Excursions with children: leisure activities that do not cause complaining

Excursions with children: leisure activities that do not cause complaining

Excursions with children: leisure activities that do not cause complaining

Another weekend, holiday or vacation? There is so much free time and your kids always want to be fun? If you are just finished with your ideas for leisure activities, we have the remedy for you. With our excursion destinations for the whole family, fun is inevitable – goodbye planning stress!

amusement park

The classic amusement park is a guarantee of action. And there are some of them. Whether big or small child, roller coasters or children’s carousel, there is something for everyone. The only question that remains is whether your child is more of a team police car or team horse. You can find out for example in these amusement parks.

No more boredom!

Indoor activities

If it gets too uncomfortable outside, covered activities are the solution. How about a flight of fancy, for example? The wind tunnel simulates the experience of a parachute jump. If that is too blatant, there is still the tried and tested trampoline. You can find even more ideas for indoor fun here.

More for bad weather?

Zoo and animal park

Animals always captivate you. Whether dangerous, huge, or just sweet and sometimes even tangible. Ever heard of the Burmese Star Tortoise? The Cologne Zoo has succeeded in breeding rare animals for the first time. You will find a large part of the fascinating animal world in our region.

Here are a few suggestions:

children’s concerts

Many concert halls in NRW offer special events for babies, children and adolescents. If your youngsters like to make music themselves, it is particularly impressive to see a large orchestra in action. Events for the whole family take place in the Konzerthaus Dortmund, for example: No matter whether you are 6 or 110 years old (or something in between), everyone has their fun here – classic rocks!
Dortmund Concert Hall: Brückstraße 21, Dortmund


In addition to classic climbing, bouldering is becoming increasingly popular. What is that? Very easy, climbing without a belt. And don’t worry, dear parents, that sounds more worrying than it is. Because climbing is at a height from which a jump should end harmlessly. You can find halls in the area here.


Instead of just letting Super Mario run in circles on the console, you could take a few laps with your offspring in real life. In our beautiful region there is even the longest kart track in Europe: the Dinslakener Kartarena has 2500 meters to offer. I would say whoever wins the race will get an extra scoop of ice cream afterwards.
Kartarena, Thyssenstrasse 83, Dinslaken

children’s Museum

Are your kids bored in the museum or even misbehaving? Then you may not have found the right one. Because in NRW there are numerous child-friendly museums that have proven themselves as places to visit. The Explorado adventure museum at Duisburg’s inner harbor is at the top of the popularity scale. The largest children’s museum in Germany is designed for four to twelve year olds. At interactive stations, they can explore fascinating phenomena of our everyday life in a playful manner.
Explorado Children’s Museum, Philosophenweg 23-25, Duisburg

Action sports

Photo: Isaiah Bekkers

If your child is daring and brave, action sports are just the thing. What makes your adrenaline shoot higher out of worry may give the youngsters the fun of their lives. We have listed here which sports could be considered.


With a lounger by the pool there is a holiday feeling immediately. Lounging around all day is not possible, after all, the kids have to let off steam. That means: the slide has to be tested or an ass bomb contest has to be started. After all the madness, you can have a good time later between the palm trees.

You can find the right bathroom here

High ropes course

Do you like the kick of climbing and can go higher than bouldering? Then you are guaranteed to find the right high ropes courses, climbing walls and climbing walls for you. In the open air, however, there is no room for fear of heights …

Cooking classes for children

Cooking with children usually turns the domestic kitchen upside down. If you prefer to outsource this kitchen battle, cooking studios such as the cooking school in Schellenberg Castle are ideal. The cooking classes are also a great idea for the next child’s birthday.
Cooking school at Schellenberg Castle, Renteilichtung 1, Essen

Glowing rooms

Normal mini golf has long been too old school for your family? Then combine it with black light and 3D glasses! In the Glowing Rooms, graffiti artists have designed rooms that put your understanding of space to the test. So you can dive into foreign worlds (for example Pandora or the universe).
Glowing Rooms, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Dortmund

children’s theater

If you don’t feel like theater at home, visit one in the Ruhr area or the surrounding area. The large playhouses offer many performances for kids. Other venues concentrate entirely on this target group. For example the KOM’MA theater in Duisburg.
KOM’MA Theater, Schwarzenberger Strasse 147, Duisburg


Scavenger hunt is old school? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! In the 21st century, of course, this can also be done using a smartphone – Pokémons do not always have to be caught … Classic in nature and thus in the fresh air is just as good as exploring sights and their stories. There are numerous apps for this. On your marks, get set, go!

learning Farm

Young urban residents in particular have lost touch with nature. In order not to let it get that far, farm visits are a good idea from an early age. There is, for example, the interactive farm Schulte-Tigges in the Dortmund district of Derne. Here everything revolves around the topics of agriculture, nutrition, climate, environment and consumption – advance registration for annual courses, trial courses or tent camps during the holidays are necessary.
Learning farm Schulte-Tigges, Kümper Heide 21, Dortmund


No matter whether stand-up board, kayak or canoe or the good old rubber dinghy: where there is a body of water, there is a vehicle and in our state, which is greener than some people think, there are many beautiful rivers and lakes. Highlights: A canoe tour on the Baldeneysee and Ruhr or, for a more heavenly holiday feeling, stand-up paddling on the Xantener Südsee.
Baldeneysee, Essen
Xanten South Pacific, Xanten

Children’s University

If you are constantly pestered with questions at home that you simply cannot answer, here is the solution: Send your child to the university – don’t worry, what is meant is an age-appropriate one. Inquisitive kids between the ages of eight and twelve get their money’s worth at the TU Dortmund Children’s University. The series of events, which provides fun knowledge of technology, business, art history and the like, is open to everyone for free. There are also more offers for other age groups.
Children’s university of the TU Dortmund: Emil-Figge-Straße 50, Dortmund

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