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  • Advantages: all very friendly and competent, team willing to provide information, fair price, fair advice, flexible
  • Suitable for: all classes, all brands, VW

Gearbox damage after oil change at ATU

  • Disadvantages: low competence

ATU buxtehude incompetence to the power of 3

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong, as far as the price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence, always takes a long time

Unfortunately there are no minus stars.

ATU buxtehude simply underground. I have TuV appointment 01.07,21 morning booked via internet. Was by 10.00h on the spot, they told me to be there at 12.00h come then be the vehicle ready. Wanted to pick it up as agreed, but was pointed out unfriendly: so, now we want to talk tacheles. Here until 17.00 h you have signed yourself. Do you think the TuV comes here especially for you? ?"these are the words of the completely incompetent and incapable workshop manager. Useless to talk with such people. Asked for my paperwork and car keys to be handed out. The AU they had already made. Paid € 40.49 for it. As far as OK, but who is surprised that the master or whoever were not able to make a flawless AU. With them I failed smoothly. Lambda sensor.

Thereupon I went to DEKRA and did it all over again. Result: AU passed.

Why did I actually pay € 40.49 for this would-be workshop?.? Probably this will be booked under donation income for incompetent workshop personnel.

Never again ATU, and I can only advise everyone against the "SERVICES" to ever use this company.

I am considering the matter to my lawyer to hand over if I do not get the wrongly paid money back.

Sad for master workshop no. 1.

  • Disadvantages: low competence
  • Suitable for: customers not expecting good service

Unfortunately there are no minus stars to choose from. After presenting the vehicle registration document, the wrong bracket was ordered. When demonstrating the bracket, the roof of our brand new car was scratched. Seller denies the fault/damage. branch manager shoves the scratches in our shoes. In embarrassment and impudence in the dialogue not to be surpassed. Unprofessional, amateurish, unable neither to order spare parts nor to take responsibility for a caused damage. With all the power the store manager demonstrated that as a customer you can’t fight them. Can’t be beat for impudence.


  • Pros: all very friendly and competent, fair price, fair advice, flexible
  • Suitable for: A-class, paint damage , mercedes

Never again ATU bremen inspection

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, low competence

Brought my polo 9N goal here for inspection.
Booked on the net 239,99€. Immediately upon delivery I got the bill as a pickup bill for 339.-euro additionally air conditioning service was put on my bill. O.K. Could have opened my mouth and refused it.

When I picked up the car I was immediately told that the car was not roadworthy.Neither I was called whether the defects should be eliminated nor were the smallest defects fixed (I myself have now done within 15 min z.B.Defective brake light switch).

Conclusion : made here only the oil change and maybe the air conditioning system.To do this, a list of defects and read out the fault memory.

No thanks I don’t need and I get better anywhere.
Never again.

New bill item at ATU .

  • Advantages: informative team
  • Disadvantages: it becomes 10.-€ freight charged for parts
  • Suitable for: ALL BRANDS

Zwangsservive on account no go

  • Pros: fair price
  • Disadvantages: always takes a long time

Appointment process was easy and straightforward.
Instead of the stated hour, it took two and a half, which is too much tolerance.
No info received, although car was already out of the hall for 30 minutes, if not asked myself who knows when I was notified.

!! Attention !! ZWANGS – SERVICE simply on account !! Attention !!

Absolutely not portable, for disinfection (unasked). FREAKING

Nowhere ! Do I have to pay something when I go to a store or service provider that they implement their hygiene measures.

Small price, big effect.

Repair was okay, input/output badly recognizable at corona times.

World leader in incompetence and hostility to customers

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, low competence, always takes a long time, incompetent, unfriendly
  • Suitable for: customers not expecting good service

Pull over the table

  • Pros: Flexible
  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong about price, wrong technical diagnosis, almost twice as expensive as independent workshops, low competence
  • Suitable for: customers who do not expect good service

No more ATU

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, low competence

Unbelievable .

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence
  • Suitable for: opel

Hands off ATU-treptow

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, low competence, when you point out defects, you also get played for a fool

Attention! Nothing good to report!

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong, concerning the price, low competence, always takes a long time

How can you have confidence in such a repair shop ?

  • Pros: fair price
  • Disadvantages: wrong technical diagnosis, low competence

Battery purchase incl. Installation

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, low competence

A.T.U. Wurzburg nurnberger str.

  • Advantages: fair price
  • Disadvantages: always takes a long time

Why so much negative reports?

  • Advantages: better than bigger garages, all very friendly and competent, fair price
  • Suitable for: all brands


  • Pros: informative team
  • Disadvantages: low competence
  • Suitable for: all classes

Decoy offers

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as the price is concerned

behavior in the corona crisis

  • Pros: better than bigger garages
  • Disadvantages: always takes a long time
  • Suitable for: all brands

Poor service

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as the price is concerned, low competence

I have in the spring of 2019 my, changed by them winter wheels at the branch in augsburg lechhausen let store. At the 11. November 2019 I then have an appointment for the 18. 11.19 agreed to change the wheel. It was also clear that I will buy 2 new winter tires and these must be mounted. One employee told me that the wheels are stored externally, that he will receive them only in 3 days and that he will then contact me by phone regarding tire size and selection of new tires. Of course, no one called me, so I called on Friday morning itself and discussed with an employee that I want to have 2 winter tires mounted new.
When I was now on Monday on time for the appointed appointment at 12 o’clock in the branch, I was told that the ordered tires are not yet there and I get only next Wednesday an appointment. This is extremely annoying, as they take extra time for the appointment. Good so far. When I brought my car on Wednesday, the wheels were changed. I received the workshop report and found out that the mechanic had noted on the back that the centering ring for the winter rims was missing on the left front. Only on my request I was then informed that this was missing and they did not know exactly whether they had given me this along.
What a nonsense! With the other 3 wheels the ring is included and with the 4. wheel I should have it. Now comes but the really unseemly: on my request what should happen now, they appeased me that you could center this quite well so per eye measurement. They didn’t have the ring in stock and since this was a rim supplier, I should just get it for myself. There is a company in augsburg called "reifen ludwig", they should already have it. They would also replace the ring. Only on my insistence that the assembly must also be done by them free of charge, this was promised to me
quite honestly: is it normal that auto unger lost this centering ring and I as a customer should now take care of how to get it back again! No one has bothered to write down what rim this is (brand, type.No.).
So I had to spend almost a day calling dealers who of course did not have it in stock and did not reorder a single ring. Only after a long search on the Internet I was then found. I ordered the ring that was specified under the article number and received it a week later. When I now called the branch that the ring is finally there, I was told that I could already come by, but would have to bring at least 1 hour of time. For an action that takes 5 minutes – wheel down, ring on it, mount the wheel – which you can probably really briefly interposed. Not once, after the error is basically with the company, I was offered a service!
To make matters worse, it was now the wrong centering ring. Only now looked at another bike, what size is this ring. Again it took 1 week until I now received the correct ring. Again drove to the workshop. Again quite bored workshop foremen, who then just said that they would do it soon. after more than 20 minutes i pointed out to two bored workshop employees (one of them a foreman) that it was about time, they took pity on me and asked one of the employees working on his moped to mount the ring. Took really just 5 minutes.
In conclusion, I can only say that I will probably bring to this workshop no more vehicle. I could not actually 2 weeks my car, a VW T5 with 2 tons of weight to drive. The risk that I still get a bearing damage or damage to the drive shaft here was too great. If there had been any damage, the employees would have denied any blame, I’m sure of it.

