Excursions with children – tips and information for the family excursion in Allgäu

Wild ravines are popular destinations of excursions with children

The perfect family trip

Successful family excursions are not a matter of course. Parents and children often have quite different ideas about a great excursion program, and when the interests of siblings of different ages have to be taken into account, it gets really complicated. Nevertheless, it is possible to meet the expectations of all family members. Fortunately there is no lack of possibilities in the Allgäu. The region, which is certainly one of the most beautiful in Germany, is ideal for families. Here it does not lack really not at appropriate offers, rather it applies to select some favorites. And you will quickly notice: Who has the choice, has the agony…”

Hiking and Excursions with Children – Planning

Zickleinstriegeln at the camel farm

Anyone who has enjoyed hiking in the mountains without children should bear in mind that hiking with children has its own laws: Ascents are often very tedious for small children, especially as they usually don’t realize that you have to torture yourself for the view. Alternatively, one can travel to many mountains with the mountain railway, but this always burdens the family budget, as it causes costs. Fortunately, in some family-friendly regions, a family’s own children are now transported free of charge. And there is probably nothing more boring for children than well-developed and steeply ascending forest paths. If, on the other hand, the road is really rough, even the smaller ones can hardly be slowed down. Under no circumstances should children be overburdened, this spoils the desire for further hikes. Children like to walk, but they never want to cover as many kilometres as possible. Attractions along the way, on the other hand, are important.

These can be stones in the riverbed, tree trunks to balance in the forest, beetles and flowers that you can look at with perseverance. And there should always be time for that. If you let yourself in for the child’s gaze, the river pebble turns into precious stones and leaves into works of art, you will also find a piece of magic in everyday life yourself. With increasing age, there is a growing interest in nature trails, which now exist in many regions, but also in child-friendly museums, castles, palaces and other attractions. It doesn’t always have to be the expensive amusement park.

If you still lose your motivation on longer distances, you should have a few stories ready. Also guessing games and collecting actions provide then for alternation. Hide out in the woods, play a ball game on the meadow or take a bath at the lake. Many hikes can be combined with a swim in the summer, which is always an incentive for children. But the best thing to do is to take children of the same age from your circle of acquaintances, kindergarten or school with you.

The right equipment

Hike through the Breitach gorge

If an excursion is to be successful, one must first think carefully about what absolutely belongs in the hiking backpack. Each child should have its own small backpack with it. A rucksack that is too heavy will interfere with hiking, but if you have not packed the right things, sometimes the whole trip will be spoiled. A sufficient amount of drinks, a decent snack and small snacks for on the way – they don’t have to be sweets – are absolutely necessary, because children are guaranteed to be hungry or thirsty whenever there is neither a kiosk nor an inn to be seen far and wide. Besides, there is probably no child who doesn’t like picnics. The right equipment includes suitable footwear, comfortable, well shrunk in, with a profiled sole and ankle-covering for mountain hikes.

Since children freeze and sweat faster than adults, they wear best “Zwiebellook”, i.e. several layers on top of each other. Rain gear must be packed in your rucksack, because in the mountains the weather can change in a flash, and the temperatures fall into the cellar. Sun protection also belongs in the luggage. For smaller children, replacement clothing has also proved its worth, because if they end up playing in a stream or even just in a puddle, the whole day is often spoiled. Plaster helps with small wounds, an identification book increases the thirst for knowledge on the way, and binoculars are always a good thing. A hiking map is advisable at least for larger tours. With the right equipment, hardly anything can go wrong. Exhausted but happy children are the reward for their parents after a successful trip. But also the fun of the parents should not be neglected: Beautiful landscapes, sometimes an art experience and/or a hearty tavern are part of a successful hike.

Excursions with children to the museum

Climbing the climbing wall for clambering practice

Some adults don’t really want to believe it: children should be enthusiastic about museums? It always depends on how you package such a visit. Many museums today have a high pedagogical level and are prepared for the visit of children and offer many interactive stations that are primarily fun, but also provide a lot of knowledge. The children’s path in the Allgäumuseum in Kempten is one such example: the children enthusiastically feed a medieval child there, but it only accepts the food that already existed in its time. In the Cambodunum Archaeological Park in Kempten, there is the “Museum to Touch” programme, where children can dress in Roman robes, try out Roman games and write on wax tablets.

The Allgäu Castle Museum in Kempten also offers such programmes. Children who come to the carriage museum in Hinterstein are so enchanted that they prefer not to go out at all. So museums are no longer a dry affair nowadays, but encourage children who are used to activities to think, participate and learn. At school they can also make quite an impression with this leisure knowledge of the weekend.

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