Excursion tips in liguria at the riviera

Excursion tips in Liguria on the Riviera – Italy

Be enchanted by the beauty of Liguria. Here you will find a list of possible destinations for a successful holiday in Liguria.

Outing destinations in Liguria

Excursion tips in Liguria on the Riviera

Be enchanted by the beauty of Liguria. Here is a small collection of destinations that you should visit in any case. The exotic gardens of Villa Hanbury, the most beautiful and largest aquarium in Europe, villages and towns where time seems to have stood still since the Middle Ages. Enjoy the four seasons of Liguria, enjoy a special holiday.

Cinque Terre

The National Park of the Cinque Terre is an absolute must. No visitor can resist the charm and atmosphere of the five seaside towns of Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. The colorful, rustic and romantic houses within the villages are world famous. The beautiful hiking trails around the Cinque Terre attract many holidaymakers and locals. The small villages can only be reached by train or boat.

Just under 300 meters before the French border, a nondescript road leads to a towering limestone cliff. In it are the two caves of Balzi Rossi. Numerous finds, including an ancient cave painting, are exhibited in two small museums, whose visit is particularly worthwhile for Etnographyinterested.

The Hanbury garden is located near the village of Ventimiglia – near the French border. The origin of the garden dates back to 1867. Commissioned by Sir Thomas Hanbury, the garden was designed and laid out by the Heidelberg gardener Ludwig Winter. You will find various eucalyptus species, many succulents, pines, cypresses, oranges, agaves, aloes, papyrus, bamboo. The park is terraced and the visitor should be well on foot. From above, the path leads past many succulents and the tropical vegetation – accompanied by the noise of cicadas – down to the sea. There it is also possible to fortify oneself with food and drinks to start the way back up.

The church is the landmark of Cervo, the picturesque village of Cervo nestles in the countryside and invites you to walk in the winding streets with a visit to one of the dreamy bars and restaurants. Here in the old village you can buy handicrafts and antiques. Cervo is famous for his concerts of chamber music on an international level.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the port city of Imperia, lies the picturesque village of Valloria. Everywhere in Valloria, called “Il paese delle porte dipinte” (the city of painted doors), you will be amazed by the wonderful art on the doors and walls. During the first two weekends in July and August, Valloria’s summer festivals take place. Here you can enjoy delicious Ligurian gastronomy and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Badalucco is a typical old Ligurian village in the Argentina Valley. In this village you can see traces of the medieval past such as the bridge and the gates of San Rocco, Poggetto, Beo, Castello and Santa Lucia. Worth seeing are the castle, the Palazzo Boeri and the church of San Nicolò. Badalucco is also a perfect starting point for beautiful hikes through the area.


Dolceacqua is a medieval village in the hinterland of Ventimiglia, which was once the seat of Doria. The imposing castle was destroyed by fire in 1745. The ruin can be visited daily from 9:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 19:00, except Tuesdays. The old town (Terra) invites with its winding streets and small craft shops to beautiful walks. A particularly beautiful sight is the arched bridge, which also immortalized Claude Monet in a painting in 1884.

Apricale is a medieval artist village located in the hinterland of Ventimiglia. Dangerously located on a hillside, it looks as if the housing cascade threatens to collapse, but she has not done so for 700 years. In the small streets you can admire many Murali (wall drawings). The heart of the place is the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, from which you have a beautiful panoramic view over a part of the Nervia valley. Almost all year round, you can visit art exhibitions (Castello della Lucertola), theatrical performances and classical concerts in Apricale.

Discover the Ligurian hinterland on horseback! With Mulino Martino you can participate every day in various walks: beautiful rural paths, breathtaking landscapes and torrents await you! Mulino Martino also organizes beginner courses and children’s activities to help them get to know and ride horses.

Bussana Vecchia

The old mountain village above San Remo collapsed in 1887 during an earthquake. Leaving the rubble and ruins behind and given up for decay, the vegetation proliferated until artists settled here in the 1960s and painstakingly rebuilt the houses on their own initiative. From the old Bussana Vecchia only a few parts of the wall are left. Today, the place with studios and crafts is an attraction and known throughout Europe.

There are several ways to explore the Arroscia Valley: on the one hand, of course, by car or by motorbike, and on the other by mountain bike. In the Arroscia Valley there are many small villages to discover, where you can visit beautiful churches, for example San Lorenzo in Muzio and other sights can visit. Especially recommended is the art exhibition “I megaliti del terzo millennio” by Rainer Kriester from 1982 – a kind of open-air museum near Vendone. Here are about 4 m high stones a kind of constellation. In addition, from the top you have a beautiful view over a part of the valley down to the sea. Also it offers for hikers very nice tours, e.g. a hike to the Cascante (waterfall) in Mendatica.