A.T.U. Bessungen – never again!

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong, regarding the price, low competence, always takes a long time

Wanted to have the inspection done again on my ford fiesta. Complete inspection of the vehicle with brake fluid change etc., which has then cost about 200 €. For me first quite ok.
There were also defects found, with three things the ATU people told me that I should renew in any case: brittle ignition cables, brake light without function, coolant flange on the cylinder head leaking.

Had then made the appointment with them, which then took place in about 2 weeks. The consultant told me that they did not have the parts in stock and must first be ordered. The things would arrive but before the workshop appointment so he had entered the date a little further back in the calendar.

On the appointment day I brought my car to ATU in the workshop. Should be about 1.5-2 std. take until I could pick it up again. After about an hour, the branch calls me and says that they do not have the parts there at all! Apparently there was somehow a misunderstanding between the ATU and the supplier. Instead of ordered was only inquired. The ATU man put me off until tomorrow, until then the parts are there and the car would be about 12.00 o’clock ready. Had there but still make an estimate for the clutch, because I had noticed a rattling noise when stepping on the clutch pedal for several days.

The next day, I walked about 30 minutes to walk to the ATU branch, because the bus drivers in darmstadt have struck and I live just far behind the south station. I was even only at 13.00 o’clock there, I asked if I could pick up my car and then the consultant said that the car is not available until 18.00 o’clock is ready, !
I asked them". How can that be?! Your colleague had told me yesterday that the parts have been there and installed by then!". She told me that the parts that have the wrong and the new had to send by express cab. Until 18.00 is the car "definitely ready.

After I 30 min. Home u. Then another 30 min. Back to the ATU branch ran, my mood was there already pretty much in the basement, I asked at just before 18.00 if I could pick up my car now. Before me I had again a completely different adviser (apparently there is constantly changed what concerns the staff). The then told me that the parts have arrived only about an hour ago and the workshop master it no longer creates the time to install on the car. A little upset I told the consultant what happened before and it can not be that no one checks before the workshop appointment times whether ordered parts are there or not!
The consultant had apologized several times to me and even said that such a thing may not happen. He had told me he would talk to the boss again, that my car will be done the next day as soon as possible and that I get a call from them when’s so far.

The next day I waited until about 12.00 and was afraid that they would not let me get my car ready again. I called there and there they told me that the car is not ready yet I should be patient, they would call me.
I then waited until about 17.00 then wanted to call there again and then I saw that the me at 15.45 had sent a text message that the car was ready for pickup.
1. If they tell me they will call me then I also expect a call and not a text message!
2. I do not belong to the generation the late. Every 5 minutes stares at the smartphone!

When I arrived again, of course on foot, in the ATU branch hit me then the next shock.
560 € for all the things and installation! At the same time the estimate said something about 425 €. When I asked the consultant (with whom I had spoken 2 days earlier) about it, he said that this was because the installation of the water connection had not been listed as an item in the cost estimate. From which, by the way, came no apology, for it has taken so long.
It’s pretty lousy that they didn’t offer some kind of compensation even though it was all their fault (I would have laughed at a €5 gift card, but at least it would have been something).
I have then canceled the appointment for the renewal of the clutch. Would then have cost me another 850 €! And apparently the seller warend I had used the EC card machine, the estimate where 425 € on it had quickly disappeared.
But unfortunately I only noticed it at home, when I had searched through the paperwork that was given to me, although I had carefully put the things together at the branch.

Conclusion: if you want to buy there parts individually or make tire changes is this A.T.U branch quite ok. But as far as advice and good customer service is concerned, really no longer justifiable!
Was already 1-2 times there because of major repairs and have also noticed that the staff there is already somehow crazy. Somehow no one knows what the other has done the day before.
That was the last time I go to this garage for car repairs!

Failure in cable laying for trailer

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as the price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence


Battery change under all sow

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence, always takes a long time
  • Suitable for: opel

ATU fraud

  • Disadvantages: wrong technical diagnosis, low competence

Service equal to zero dortmund hanoversche str.

After air conditioning maintenance went after 500 m the engine control light on. Back there, yes we have to read out, costs 27 €

After I have then moniert that if the light was off (demonstrably, was 30 min before at the tuv) and after the gentlemen were at my car the lamp is on the check should probably be service was one then still stroppy.

At atu have an EGR valve replaced

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence, always takes a long time
  • Suitable for: VW

ATU erftstadt

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong, as for the price, almost twice as expensive as independent workshops, low competence, always takes a long time

Workshop test ATU

  • Disadvantages: unfriendly staff, almost twice as expensive as independent repair shops, low level of expertise

ATU erding

The workshop for small stuff – otherwise prefer to go to the contract workshop

  • Disadvantages: low competence

ATU – dresden -the number 1 master workshop.

  • Disadvantages: low competence

Since I had in the past again and again problems with my ATU – workshop dresden and me – in my opinion deliberately – damage was caused, I make this responsible for the total loss of my car.

