ 9.11. ✪ 10.11. ✪ 11.11. ✪ 12.11. ✪ 13.11.Unfortunately we couldn’t confirm all places until the editorial deadline – we still left them in the map – marked in black – here you have to check for yourself if and when moves take place!

Parish Prenzlauer Berg Nord, Stadtkloster Segen and Evangelisch-freikirchliche parish Zoar201816:30 Start of the first lantern procession with St. Martin’s horse at Stadtkloster Segen (Schönhauser Allee 161, 10435 Berlin) 17:00 Start of the second lantern procession with St. Martin’s horse at Stadtkloster Segen (Schönhauser Allee 161, 10435 Berlin) 17:00 Martinspferd am Gemeindehaus Elias (Göhrener Str. 11, 10437 Berlin)17:30 Start of the third lantern parade with St. Martinsgans, Am Moritzhof (Schwedter Str. 90)

The three lantern parades meet in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark (about 1000 children and their parents are expected). There the Martinsfeuer is ignited, songs are sung and Martinshörnchen are shared. The St. Martin’s play is performed three times. There are fried sausages and warm drinks.

Herz Jesu, Fehrbelliner Str. 98/99, Prenzlauer Berg 11.11.2018, 16.30, 16.30 devotion in the Herz-Jesu-Kirche, followed by parade in the neighbourhood and parts of the Martinshörnchen in the courtyard of Herz Jesu, please bring homemade croissants, which can be handed in before the devotion in the parish hall

Ss. Corpus Christi, Conrad-Blenkle-Str. 64, Prenzlauer Berg 11.11.18, 17 o’clock, beginning in the parish church with the history of Martin from 17.30, Martin’s procession with horse, lanterns and music approx. 18.00 o’clock conclusion at the Protestant Advent-Zacchäus parish with Martinshörnchen share.

St. Georg, Kissingenstr. 33, Pankow 10.11.18,17.30 o’clock, in St. Maria Magdalena see below

St. Maria Magdalena, Platanenstr. 22B, Niederschönhausen 10.11.18,17.30 o’clock, Ecumenical St. Martins celebration in St. Maria Magdalena 10.11.18, 17.30 o’clock, Platanenstr. 22B, Niederschönhausen with a small Martinsspiel, songs and prayer.

Tarbor Kita, Cuvrystr. 36, 10997 Berlin12.11.18, 10:00 am in the Taborkirche the story of St. Martin is told (Taborstr. 17, 10997 Berlin) 17:00 am Start of the Martin parade at the Kindergarten Cuvrystr. 36, 10997 Berlin. Afterwards songs will be sung and children’s punch drunk.

St. Bonifatius, Yorckstr. 88/89, 10965 Berlin 11.11.18, 16:00 o’clock, beginning at the Protestant Methodist Christ Church (Dieffenbachstr. 39, 10967 Berlin); followed by lantern procession to the St. Johannes Basilica (Lilienthalstr. 5); Martin’s play on the steps of the church, baked Martin’s croissants, children’s punch and Martin’s fire. The program is jointly organized by the Catholic parish of St. Boniface with St. John’s Basilica and the Evangelical Methodist Church Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Christus-Kirche, Dieffenbachstr. 39: see above

St. Michael, Waldemarstr. 8-10 + St. Marien (Liebfrauen) 11.11.18, 16:30, Martinsfeier in the Kita with lantern procession on the square in front of the church St. Michael (Waldemarstr. 8 – 10, 10999 Berlin)

Ev. Martha parish, Glogauer Str. 22, 11.11.18, 16:00 o’clock, Mystery play service Marienfest. The legend of Saint Martin for children and adults

Emmaus church + children’s farm on the Görlitzer e.V., 11.11.2018, 17.00, meeting point: Emmaus church St. Martin’s procession with St. Martin’s play and donkey, torchlight procession and trombone choir. The procession goes through the Görlitzer park and ends with the final scene in the Emmaus church at Lausitzer Platz 8a, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg. Afterwards hot cocoa and Weckmännchen are distributed.

Ev. parish St. Markus, Marchlewskistr. 40, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain, 11.11.18,16.30 o’clock common lantern handicrafts in the Lazarus house 18.00 o’clock start lantern procession, led by St. Martin himself on his horse, around the weaver meadow with children’s choir and blowers afterwards hot drinks and Vienna sausage at the campfire in the garden of the Lazarus house

Berlin Cathedral, Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin, 11.11.18, 17:00 Martins Mantel – Singspiel zum Martinstag. The Singspiel is in the centre, it reminds of the bishop Martin von Tours, whose work is model and incentive to share until today. Afterwards the lantern procession from the Berlin Cathedral to the Gendarmenmarkt with a Martin rider and brass music on a carriage. Admission is free, if you want a good seat, you should be there by 4.30 p.m. at the latest.

St. Joseph, Willdenowstr. 8/Müllerstr. 161, Wedding 11.11.18, 18 Uhr, On 11 November we want to remember Saint Martin and celebrate him in a traditional way. So everyone comes to the Martinsfeier at 18:00 o’clock to the parsonage of St. Joseph. Access via Willdenowstr. 8. Then we go with torches, lanterns and a pony through the neighbourhood and at the end we have the Martinsgans and warm cocoa in the parish hall.

St. Laurentius, Klopstockstr. 31, Tiergarten 11.11.18, 17 o’clock, Martin’s procession – 17.00 o’clock Martin’s play in the St. Ansgar church, procession with horse to the ev. Kaiser-Friedrich-Gedächtniskirche, Martin’s fire and punch (no Holy Mass at 18.00 o’clock in the St. Ansgar church)

St. Paulus, Oldenburger Str. 46, Tiergarten 12.11.18., 17 o’clock, meeting point Dominikanerkirche St. Paulus, Waldenserstr. 28 with lanterns, horse and rider we pull from the church square of the St. Paulus church to the Heilandskirche, Thusnelda-Allee 1.

Sophienkirche, Große Hamburger Straße 29/30, 10115 Berlin 11.11.18, 16.30 Family devotions with a small St. Martin’s play in the Sophienkirche, followed by a lantern procession through the neighbourhood and barbecue sausages, bread and drinks at the Sophienkirchhof.

St. MartinsfestimBritzer GartenSo, 11.11.2018 from 16:30 to 18:30 clock festival place at the lake and “big play and sunbathing lawn”. The “Friends of the Britzer Garden e.V.” invites to the traditional lantern parade in the Britzer Garden on 11 November and each child receives the traditional Weckmann (yeast pastry) from the “Friends of the Britzer Garden e.V.”.

Admission: € 2.00, reduced € 1.00 Annual ticket holders 2018 or 2019 have free admission

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