Monaco – the city of the rich and beautiful. The Principality has not only the famous casino and the harbor with its stunning yachts, but also the Prince’s Palace, the beautiful Jardin Exotique and the maritime museum.

Pigna is the last larger and once the most important places in the Nervia Valley (hinterland of Ventimiglia). The old town with its narrow, mostly covered and therefore dark alleys (umprsspr chibi) forms a tangle of houses. A climb to the Grotto of Giachéira e del Barràigo is worthwhile. From here you have a beautiful view to the Castel Vittorio. If you want to know more about the history and the life of the people of Pigna, visit the Museo Ethnografico in the center near the church of San Michele. There is also the possibility to visit the thermal springs and be pampered on the beauty farm (Pigna Antiche Terme).

If you do not have your own car with you, but would like to make a trip during your stay in Liguria, then bus excursions are the perfect choice for you. Destinations Cote d’Azur, Sanremo, Genoa, and much more: Climb aboard and enjoy a relaxed and interesting Trip in an air-conditioned bus with English speaking guide.

The Pista Ciclabile is a former railroad track that has been converted into a 20km bicycle and pedestrian path. It leads along the Mediterranean Sea through many small nice villages. The paved road is flat and very pleasant to ride on. On the route from San Lorenzo al Mare to San Remo you can wonderfully discover the picturesque landscape. At a comfortable pace you are about 1.5 hours on the road.

On the track there are a variety of bike rentals and also associated parking for your car. We have put together a route for you to make your journey as carefree and pleasant as possible. Numerous bathing facilities, cafes, bars, restaurant and healthy sea air invite you to an unforgettable experience.

Grasse is known for its perfume museum, but this little town has much more. Despite its border crossing to France, the hillside old town with its narrow streets has an Italian flair, because here old dilapidated ruins alternate with beautiful old houses.

One of the largest cave facilities of Europe. At the end of the Val Varatella, just behind Toirano, is the promontory of a limestone massif of gray dolomite. In its numerous valleys are over 50 natural caves, which are still the subject of international research. The Toirano Caves, open to the public after completion of the construction work in 1953, are managed directly by the municipality and are among the biggest tourist attractions of the Riviera di Ponente, with more than 150,000 visitors each year.

The largest aquarium in Europe has a 10,000 square meter exhibition area, where more than 600 different species of fish and animals can be observed. An exciting journey through the oceans, from the origin of life to the current issues, such as saving the ecosystems of our oceans.

If you think you can not see whales or dolphins in the Mediterranean then let yourself be surprised by a whale watching tour! From April to November you can experience this unforgettable experience on a boat departing from the ports of Imperia, Alassio and Diano Marina. An exit is a real experience for the whole family. Do not forget the camera for unforgettable snapshots.

You should not miss this interesting historical regatta! Every two years, in September, hundreds of historic and classic sailing ships come for 5 days to the port of Imperia for the most important Italian meeting of sailing ships.

There are a variety of museums and collections to discover in Liguria. Browse through our overview, it is certainly something for you.

Spend an unforgettable time in one of the amusement parks in Liguria with your friends and family! Visiting Le Caravelle water park, children can admire their mini-spending on the water. The big boys certainly have nothing against a race on the go-kart track or the climbing park in Val di Vara from tree to tree.

The landmarks of Sanremo are the lush gardens and villas. The city is also adorned with the reputation of being the heart of the flower trade. One of the most famous casinos in Europe and the annual Italian festival in the modern theater Ariston make Sanremo popular. In contrast to the luxury hotels and elegant shops is the above-located old town “La Pigna”. With its small, impassable lanes, it invites you to take a walk to the enchanting Giardini Regina Elena, where you can enjoy a wonderful view over Sanremo.

In a valley covered in chestnut forests in the high Tanaro Valley lies Garessio on the Piedmontese side of the Maritime Alps. The place was already known to the Romans. The municipality, which had become autonomous in the Middle Ages, had its own jurisdiction. The laws are now kept by the community carefully in the “Libro della Catena”, the so-called chain book. Garessio consists of four districts, each of which is rich in beautiful churches, medieval houses and stately palazzi.

Glittering sea and the sun of Liguria – spending a memorable day in a boat and seeing Liguria from a different perspective would be a good idea. Take a look at the list of addresses of boat trips in Liguria or find out more about the boat trips of Isola Gallinara tour.

The Villa Grock reflects the extravagant style of the Clown Grock, Adrien Wettach, an international artist, had the villa built and brought his own personal and personal ideas. Villa Grock is a museum with many different rooms. A visit to the Villa Grock is definitely worthwhile, for both young and old.

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