Experience and relaxation in the theme hotel holiday in the themed hotel

Experience and relaxation in the theme hotel

Billdquelle: Holiday in the Thuringian Forest in the spa hotel Talblick of the family Brumm

The Germans like to travel. By the way, still preferably in your own country. Hiking in the mountains, cycling through the heath, beach holiday on the Baltic Sea beach, culture in the German cities u.v.m. is on the travel top lists of Germans.

The Germans want to experience something on their travels or even simply relax completely, but also get something offered.

Regionality and authenticity play an increasingly important role. People increasingly want to feel “almost like home” on vacation. More and more often we hear or read statements such as “Holiday with friends” or “Feel at home”. The ambience, the friendliness and the personality of a hotel or travel destination makes a lot of. For family vacations or a wellness weekend, more and more travelers are looking for a privately run hotel, and theme hotels are becoming increasingly popular.

What is a theme hotel?

Picture source: A castle hotel on the Fleesensee (Radisson Blu Resort Schloss Fleesensee)

Perhaps many of you have not even consciously stumbled upon the term theme hotels, but subconsciously, hotel epithets such as a fairytale hotel, a castle hotel or a wine hotel raised feelings and expectations. Even conventional hotels in the city often have the nickname city or city hotel and thus provide us with a certain image.

Granted, hotels have always worked with nicknames such as Castle hotel or castle hotel, if the object is just a castle or a castle. Even terms such as city hotel, beach hotel, island hotel or country hotel are probably familiar to us, but just call a certain image in us. If you think of a country hotel, probably has a cozy estate in mind, a good regional bourgeois cuisine, maybe even a few animals and a friendly smiling operator couple, which welcomes full of warmth on arrival. If we think of an island hotel, then we expect sea, beach, dunes and probably fish on the table. &# 128521; Of course, if a hotel bears the nickname Wellness Hotel, then the reader suspects immediately that behind the walls there is also a wellness area and a wellness offer.

Meanwhile, we hear and read more and more of golf hotels or how about a night in a fairytale hotel, in a pirate hotel or behind monastery walls? The ideas of the hoteliers are becoming more and more creative. So there are also surf hotels or hotels, which lead the epithet Weinhotel. Deserves, because in most of these hotels, a lot is really about the good and noble wines. Well-stocked wine cellar, wellness treatments from the best of the grapes, culinary delicacies from the wine region, walks with the hotel manager through the vineyards u.v.m..

The most creative theme hotels in the world

Source: Baumhaus in the Center Parcs Bispinger Heide between Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover

But of course it is even more creative and maybe even crazy. How about It’s even possible in Germany with a night in a tree house, at Center Parcs in Bispingen. Even hay hotels are a cheap and funny alternative, especially when you are traveling with children. In Dubai, there should be an underwater hotel and in the wine barrel, the guest can now sleep in Hesse. Who drives to Saxony, finds a Kofftel – you do not know what that is? Here you live simply on five square meters in a suitcase replica. On Usedom the guest can spend a night in the lighthouse and who drives to Lübbenau, wellness can not only experience in a Spreegurkensauna, but also in a cucumber barrel stay overnight. On the Zugspitze there is an igloo hotel and also a bed in the maize or corn field can be obtained in Germany. What is still missing? The craziest themed hotels in a bunch, we find but probably in Las Vegas: Hotel Excalibur or Circus hotel are here times representative of many exclusive variants of the city called.

As theme hotels with name Seehotel, Ostseehotel, Parkhotel, Biohotel or mountain hotel appear almost normal. Because at least the guest knows in advance probably already exactly what to expect him.

Do you have any tips for crazy and creative theme hotels in the world? Have you ever been guests at one time? Then please leave a comment here with your recommendation and / or your review. &# 128578;

Fancy a stay at the theme hotel?

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