My car should be on 26.07.2018 to the TuV. I brought the vehicle on 25.07.2018 with a girlfriend to dresden – reick in the auto repair shop and wanted to pick it up the next day again.
The workshop manager said that the TuV could be done right away, the inspector would be there.
(actually, the workshop should take a look at the vehicle before it goes to the TuV.)
the boss drove my car into his workshop and suddenly it crashed and banged.
Immediately I ran there and am first times around the car: the front right wheel stood completely crooked, because the front axle beam was simply rusted through.
Not to think if this axle breakage would have happened during a ride….
The boss just said that the car was a total loss and that it was my fault because I was the owner of the vehicle.
So after a "very pleasant" night I left on Friday the 27th.07.2018 again to the workshop to dresden – reick to tell the boss my decision not to have the car done again.
He then explained very unkindly that the vehicle must be gone by Monday. I had the keys given to me and cleaned out the car. The car papers he gave me back for the purpose of deregistration, my car keys, however, I should give again with him. Then I ordered a towing service through my insurance, because I did not want that this workshop could still cannibalize my car and earn money with it.
To all this trouble it had come, although I had asked about two years earlier at the ATU branch, whether major renewals would be worth it at my vehicle at all. I had been expressly affirmed at the time. (U.A. The timing belt, windshield, clutch and shock absorber were replaced.)

My car has always been serviced for years at an ATU store. Also the last TuV 2016 was done there. However, the ATU branch had previously "equipped" my car with wrong tires.
In order to solve this problem, they finally agreed with me that as compensation for the additional costs incurred, the underbody of my vehicle will be derusted and preserved. (see also delivery and invoice date of 29.11.16)

After that my gut instinct made me go to another garage in dresden- reick. There I really wanted to look under the car. Fortunately, they also accepted my car immediately. But unbelievable – now there was suddenly a hole on the transmission cover… (see invoice 08.12.2016)

ATU moosburg I can well recommend 09-2018

  • Advantages: all very friendly and competent, team willing to provide information, fair price, fair advice, flexible
  • Suitable for: BMW SUV

Tire change with appointment

  • Disadvantages: took a long time

A.T.U. Branch deggendorf

  • Advantages: all very friendly and competent, team willing to provide information, fair price, fair advice

change from VW to ATU in erkner near berlin

  • Advantages: all very friendly and competent, informative team, fair price, fair advice
  • Disadvantages: poor workshop management
  • Suitable for: VW

120 € for a fogged tail light, (". So they do not come through the TuV") I have this service at ATU perform (10 €).
Yesterday I picked up my vehicle from the HU/TuV. All without problems.
The only shortcoming was the coordination of the work, since I also ordered another service, which ATU for whatever reason from 06:00 to approx.4:00 p.m. (here came the TuV) did not get in line. That is; renewed serve at ATU a week later! Let’s hope that everything still goes well!

Damage to the vehicle, work without order, disrespectful behavior on the part of branch manager

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, almost twice as expensive as independent garages, low competence, free insults

Damage to the vehicle, work without order, disrespectful behavior on the part of the branch manager.

From the branch at hubert-wienen-strabe 30, 52070 aachen is to be refrained from.

There is nothing more to add.

Repeatedly fallen on the snout.

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong about the price, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence, forgotten work

What I have experienced is really the hammer.

People leave the finger away. I have now after the repair at atu the vehicle in the vertragswerksatt and pay there just for the damage ATU has caused.

According to the order also simply times various points not made or admittedly also forgotten.

When I then see the advertising of "fairy tale with the inspection "I can only say is the only fairy tale that you believe in getting professional work here.

Finger better away !!

Unfriendly, unprofessional

A.T.U. Berlin, yorckstr.: friday afternoon fiesta brought in for repair, explicit announcement from unfriendly employee "we don’t need the vehicle registration document". Saturday morning 08:18 call from pampigem employee: *we need the vehicle registration document immediately, otherwise we can’t do a MOT*, all in smug, stroppy, stupid tone. Highly umprofessionell.

I go in no case again there. Probably why they have to advertise so much, because everyone runs away from there again. Would also be easier

ATU …once and never again

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, almost twice as expensive as independent workshops, low competence

Order not done

  • Disadvantages: took a long time, low competence

Published 9 minutes ago
futile main inspection

Took my car to atu for pressure hose check on turbo followed by main inspection. The next day a call I should come by, why no one could tell me. The workshop master on site then said the turbo test would be in order, which no one wanted to tell me on the phone, or could. When asked about the TuV I was told that this was forgotten. Well great, a day of vacation for nothing.
I left the vehicle to have the MOT done the following day. The following day I received a text message: your vehicle has been completed and is ready for pickup. Denkste, on the spot stood the vehicle without TuV, with the workshop after, small defects, which were not fixed but.
Well great, then I wanted to leave the car again, that was unfortunately not possible because the next appointment would be only in eight days. Waaaaas, they are so incompetent, according to the motto I do not come today I come tomorrow. Absolutely underground.

Catastrophic sloppiness when changing tires

Simply bad

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence

More harm than good

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, took a long time, low competence

Rip-off to the power of 10

End of the fairy tale

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as the price is concerned
  • Suitable for: ford, citroen

Shamelessly taking advantage in presumed forced situation

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong, as for the price, wrong technical diagnosis, almost four times more expensive
  • Suitable for: VW

ATU is rude

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong about the price

ATU tire change fraud

  • Disadvantages: fraud
  • Suitable for: all classes

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today we had an appointment to change the tires in their branch in bruchkobel.
We are satisfied with the service, but we do not agree with the invoice. We were charged an additional 50 € because we did not have ATU tires.
In the mail below we were confirmed the date and the invoice amount of 68 €.
There is not a single hint that we should pay more if the tires were not bought at ATU. In such an email you must inform the customer that the tire change will cost more if the tires were not purchased from you. It would still have to be pointed out that you have to provide proof, e.g., that you have bought the product.B. The bill, for the purchased tires should bring along.
It would be fairer if they had conveyed the price of 119 € for the tire change and give a discount for the tires purchased from them. Thus, their potential customers would be warned how high the price is.
We are absolutely disappointed and feel cheated.
We will register the approach of the consumer center and write a negative review on their internet site.
In times when you have to fight for every single customer, we can tell you that you have just lost one.

