Experience cruises, shore excursions and cruises from cruise planning

Experience cruises, shore excursions and cruises from cruise planning

Experience cruises

Cruises are both relaxing and eventful. A sea voyage combines the relaxing life aboard a modern cruise ship with the discovery of fascinating harbors all over the world. But beware! Cruises are addictive. Eighty-five percent of those who have decided to go on a cruise want to try again and again. Anyone who plans shore excursions on their own, will find on this website a lot of information about the most popular ports and destinations.

Cruises all over the world

Cruise ships are today on the way to cruise destinations on all oceans. They head for the traditional port cities in the Mediterranean or in the Baltic Sea as well as the modern metropolises on the Persian Gulf. In the Caribbean or in the South Seas they hop from island to island and in the Arctic or in the Antarctic they take off into the eternal ice. The passengers explore the rainforest of the Amazon, drive through the Northwest Passage in the footsteps of Roald Amundsen and experience the enormous forces of the earth‘s interior in Hawaii. Of course, cruise ships also visit Balinese temples in Asia or the bustling cities of South America. And on a trip around the world, as a crusader you can even experience everything at once. The most important cruise destinations and ports are presented on this website.

Cruise ships follow the sun. If you want to recharge your batteries in winter, Caribbean cruises are a good choice. The best travel time for a Caribbean cruise are the months of December to April. Canary Cruises and Dubai Cruises are an alternative for those who prefer a shorter journey. Dubai is only six hours flight away. In the summer months, of course, Mediterranean cruises are the destination for water lovers and sun worshipers. But also the friends of city trips come here at their expense. One wonders how many major cities on the sea or near the coast on large rivers. Many Mediterranean cruises start in Venice, Barcelona or Rome (Civitavecchia). Maybe you can arrive one or more days earlier. Baltic Sea cruises are also great city breaks. Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Riga and Tallinn can all be visited as part of a Baltic Sea cruise.

If you are looking for a nature experience on a cruise, you will surely find it in Norway cruises. The mighty fjords let even die-hard city dwellers be astonished. Of course, Alaskan cruises are also dream cruises for nature lovers. Who wants to spend a little more and can inquire about expedition cruises. Small, purpose-built expedition cruise ships bring tourists to every corner of our planet. The Antarctic, the Arctic, the Amazon or the Galapagos Islands can be visited as part of a cruise. If you enjoy days at sea and seek peace, you should look for transatlantic cruises. These are usually transfer cruises today. Cruise ships are relocated from South America or the Caribbean to the Mediterranean or Northern Europe. These are longer cruises with relatively few harbors. World trips or parts of world trips also include many days at sea.

Cruise ships – The hotel drives

Cruises are eventful round trips on which the hotel simply rides. The suitcases must therefore be unpacked only once. Cruise ships are floating vacation hotels. That is perhaps the crucial point. You can enjoy your holiday in a more or less luxurious setting, in a neat setting with all amenities. There are numerous restaurants with different focal points, bars and lounges, beautiful spa areas and fitness facilities and extensive pool decks. Children and young people have their own areas and are cared for in an age appropriate way. Cruises for family holidays predestined. After each shore excursion, you return to the floating hotel, which becomes a floating home during your journey.

For many crusaders, the cruise ship with all its facilities is the main thing. Big cruise ships offer so much variety that you do not want to disembark. Others attach less importance to the cruise ship, but are especially looking forward to the shore excursions. Families with children have different needs than nature lovers who are attracted to the Antarctic. Certain destinations are almost only accessible by cruise ship. In any case, you see and experience much more than on a normal land holiday in the hotel.

shipping companies

The selection of the shipping company is not easy. The selection is huge. Which criteria are considered??

Those who do not speak English should take a closer look at the offers of AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises. The two leading German shipping companies have a large and varied offer all year round. The Italian giants Costa and MSC are also eligible. Although you travel with guests of other nationalities, you do not need any foreign language skills. German-speaking hostesses take care of the numerous German guests. German menus, daily programs and shore excursions are a matter of course at Costa and MSC.

If you have a basic knowledge of the English language, you should check the offer of the American shipping companies. From the German point of view here are in particular Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line to call. But Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Holland America are interesting alternatives. We take care of the ever-increasing number of German guests on board. Nevertheless you should be able to speak some English.

Also in terms of the size of the ship, the suppliers mentioned have a wide range. As a rule, the newer cruise ships are the largest. The trend towards large resort ships with offers for the whole family is unbroken. If you are looking for smaller cruise ships, you will find it on the older cruise liners. Or, of course, with the small organizers, who are often located in the luxury class. Classic cruises on smaller ships are also offered by the German tour operators Phoenix Reisen, Plantours or FTI Cruises.

Cruise trips

Of course, ports of destination play an important role in deciding on a voyage. The shipping companies plan their cruises in such a way that almost always during the day cruise trips are possible. During the night, we continue to the next port. As far as the relationship between days at sea and state parliaments is concerned, we Germans are among the crusaders who prefer as few days as possible on the lake.

One thing in advance. Once the ship is released, you can go ashore in any port, even if you have not booked a shore excursion on board. Most experienced Crusaders do so today. With some preparation, you can plan shore excursions on your own in most of the ports. In every major city there are taxis and public transport in the meantime. so-called hop-on hop-off buses, which drive to all sights on a fixed turn. On the way you can get out and continue with the next bus. In addition, the activities of local tour operators are becoming increasingly popular. An overview of the great offer can be found in the menu under Land excursions book. Further offers are available in the port portraits.

The cruise line offers organized cruises on every cruise. Already weeks before your departure you can reserve first shore excursions. On board, the staff of the Landausflugsbüro provide advice and day-to-day assistance.

The clothes on a cruise

At sea, you usually wear casual clothes today. Fine evening wear for special dinner on board is not obligatory, on English or American ships but also not superfluous. At almost all American shipping companies (except NCL) and also at Costa and MSC, there is usually a so-called gala evening twice a week. On these evenings, the food is a little better and the majority of the guests dress a little more chic. However, this is very different from the guests. If you do not wear a tie and / or jacket, do not look crooked. The German shipping companies AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises as well as the American shipping company Norwegian Cruise Line do without gala evenings.

Cruises are restful

We are asked again and again how it is to spend the whole day aboard a cruise ship. Our answer is always the same: just wonderful and very relaxing. In addition, you do not spend the entire vacation on board. You leave in the evening and visit new destinations every day. On a one-week voyage you visit on average four ports. A cruise calms the nerves. Everyday life moves quickly on board into the distance. Some people feel like newborn. That may sound a little over the top, but it is undoubtedly true that a voyage away from the usual stress of everyday life. More and more people seem to be aware of this, because how else could one explain that cruises worldwide are so popular?

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