Experience leipzig with children – family activities in any weather

Experience Leipzig with children –
Family activities in any weather

Leipzig is considered a cosmopolitan and very happy city. The city has a lot to offer, especially for families. Whether in Leipzig Zoo or at the Sterntaler puppet theater – children can discover a lot and have a lot of fun in Leipzig. The city is ideal for a relaxed and eventful family vacation!

Leipzig with children in summer and spring: the top outdoor activities

First to the meerkats or to the Huracan roller coaster? Leipzig offers a wide range of excursion destinations that will delight children and adults alike.

1. Leipzig Zoo

Families can go on an exciting tour of discovery at Leipzig Zoo. Amur leopards, kangaroos and many other animals can be observed close to nature. You can do our combo tour here zoo & sightseeing tour online booking.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 4.5 hours
  • Location: Pfaffendorfer Str. 29, 04105 Leipzig

2. Amusement park Belantis

Rapid rides and fascinating shows promise a great day for families with children. The amusement park offers 60 varied attractions for young and old.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 6 hours
  • Location: Zur Weißen Mark 1, 04249 Leipzig

3. Schreberbad

Swimming fun on hot days? A visit to the Schreberbad is worthwhile. Here, families can not only swim, splash and slide, but also play volleyball, basketball and table tennis and rent play equipment.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 2 hours
  • Location: Schreberstraße 15, 04109 Leipzig

4. Clara Zetkin Park

Especially families who love sports get their money’s worth here. In addition, the skater park offers many playgrounds and golf fields – also for badminton, Mölkky and other games.

5. Leipzig climbing forest

Dexterity and courage are essential in the climbing forest in Leipzig. Here families can put their climbing skills to the test and spend a day full of thrills.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 2.5 hours
  • Location: Am Albrechtshainer See 1, 04683 Albrechtshain

6. Markkleeberg canoe park

Fun is guaranteed in the canoe park. It is wild when rafting or surfing! Here parents and older children can put their skills to the test on the wild water.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 2 hours
  • Location: Wildwasserkehre 1, 04416 Markkleeberg

7. Park railway at Auensee

Get in please! The park railway runs through the meadows and forests along the Auensee and offers not only children an idyllic experience in nature. Adults can also have fun on a tour of the Liliputbahn.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 0.5 hours
  • Location: Gustav-Esche-Strasse 8, 04159 Leipzig

8. Wildlife park Leipzig

When visiting the Wildlife Park in Leipzig, children can get to know native animals such as bison, raccoon and lynx in their natural environment. At the same time, families spend an attractive walk through nature here.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 1 hour
  • Location: Koburger Str. 12 a, 04277 Leipzig

9. Cospudener See

You can not only swim or swim in the "Cossi", but also explore the lake by boat or cycle around it. In addition, the lake has very good bathing water quality.

10. Fragrance and touch garden

With all senses through nature: In the fragrance and touch garden, children and adults can explore 500 different types of plants by smelling, touching and hearing.

Indoor activities: Discover Leipzig with children when it rains

Is it raining during your city break? No problem. You and your children will love Leipzig even in bad weather. Let the kids romp in the jumphouse, for example, and marvel at exciting exhibits in the Egyptian Museum.

1. Children’s Museum Lipsikus

The Lipsikus Children’s Museum is very active: children are allowed to touch exhibits as a matter of course and are invited to explore the city’s history with all their senses at various stations.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 1.5 hours
  • Location: Böttchergässchen 3, 04109 Leipzig

2. Theater of the young world

Curtain up! A visit to the theater is a very special experience. Take a look at innovative projects in the theater of the young world and be enchanted by the professional children’s and youth theater.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 1.5 hours
  • Location: Lindenauer Markt 21, 04177 Leipzig

3. Puppet theater Sterntaler

Do you and your children fancy lovingly designed puppet shows? Then you are exactly right here. The Sterntaler productions are prepared for children and there are many places to laugh heartily!

4. Jumphouse

More than 140 trampolines are ready and offer fun and action for children and adults alike. If you feel like a lot of exercise and want to really exercise, the Jumphouse is the right address. Jumps are even possible against the wall.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 1 hour
  • Location: Markranstädter Str.8A, 04229 Leipzig

5. Climbing hall No Limit

Climbing is a challenging and fun activity. This is about strength, endurance and good hand-eye coordination! In the indoor climbing hall No Limit there are various climbing routes that adults and children can try out.

6. Sachsen-Therme

Relaxation and fun are close together in the Sachsentherme. Those who fancy rapid slides and accompanying currents get their money’s worth, as do those who want to swim comfortably in the sports pool.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 2.5 hours
  • Location: Schongauerstraße 19, 04329 Leipzig

7. School museum

In the school museum’s unique collection, families can explore the history of school and education in great detail. How did children learn in the Empire or in the GDR? The school museum is worthwhile for anyone who wants to spend an informative afternoon.

8th Natural History Museum

Perceive and think. In the Natural History Museum, children can discover nature with all their senses. How sharp is a shark bit? How does a lion skin feel? Who can correctly assign the animal voices? Families can playfully expand their knowledge of nature here.