With kind regards

ATU schorndorf

  • Disadvantages: low competence

Have received 2 offers for the 60T km inspection:
406,74 EUR and 257,94 EUR within 4 weeks. Explanation: the first offer was "special offer price". So who can read, sees immediately that the two offers have completely different number of positions, so no offer. Additional maintenance for 60T km is listed 3 times.
Well, ripping off unsuspecting women!

A.T.U rating

  • Disadvantages: wrong technical diagnosis, low competence

A.T.U halberstadt is not recommended, problem was not recognized by the mechanic up to the master, instead parts were replaced three times which did not eliminate the actual problem.

I would say yes an oil change they manage, but even after that the hood was not properly engaged.

tire mounting

  • Pros: flexible
  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong about the price
  • Suitable for: VW

Advice and service miserable

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as far as the price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to tell you once on this way my experience with A.T.U report.
Read everywhere in the media or. Advertising the A.T.U the master workshop nr.1 is offering a full service. But the experience I have made unfortunately not the case. Think for a while where the problem could be, is that the pressure from above, so that the employees are heavily loaded or is it a scam to attract customers with the advertising the customers to land?
I as a customer who pays for the alleged services, at least have a right to proper advice.
Had so far only difficulties with the ATU branch in muhlacker.
Problems with the equipment of particulate filters
problems with the battery purchase
problems with the inspection
problems with the tire purchase
but the point what makes me write to you is today’s appointment at your branch in muhlacker.
Had a TuV appointment in muhlacker, when I wanted to deliver my car, I was first received unfriendly by an employee were. When I asked if I will be called when the car is ready I got a rude answer that I can pick up the car from 17 clock. Well that was not the problem for me, I just thought that I am the one who finally pays for the service and does not get it for free. Should be for a master workshop nr.1 at least a little kindness should be included in the price.
When I went to pick up the car at 17 o’clock, I noticed that I did not get a MOT. Again in the branch to ask for, without that I could say what was told to me the price I had to pay. Was amazed. When I asked what the probleme is I got an answer everything read it after. Just marveled.
The but what has annoyed me and brought to a boil, is (I repeat myself) a company that with master workshop no.1 and all-round service bounces could not fix the faults on the car.
Rear fog light left without function ( bulb broken)
fog light too high, headlights light/dark and and and . These problems could be fixed on the spot which unfortunately was not the case. With other major problems I would have expected a detailed advice on what and how to proceed now. Instead I got the answer they have 4 weeks to eliminate the error. Thanks for the reminder. If ATU is not able to repair cars, why will we be given master workshop nr.1 . Make but the workshop closed . Saves time and nerves. Do they tell the customers right away that nothing is done when there are defects on the cars, then I would have looked for another workshop.
Find it only sad and as I read it on the internet I am not the only one who complains. Too bad just wanted to get rid of it now and one thing is clear, as long as this does not change I will not visit ATU branches.
With kind regards

A.T.U rating

  • Disadvantages: wrong technical diagnosis, took a long time, low competence

A.T.U generally rate?

My experiences are unfortunately consistently negative, no order was executed to my 100 percent satisfaction. Often it was just annoying little things like z.B that at pickup the seat and mirror settings were completely changed or the vehicle had a lot of prints of dirty fingers. So here are just the "highlights the annoyance:

In march 2004 I gave my BMW 523i (E39) to the oil change with filter. Two days after pickup I thought to myself, better check the oil level again before going on vacation.
Was unfortunately not possible because no dipstick vorhnden! So again in the filliale in stuttgart – muehlhausen and inquired. Lappidare answer:" yes the mechanic had already wondered in the evening to which car the dipstick belongs on his workbench. " this creates trust with the customer :-(

In June 2015 I wanted in filderstadt – bernhausen at my toyota mr2 brake – and clutch fluid and the gearbox oil change, next free appointment only 14 days later. Car then parked in the morning before work and fetched again in the evening. Upon pickup then the statement" brake and clutch fluid we have not changed because we did not have the right hydraulic fluid ( dot 3 ) in stock. " looks at the orders there no one or were 14 days in advance simply too little?? :-(

I should have known better now and A.T.U with my cars should no longer visit, then thought to me but everyone has a bad day, I give them a chance, especially since the staff in the stores also changes frequently.

On 25.08.2017 i drive my mercedes CLK 500 because of a ca. 3mm small stone chip to the filliale stuttgart – muhlhausen. The employee of A.T.U comes out with to inspect the stone impact, his statement :" it’s not a problem, we can fix it, it costs 96€."
so appointment for the 31.08.2017 made, vehicle dropped off at 09:00, pick up 01.09.2017 around 11:00.
When I pick up the car I get the statement "we could not repair the stone impact, the risk that the disc tears was too great".
I then thought, okay does not fit the statement at the repair acceptance, but better than if what is broken.
Then, however, I get into my vehicle and see that from 3mm stone chip damage now a crack of ca. 3.5 cm has now become in the field of view and thus also TuV – has become relevant!
The statement of the employee confronted with it was then hardly imaginable. "Yes be glad that we have then canceled, otherwise the window would be completely cracked!"
I then asked: "that means I bring you my car, you damage it and I should then be glad that you have not damaged it even more. " answer: "yes that can happen. "

I am almost 40 years old, have worked in sales for more than 20 years; this was a completely new experience for me in complaint management, especially since I was not aware of risks such as cracking etc. BEFORE attempting repairs. Was pointed out! Then I could have weighed whether to take the risk or have the windshield replaced right away.

