Experience the metropolis berlin

Experience the metropolis berlin

A weekend in Berlin

Experience the metropolis on the River Spree with all of its facets. Whether a short break, night life, shopping trip, cultural tour, romantic days, a business break or family break: let us show you the best parts of Berlin off the beaten track. Come on a stroll through Berlin. Here you will discover which areas of the city should be on your list of sights to visit.

The Hackesche Market

From our relexa hotel Stuttgarter Hof, we suggest you take the S-Bahn from the "Anhalter station" to "Hackescher Markt". Experience here artistic flair and exuberant life. The Hackescher Market offers a perfect base for a trip into the past of the city. They are the largest enclosed court yard in Germany and are under monument protection. The balanced mix of commercial, retail, hospitality, art, and culture is so unique that both Berlin residents and tourists feel at home right here.
There are many to see, as well as many restaurants and pubs; some cozy, some modern, from hip to extravagant. Just sit there, relax and watch people go by. Get everything here. The Hackescher Market is an interesting address for shopping: many small boutiques sell fancy shoes, designer fashion and jewelery.

The Heckmann – Hoefe

The Heckmann courtyards, leading from the Oranienburger Strasse (next to Number 22) to August Strasse. Heckmann, Who’s heirs restored the courtyards in the 90ies back to this beautiful state. Here you can find cozy cafes and pubs, and relaxation in the center of Berlin. Take the train to the station "Oranienburger Strasse".

The Museum Iceland in Berlin

Very close to the romantic Friedrich Bridge, which is usually called the Berlin Resident’s Pedestrian Bridge, you will find the Museum Island in Berlin. The Old National Gallery, the Bode Museum and the Cathedral are the stars here. And because here are many tourists you can find everything here, all you would like to have is a lot of musicians, has seller etc. From this bridge you have a wonderful view on summer evenings.

Night life and club scene in Berlin

Out in the town – even after sunset. Experience the rich and famous club scene in Berlin. Our special tip is at the Hackescher Market: Sophie Club, which is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Discover over two floors the cozy atmosphere and the Berlin party-air. On Fridays is always a little bit more packed, where they get free admission.

The Prenzlauer Berg – Buecherwald, water tower and other impressions

You wake up on Saturday mornings, slept fantastic and you are, thanks to the rich relexa breakfast buffet, full of energy. Our tour takes you first to the Kollwitz square in Prenzlauer Berg. Take the S -Bahn from the "Anhalter station" direction Alexanderplatz. Next with the underground to Pankow and then walk to the Schoenhauser Allee S-Bahn, from there to Kollwitz square. Here you can find on Saturdays, next to the popular organic market, a lovely hidden gem – the book forest (forest of books). Five thick old tree trunks in the Sredzki / corner Kollwitzstrasse have something unique among the founding ambience. Inside the trees are small compartments with transparent plastic doors. and in there. books.

If you are already in the forest of books and the Sredzkistrasse, follow the way towards Rykestrasse, and you could stop, for example, in the "Tavern Seeblick" (lake pub, Rykestrasse 14). Nowhere a lake, but you have a great view of the Prenzlauer Berg: the water tower, which was completed in 1877.

From the "forest of books" you could go via Kollwitzstrasse towards the TV tower and right by the Kollwitz square stop in the pub "Gugelhof" (Knaackstrasse 37) and enjoy French cuisine. More cosy is the Café Chagall (Kollwitzstrasse 2), a Russian cafe, where there is always a great atmosphere, especially when the food is carried by live music. Now you have eaten well, watched multicultural activities and experienced the feeling of being right in the middle of the capital.

Let’s go to Friedrichshain – experience history at first hand

Now you can go on this journey with a visit to Friedrichshain. To do this, we suggest taking the S-Bahn M10 from Prenzlauer Allee and get off Warschauer Strasse, cross over to the Karl -Marx -Alee. The former flagship boulevard was with the "Stalin Avenue" a prestige project of the GDR. It represents a unique architecture that you should not miss.

The neighborhood around the Boxhagen square is not as "chic" as the Kollwitz square, but it is more colorful and avant garde. Here you can find something on every corner, pub after pub, everywhere table and chairs outside, many boutiques and small shops that sell imaginative or exceptional rarities, and some still have the old ones " East German design". Let yourself drift, it is never too late. And with a bit of luck you can enjoy a great sunset, this time from the Modersohn Bridge. Not only couples meet here for the "sunset spectacle".

At sunset the bridge is always populated with people who gather here to enjoy this romantic atmosphere. Some bring a bottle of wine. Only if you have experienced it, you know why the Berlin residents love this place. From here you can catch an underground train directly to the hotel.

And at the relexa hotel Berlin is a comfortable room waiting for you. and you are in Berlin. Here the nights are short. Enjoy your stay.

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