9th Grassi Museum

Young children and elementary school students as well as teenagers and adults will find exhibits in the Grassi Museum of Applied Arts that will attract their attention. Here you will find European and non-European handicrafts from antiquity to the present. Ideal for families interested in art.

10. Panometer

Let yourself be carried away into distant worlds! The Panometer in Leipzig offers families an impressive view. The largest 360 ° panoramas with a height of 32 meters lead parents and children through gigantic views.
Combi: Panometer & sightseeing tour

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 1.5 hours
  • Location: Richard-Lehmann-Strasse 114, 04275 Leipzig

11. Indoor mini golf match ball

In the Matchball Sport Center, all family members can play mini golf together and are completely independent of the moods of the weather. Young and old alike can put their skills to the test in a relaxed atmosphere. The playing time is unlimited.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 2 hours
  • Location: Lützner Straße / Saarländer Straße, 04179 Leipzig

12. Railway Museum

For all railroad fans: Real war locomotives and old VEB shunting locomotives can be discovered up close in the museum. The history of the railway not only casts a spell on parents, children are also amazed when they see freight and passenger trains of yesteryear.

13.Workshop 2

Families can experience a very special activity in the workshops of Plant 2. Printing, painting, working with clay, presses, shaping glass, researching, etc. – the workshops offer a colorful program. Register for courses or visit current exhibitions.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 12 hours (2 days)
  • Location: Kochstr. 132, 04277 Leipzig

14. Escape Room RooMystery

Would you like to be part of an exciting adventure as a family? In the Escape Room RooMystery, the race against time runs: all family members have to solve puzzles together and complete the adventure.

Winter excursion destinations: Explore Leipzig with children in snow and ice

Even in winter you can have a lot of fun in Leipzig. The Christmas market or the Leipzig ice dream as well as the numerous toboggan mountains.

1st Christmas market

A stroll through the contemplative Leipzig Christmas market is not to be missed during Advent. Baking cookies is available for children, Santa Claus has consultation hours and rides make the little ones’ hearts beat faster.

2. Leipzig Ice Dream

In January and February, families can have a lot of fun at the Leipzig ice dream: ice skating, curling, winter slide, ferris wheel and party house are on the program. Winter enthusiastic families will find everything their hearts desire here.

3. EisArena

Rent ice skates and hit the ice rink! Families should dress warmly even in mild temperatures, because the ice rink is deepest winter from September to April. Parents and children can try figure skating with pirouettes and jumps in the EisArena.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 2.5 hours
  • Location: An der Tierkliniken 42, 04103 Leipzig

4. Toboggan run "pea"

The toboggan run on Max-Liebermann-Straße is affectionately called "pea" and is ideal for sledding.

5. Toboggan run Küchenholzallee

The mountain on the Küchenholzallee is very popular with toboggan fans. Young and old rush down here every year on sledges and slides.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 1 hour
  • Location: Küchenholzallee in Großzschocher

6. Toboggan run at the exhibition center

There is an excellent toboggan run near the exhibition center. It is located between the Neue Messe train station and the exhibition center and is very popular with many families.

  • Fun:
  • Costs:
  • Duration of stay: 1 hour
  • Location: between the Neue Messe train station and the exhibition center

7. Toboggan run at the Monument to the Battle of the Nations

You can also go tobogganing at the popular Völkerschlachtdenkmal. The slope is well suited for children of all ages.

8. Toboggan run at the Hardenbergstrasse playground

The playground on Hardenbergstrasse is covered with snow and ice? No problem: grab a sledge and sled down the neighboring mountain instead.

9. Toboggan run Scherbelberg

In beautiful Rosental there is an insider tip for families in winter: the Scherbelberg. Leave everyday life behind and jog down the slope with a swing!

10. Kulkwitzer See toboggan run

Tobogganing, snowball fight and building a snowman – there is a great toboggan mountain on the Kulkwitzer See where families can enjoy cold winter days together.

11. Toboggan run "The wart"

In the Clara Zetkin Park you will find a popular toboggan run: "the wart". As soon as the first snow has fallen, the families flock to the park with sledges and toboggan on “the wart”.

Experience Leipzig with children – everything at a glance

On our children’s menu, we have put together all of the activities in Leipzig for you at a glance. Where is the Grassi Museum located? How far is the next toboggan run? Simply print out the map and plan an impressive one with your children & eventful tour through Leipzig.

We show you Leipzig.

Book a city tour and let our friendly tour guides show you the great highlights of the city!
For the big city tour


• Clara-Zetkin-Park: Frank Vincentz, Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0
• Markkleeberg canoe park: Johannes Kazah, Wikimedia, CC-BY-3.0
• Park railway at Auensee: Torsten Maue, Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0
• School Museum: Geisler Martin, Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0
• Natural History Museum: Frank Vincentz, Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0
• Railway Museum: Ad Meskens, Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0
• Plant 2: Adelina Horn, Flickr, CC BY 2.0
• Christmas market: Adelina Horn, Flickr, CC BY 2.0
• Google Maps: Key data © 2018 GeoBasis-DE / BKG (© 2009), Google

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