My clear recommendation: rather seek out a small master workshop in which the owner still reaches for the tools with heart and soul or go straight to the authorized dealer of the manufacturer.
There the costs are a little higher, but the quality of the work is much better and usually there is a good coffee and vehicle cleaning.

wheel alignment ATU-unterhaching

  • Disadvantages: low competence

Incompetent staff

  • Disadvantages: wrong technical diagnosis, low competence

Air conditioning check really impossible

  • Suitable for: VW

As agreed online I brought my vehicle passat B7 TDI to the air conditioning maintenance or.To renew the pollen filter in the branch in 67346 speyer. As soon as I left the premises, I was informed by phone that the cooling condenser was defective and that I should go to the workshop immediately. This request I immediately followed. My vehicle stood for whatever reason on the lifting platform and "the expert" (are mechanics at a higher level) next to it and tried to explain to me, the cooling condenser was defective and had no more flow, very strange without connected air conditioning tester. Further he claimed the air conditioner is empty and the price of €59.90 would no longer exist. Now it would cost €103,90. When I asked him what it would cost with the air conditioning condenser, he replied 600-700€. I should bring this but at the checkout in experience. I asked him if he would now fill the system. He denied this with the reference the compressor or the condenser would fly at 30 bar in the air (normal with a passenger car are 15 bar).Further, I also told him that I will ask VW because of kulanz. Answer: your car is much too old (VW passat 4.5 years TDI/AGS AGS = exhaust gas scandal). On the way to the checkout I looked up the prices for a new cooling condenser on the internet. The company B. (there was already in my apprenticeship as a motor vehicle.Mechanic) offers this part for €180 (she for €261,00). This I also told "the expert" who then became very angry and I had to ask him to leave. The really friendly gentleman at the checkout or.Vehicle reception noted the complaints "of the expert" so that ATU knows immediately, if I come again. At VW I got so quickly no appointment. Thereupon I drove to a company specializing in air conditioning systems. My vehicle was connected to the tester. There was only about 1/3 air conditioning fluid missing. The air conditioning was filled, checked and running fine (as always). After paying the bill €89.00 I told of my experience at A.T.U., so he does not want to earn his money was the answer of the boss.

My vehicle is scheckheftgeplfegt, air conditioning I also let check everything at the friendly, expensive no, but very correct

Never again ATU.Really the friendly one is better for me
it was not the first time that they "crap" have built, my wife they wanted to install a weaker battery, have the "expert" still set the clock in time.

At ATU coburg you feel like a criminal. Driver’s license confiscated !!

  • Disadvantages: low competence

Fraud attempt?

  • Advantages: on time

I have since ca. 2 years my tires at ATU in Frankfurt / M. Stored and have been for many years again and again for inspections and checks with TuV driven to ATU. So far without incident.
Today to the wheel change to summer time, again with storage of the winter wheels. Since I had made an appointment in advance by phone, I drove there this morning to leave my car there and pick it up again after office hours. The colleague at the counter fiddled around in his PC for quite a long time and then presented me with a printed order for 89 to sign. So far I have paid for the change 20, for the storage per season (6 months) 35 euros, so I asked what is now so to be booked. The answer: we have improved our SERVICE, there is the wheel change only together with balancing AND a WHEEL CLEANING. He showed me prepared before/after photos on the subject of cleaning, which should probably convince me. I refused, have insisted on only change and storage, which he has approved after a short consultation with the branch manager then grudgingly, not without the reference that this is an exception and the whole thing would come back to me in 6 months. He confirmed me to change the order but asked me to sign the expensive order anyway. Haa? What was that for an attempt?
I did not do of course, but let me print out the amended order (62 euros) and of course signed it. Car left there and to the office.
A quarter of an hour before closing time gg 18:15 then my car gg. Payment picked up again and wondered when getting in that obviously my lights were turned off, since I always drive with daytime running lights even during the day and never turn the knob all the way to OFF. Okay, thought nothing more of it, drive from the yard and no 300 meters later comes a warning, my license plate light is defective. I have never had! Would have loved to go directly back to clarify why my lighting was adjusted during a wheel change – but can do that due to the late hour only tomorrow. Let’s see how it is argued.
Depending on how ATU behaves tomorrow, I’ll have it checked by an expert in any case. No matter what that costs in relation, here’s me about the principle! If it turns out, which I hope not, there’s mighty annoyance! But now I wait first, what comes out tomorrow. Overall, I am at the moment let’s say uncertain and ggu ATU skeptical become.

A longtime ATU customer


  • disadvantages: unreliable

I had on 11.01.2017 my volvo V70 at ATU in oberursel for inspection and TuV. In the morning I was told that they had no brake pads in stock (but in potsdam)!). This I found strange for an accessory shop. I asked them to get me these in the region or inform me. Then I would have bought and brought them myself at the auto accessories around the corner. Nothing happened! In the evening I saw that they were not exchanged, although the workshop master had recommended this in the morning expressly after inspection. After driving from oberursel to dublin, ireland the next day i brought the car to a garage there (waste of time?) and had the pads replaced. Here, the workshop found that ALL wheel nuts (except for the rim locks) "hand loose" were. I find that the height. I gave ATU the moglickeit to comment on it, but no answer.

Finally a reputable repair shop

  • advantages: better than larger garages, all very friendly and competent, informative team, fair price, fair advice, flexible
  • Suitable for: citroen

After the many bad reviews of ATU I want to describe my experiences with contract workshops and ATU once.

Round 1:
i bought my used citroen C2 from an opel partner. As it is, a few repairs were necessary, which the workshop also reliably fulfilled. I became dissatisfied when one of the headlights failed. The garage made me wait 2 hours and then told me that my car should stay in the garage.
When I called a few days later they told me they didn’t have a C2, they were an opel partner :-)

Round 2:
my car was found again and when i finally broke down, i decided to get a new battery at the citroen dealership (by the way, opel had promised to replace the 7 year old battery when i bought it). But they have not. After 9 years, the battery was then at the end.)
yo and then my ABS didn’t want anymore. The citroen contract workshop has 3 months (. ) repaired it. An interesting theory of a master: the ABS control unit was damaged by radio waves (. ) from my navi destroyed.

Round 3 or how I came to ATU.

Now the small inspection was due and I decided to go to ATU (so after the motto "worse they can not get it done anymore").)
but I was pleasantly surprised. The employee took a lot of time to record my wishes. He advised me to take out a free bonus card, because it would save me 50 € immediately. He crossed out on his own that I should receive advertising. Now they have done the small inspection and what found. Some plastic part had cracks in it according to the report of the foreman. I wanted to have it done right away. The man said of his own accord, he wants to ask the master first. He came back with the message that there are only fine hair cracks and I just have to keep an eye on it. 2/3 years I could still drive it easily. So much for the seriousness. By the way, I wanted to have an interior cleaning. It was free of charge and definitely at least as good as in both contract workshops.

