Excursion to the Schrammstein view – adventure with a child – 2-way website!

Excursion to the Schrammstein view - adventure with a child - 2-way website!

Excursion to Schrammsteinaussicht – adventure with child

The Schrammsteine ​​are one of the most famous landmarks of the Elbsandsteingebirge and offer an incredible panorama – of course we could not miss this. On our third day in the Saxon Switzerland, we made a little hike from Bad Schandau to the Schrammstein prospect. What we did not know, however, was the fact that the very way there would be a small challenge and would demand us so much.

Abbreviation of the trail parking lot – or something like that.

Since Miriam after our hiking summer not so much desire for long ways and we were already a little late, we have decided to start at a trail parking lot in Ostrau and thus shorten a slope and about 4 km. Unfortunately it was not to be seen on our hiking map that the parking lot of Bad Schandau was only very complicated to reach and we got stuck pretty fast: Suddenly it did not go on and the road was only open for residents. After a little back and forth, we then decided to run from there, so that we have saved in the end a few miles, but have built a hefty slope with … Well, you can not have everything. (For those who want to do better than we do: either via Postelwitz to Ostrava to the parking lot, or park at the Schrahmsteinbaude …)

Into the forest and on the slope – to the Schrammsteinaussicht

When we finally found the trail parking lot, it went from there into the forest and soon to get into the Wildschützensteig. The sign “Please only use in ascension” at the entrance should have warned us that it is really tight and steep, but with what came then we had not expected. Over ladders and stairs it went up between the stone giants and you had to concentrate pretty well. Of course, Miriam was always the first one upstairs, but sometimes I had to swallow quite a bit who had to step up from the ladder to the next platform. I must confess, I’m not so afraid of heights … But it was really great, so very different than the trails I know from the Palatinate or other low mountain ranges, just a real adventure!

Breathtaking panorama – The Schrammstein view

Once at the top we went a bit further on a forest road and then the last piece on the top again on ladders. From the top you had an incredible view of the Elbe and the Schrammsteine, which rose unreal from the forest. Like elongated mushrooms, the individual crags towered in the air and right and left of the observation deck, it was also deep down. Luckily it was not so crowded, as the day we were there was actually bad weather predicted, so we could work our way from one rock dome to the next. But I have to confess, I went pretty well the pump and I did not let go of Miriam’s hand … And she was a little too airy, so that they wanted to sit in the end only on the butt and then had fast enough.

Back over ladders – pure adventure

Somewhat below the Schrammstein prospect, we then made our break, we could not have gotten down at the top because of all the nervousness. The view was still phenomenal and we ate our sandwiches in front of a great scenery.

Since we were not allowed to descend again on the same path we came up over, it was a bit outside. Actually we had thought to avoid the steepest parts, but suddenly the way ended again in front of a ladder, which disappeared in a crevice. So it was time to gather all courage and down there. But everything worked great again, Miriam is completely free from giddiness and has no problems with climbing at all … As I said, I present the bigger problem. But after we had overcome three ladders, the path went pleasantly down through the forest and finally almost without gradients back to Ostrau. From there we could quickly find our car again and have completed this great hike with an ice cream and a visit to the National Park Center Saxon Switzerland in Bad Schandau! Miriam was thrilled with the many interactive installations and has learned a lot again!

The Schrammstein prospect with children – great family outing for dizziness

All in all, we were totally excited about what Saxon Switzerland has to offer. However, you should not go this tour in my opinion with too small children, and above all, all parties should be firm and thus more or less free from giddiness. Also, I’ve heard that this tour on the weekend and in good weather can be very crowded – but this time we were very lucky in this regard. An absolute recommendation for me is the National Park Center Saxon Switzerland in Bad Schandau. It is very vivid and appropriate for children explains how the area was created, what it has to offer and how it is protected. The staff there have incredibly great knowledge of the area and were very friendly and accommodating – an absolute highlight of our time in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains!

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