Next visit: I drove over an already dead deer and took the same several meters with me. Now I wanted to let the car but times to look at. I was greeted by name and less than 3 minutes later the car was loaded onto the lift in my presence. The master has checked everything for 20 minutes and said goodbye with the result that everything is in order. I had to pay nothing (. )

Now I had my brake light changed today. They greeted me again by name, it was fast and a safety check and a wintercheck gave it for free.
In the package were 2 brake light bulbs. They put the package on the passenger seat for me.

Oh yes and then 2 little things. Marderschlauch and dipped beam bulb. Both times the seller has installed the stuff for me (free of charge).

I will stay with ATU and am very satisfied.
I have the impression that they work very professionally and transparently.

They earn their money with car repairs. But that does not mean that there is somehow ripped off.
If they had wanted that, I would certainly be an easy victim :-)

method of the company is to sell and take advantage of the customer.

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, wrong technical diagnosis

With a hole in the area of the catalyst I went to A.T.U., to have the same welded.
The employee from A.T.U. Told me that during the welding work the catalyst would be damaged. This would also have the consequence that the car would stop on the highway due to a then tightly seated catalytic converter.
He wanted me to weld in a catalytic converter for 400 euros with the flat rate euro standard 4.
I ask him why the catalytic converter can be welded in and the other catalytic converter cannot. He said that there was extra space for welding.
That my registered catalytic converter (euro 3 retrofitted) would also have been welded in place, I told the A.T.U. employee no longer.
Also no longer that a registered catalytic converter with ABE must also remain in the vehicle, because otherwise at the next main inspection the engineer rightly refuses the badge.

By the way, in practice, it almost never happens that a catalytic converter becomes stuck. Rather parts are destroyed (also by improper welding) and find their further way to the end of the exhaust system.

Conclusion !
The A.T.U. Employee tried to install a catalytic converter not approved for the vehicle with a lie. Which would have cost 400 euro plus labor and the next HU would have been denied. If the attentive engineer would have checked for the new catalytic converter.

But this is the method of A.T.U.. As with insurance, the customer is first scared and then offered the (alleged) solution. .

Leave the fingers of these workshop chains. Because the motto of their leadership is to sell at any price.

A.T.U. Unterhaching

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, not recommended , took a long time, low competence

A.T.U. Wernigerode – inspection VW golf 6

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as to price, took a long time, low competence

Wanted to change intact gearbox

I wanted to have there 3 years ago times the track adjusted. The mechanic said my gearbox is broken and must be changed. Before they could not adjust the track.

I have me first a 2. Opinion obtained.

The whole thing was 3 years ago. The gearbox was and is perfect and runs today always perfect.

ATU wanted me actually change an intact gearbox. I will never have anything repaired by them.

Complete chaos / wrong advice / unreasonable service .

  • Advantages: no advantage recognized
  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, took a long time, low competence
  • Suitable for: mercedes

My criticism concerns the ATU store in frankfurt griesheim. Apart from long waiting times (on average per visit approx. 20 minutes), the sdhop is characterized by incorrect advice, chaos and misdiagnoses.

The branch manager himself does not seem to know words/phrases such as sorry, I’m sorry or apologize at all and acts according to the motto: be glad that I’m talking to you!

The tires, which I bought there and paid were finally not available at all. The alternative tires then did not fit on the rims – after much back and forth, the tires were then mounted on old rims, which has a constant pressure loss on all 4 tires as a consequence. WARNING – just under 100 meters away is a specialty store . It is worth to drive 100 m further and A.T.U. To boycott. The nerves will be grateful.

After reviewing the completely negative reviews listed here, one can really only advise against a visit to any ATU workshop in Germany. Perhaps one thinks then in the management around and strives for a "decent" service and a professionally competent advice to provide. So not mr unger!

until then – i recommend to just boycott the store !

Fraudsters and zero clue

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong about price, wrong technical diagnosis, took a long time, almost twice as expensive as independent workshops, low competence

As to be expected

Since at my car fbremsbelage change have.

Since ATU at the moment offers to change the brake pads per axle for € 79.00 complete price, I thought I can try it yes times. Although I expected after all the negative reports nothing good. oil change was also on offer. So I ordered the same. My girlfriend I said already after the delivery in the branch in sidenlfingen: "they make certainly the brake disc with, although we do not want that."

And in the evening actually came the bill with brake disc, because supposedly the brake discs have a groove and need to be changed.

All together then but ca. € 200,00 cost.

I had a similar experience. I wanted to take advantage of the offer in Austria and then they said my brake discs were below the tolerance limit and that would cost a total of just under 300, – euro instead of 79,–!

I went to my garage afterwards to check it out. My brake discs are completely in order!

Never again to ATU

ATU has not convinced me, I will not go there again!

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong about price, took a long time, almost twice as expensive as independent workshops, low competence

Rip off at A.T.U in peine

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as to price, took a long time, almost twice as expensive as independent garages, low competence

Have rarely read such a nonsense. I don’t really like atu either, but this post is proof of how dark it must be in some people’s minds.

Engine W209 is the same as W203. platform also.
Wanted a service, which includes lt service manual only oil change and a few check.

Then the oil change was too expensive. What now? What did the gentleman want to have?

If he wants to have a service A, so the price is still ok?

Moment, drives a mercedes, needs to go to atu, wants a service at oil change price. Have I summarized correctly?

Once and never again!

  • Disadvantages: has taken a long time
  • Suitable for: ALL CLASSES


  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, almost twice as expensive as independent workshops, low competence

Absolute disaster

  • Pros: fair price
  • Disadvantages: took a long time, low competence
  • Suitable for: all brands


  • Disadvantages: took a long time
  • Suitable for: all brands

Had an appointment today 03. May 2016 to 15.45 o’clock.
Was already at 15.15 there.
First the documents not found and then they told me I had to wait until 5 pm.
It’s not like you go there out of boredom.
No, of course you still have follow-up appointments.
This I could not keep.
Wanted only wheel change with balancing.
I finally paid at 17.39 o’clock.

Thanks ATU zeesen.
I have not seen so much incompetence in ages!!
Most of the people there you can sole the shoes while running.

Concession in the price, as a sign of a small compensation or. Good will? Missing.
Only a lapiedare excuse that today was very busy.

What is the point of making appointments??

Amateurs do nonsense

  • Disadvantages: wrong technical diagnosis, low competence, just bad
  • Suitable for: for nothing

HAVE AN AXLE MEASUREMENT INCLUDING.ADJUSTMENT make and look at me the values from the measurement .
straight the car but to let me tell by the "master" that you can not adjust the camber I was flat
have made the complete front axle new and have learned at VW and you can adjust the camber.

Completely incompetent the store and they have probably no bock
the main thing is money money money

TuV-manipulation with pseudo defects – also with me

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, wrong technical diagnosis, took a long time, rude when handing over the car

A.T.U berlin – prenzlauer berg/storkower strabe.

Like many here in the forum also with me:
For the TuV test, I went to ATU instead of the main workshop due to lack of time. Result: rear axle must "absolutely be made". cost: 400 €. That was suspicious to me, because the car was almost new.
I paid the 100 € TuV fee to ATU and took my car without TuV and repair and am then but to my stammwerkstatt. On the lifting platform, the axle looked like new. One could not find any defects there and the new TuV passage was then without defects. I got there from the master then also a few other anecdotes about TuV damaged by ATU, which then ended up with him. Can’t check for truth, but it was true for me anyway.

In addition, in my case, there were the following special features of ATU:
– long waiting time
– rude: i "was allowed" do not put my car in the yard "you need the parking spaces dringed". There were probably also employee cars (!), because during my longer presence one made himself from the acker in the end of work and made to my astonishment one of the "urgently used parking spaces" free.

I can only strongly advise against ATU and recommend to look for alternatives locally.

Money making at the tuv-no independent inspector!!

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, almost twice as expensive as independent workshops

Had because of a special offer my main inspection (TuV) made at ATU.
Result: list of defects with a cost estimate of over 1000 euros.
After a second opinion from an independent inspector (KUES), who does not have a workshop and therefore does not earn money from the repairs, we came to the conclusion:

-A.T.U has of course an interest to let the inspector find as many defects as possible, so they can repair them afterwards
-non-safety related defects are not listed as notes instead of being put on the defect list as they normally are, so you are obligated by law to fix them.
-at the emission test was probably only once briefly pressed on the gas, so that the value is too high.

Conclusion: after the exchange with several concerned persons, one can come to the conclusion that this approach (as many defects as possible, s.O.) has system, and not only in the branch in darmstadt occurs. A.T.U. Is probably not the only garage that does so, so I would only do the main inspection where no garage is connected and also with no garage is worked together. Then the inspectors have no interest in listing unjustified defects.

Rip-off and fraud by ATU – employees – dorfles esbach

Allegedly many defective parts for new TuV necessary

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong on price, wrong technical diagnosis, low competence
  • Suitable for: maybe bicycles

Since my car had to HU/ASU in jan 2016, I went with it for the purpose of checking for TuV to ATU.
The service was friendly and waiting time with several customers is tollerierbar, but.
The responsible "master looked through my car (ASU was not, because this would have cost extra and for 19.95( watt willste there) and was promptly found.
Both front control arms each front and rear bearing defective,
both support joints defective (play),
both tie rod ends (play)
Rusty brake and fuel lines,
bearings of the rear axle (the repair cost real money )both defective,
with this list I was already thinking of scrapping the car, because I would get for the repair costs alone, an equivalent car WITH tuv.
Have just little money and must count on every cent. I thought then what the heck just try it because ATU I believe NOTHING more (have discovered this page here only afterwards)

Long story short:
was at the TuV:
only "shortcomings":
exhaust a little louder but still enough for ASU,
shock absorber decreasing effect
1 track rod joint inside beginning play.
Otherwise K E I N E defects.
Have now TuV until 2018
conclusion: new parts (but ONLY parts) provided same price as online trading house or billger can get, but EVERYTHING else NEVER MORE ATU.
If the repair is only rip off, there are soon vertragswerkstadten (maybe not cheaper but HONEST).

It takes a little time but saves money

  • Advantages: fair price, competent advice, flexible
  • Suitable for: all brands, audi

A new turn signal lamp for 45.29 €!

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong about the price, low competence
  • Suitable for: audi

Masterly it was, but yes, that’s right. But only because a retired master in poor health has decided to go to an ATU workshop because of very bad weather conditions at minus degrees and expected snow. In buxtehude. At the AUDI A4 on the way the left front turn signal has quit his service. bulb defective and – how should it be different – no replacement in the car. Tool also not. Saturday afternoon, so about 15 o’clock and, as already mentioned at the beginning, bad weather and then round 200 km highway before the wheels. And then I see ATU.

So in. And of course I did not say that I am from the profession. Asked at the service counter if it was possible to change the turn signal lamp, I was told that first the type of lamp had to be found out and for this an order had to be created. Well yes. My objection that it is a yellow 12V/21W BA15 lamp, was probably overheard. So we create an order. By computer, in the columbus system. Every button a new discovery. The time spent on this would have been enough for me under normal conditions to change the lamp itself.

Then it went to the workshop, where a mechanic prepared to work off the order. By taking everything in sight, scratched his head, grabbed the toolbox and prepared a ratchet with nut. Then he started to unscrew the steering oil reservoir. My immediately introduced objection, what is the point, it must be removed only the headlight with four screws to be loosened, was first negated. Then the oil tank hung loose next to it and nothing went forward. But then we got smart. the customer could be right. So remove the headlight. And lo and behold, you can turn the lamp holder from the headlight and has the lamp in hand. What a marvel of engineering! Then the mechanic goes to the store to get a new lamp. But comes back with a complete lamp set and explains to me that there is no single lamp left in stock, I have to agree that he can replace the box for approx. 16, – € opens to use the included lamp for my car. What is left to do, I can not prove the opposite of the missing lamp and am more or less raped to agree. Alternative: reassemble everything with the defective lamp, a lot of costs for nothing to cause and accident-prone go on the highway. So take the lamp – for such business behavior I would have lynched my employees earlier, because the box would have remained in the store and with a new lamp was completed again.
Then put the lamp and tested function. All i.O.
Let’s start with the dismantling. The mechanic placed the headlight in its intended position and began to install the four mounting screws, immediately tightening the first one. If I wasn’t a professional, which he now seems to have realized from my objections, I would have gotten the vehicle back with a completely incorrectly mounted headlight. So according to the motto: gap dimensions? Do you need the? There was between fender edge and headlights smooth a gap of 1cm. Following my instructions, in the end, a proper deconstruction took place after all.
The bill was then the crowning glory of it all. From 23.60 € estimated quickly became times fast 45.29 €! 23.60 € for the replacement of a turn signal lamp is already a decent house number, against the background of Saturday afternoon and the above-described circumstances but probably still justifiable. But 45,29 €?
What we learn from this? avoid workshops like ATU! And how! Not even in emergency situations there! What can not be done yourself, so only in a specialist workshop with properly trained professionals.

Rip-off attempt through false advice

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice
  • Suitable for: opel

Expensive tires

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice

Impoliteness and no service at all.

  • Disadvantages: no service, wrong advice

Repeatedly damaged aluminum rims at A.T.U.

  • Disadvantages: no service, advice often wrong about the price, wrong technical diagnosis

ATU complaint

  • Disadvantages: no service, wrong advice, advice often wrong as to price, wrong technical diagnosis
  • Suitable for: volvo

Almost total loss through ATU!

  • Disadvantages: no service, wrong advice, advice often wrong as far as price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis, almost twice as expensive as independent garages

Actually only oil change .

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong about price, wrong technical diagnosis

I am now the last time with the oil change at A.T.U been.

The first time I was because of an oil change at A.T.U. , where I was told I had to change the valve cover gasket. I trusted in this and had them changed, where I spent over 100 euros (!!) had to pay for. When inquiring at an independent workshop I would have had to pay a maximum of 50 euros.

At the next oil change they told me then that the brake fluid would have to be changed and the exhaust would soon due. I then had that checked somewhere else and neither was right at all.

Once I just went to ask what I would have to pay for brake discs and pads with installation. Then they told me that this would cost 800 euros. Even in the contract workshop of fiat, where the car is from, it would not have cost so much.

Today was then finished with A.T.U. I had called to make an appointment. There I was also told that the oil change would cost 58 euros. When I was there and signed the order, I then saw that there were 70 euros on it. Since when does the customer get a price without mwst called?

Last but not least I had said that I was waiting for the car, they knew that. When I came back after 1 hour to pick up the car, nothing was done yet. I was told she had had problems with a car previously. I beg your pardon? They have 8 stages. More I think I do not have to say.

I took the car then so again with. Now I have to go again to get the oil changed. However not resp. Never again at A.T.U

Polo 6n mirror glass cracked

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong on price, almost twice as expensive as independent garages

I was about half a year ago at atu because my mirror glass, yes only the glass, was cracked. The lady at the reception was relatively nice because she drives the same car. She looked in her pc and told me that I should pay for a 17 year old car where only the mirror was broken 70 €. I took my vehicle registration and then repaired it myself and lo and behold paid 5€. So atu no thanks

Remove the tire.

  • Disadvantages: took a long time, almost twice as expensive as independent garages

Incorrect recommendations, incomplete work

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong as to price, wrong technical diagnosis, wrong recommendation
  • Suitable for: all brands

The brake pad was down on one side, so the pad and the brake disc was changed on both sides (probably generally so recommended). Why the pad was down on one side was obviously not questioned, which is why after 4000km the same problem occurred again. This time, in addition to changing the lining and disc on both sides, the stuck brake caliper was replaced. After another half year trittwieder the same problem on. The vehicle was taken to another workshop where the handbrake cable was changed in addition to the previous scope of repair.
At ATU, in response to my complaint, it was stated that the rope was tested. Of course they had also checked the brake caliper during the first repair.

When I wanted to get advice from the car arbitration board, I was told that ATU is not a member of the local guild and therefore an intervention is not possible.

Warning, customers are being ripped off for air conditioning service.

  • Disadvantages: wrong advice, advice often wrong, concerning the price, wrong technical diagnosis, ignorance of the customer is exploited

The absolute disappointment at the air conditioning maintenance of my audi A1 (3 years young) at ATU !

In addition, they wanted to sell me a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY windshield replacement, to later!

On 6.07.15 an air conditioner function test was done the foreman told me the system was leaking and no vacuum could be created.He said it would be very expensive and named a sum of 400, – € and possibly more expensive !

I then went to an independent workshop and there the system was checked and IT WAS TIGHT. According to the measured value of the test system. Have then only 80,-.€ paid.

That was not all! ATU wanted to sell me a new windshield because of a small glass damage.
I went straight to carglass and there they told me that the windshield does NOT need to be replaced ! Carglass has repaired the disc free of charge!

So ATU has deliberately LIED to me to ABZUZOCKEN .

I went back to ATU to talk to the person responsible! I noticed immediately in his reaction that I caught him in his lies he tried only to talk out of it!
This person should be put out of business!
I will report this to the motor vehicle guild.


Brake system remounted and summer inspection – all just junk

  • Disadvantages: advice often wrong as far as the price is concerned, wrong technical diagnosis

I had the brake system repaired last december. Cost 930 euro.
Last week I had an inspection done, whether everything is ok. ATU assured me that everything was in order. Okay I thought.

A week later I noticed that the front light and the brake light does not work. Since ATU rheinfelden had no time to assemble I went flux to the official renault agency. They have replaced the bulbs and looked briefly times in the servicehft. "Ooops, the oil change is due" they told me. Since I was skeptical, I still had an inspection done.

What came out of it:

1. Oil is leaking from the engine
2. Handbrake does not release properly
3. Brake fluid leaks

I will go to ATU on monday and show them. I am sure that they will talk their way out of this. What I also know, with ATU you have no guarantee that you arrive safely with your car at all. Hands off ATU dear people, this is life-threatening!

ATU, master of horror

  • Disadvantages: no service, wrong advice, advice often wrong, regarding the price, wrong technical diagnosis, took a long time

Not to believe, life-threatening tinkering at ATU in wangen im allgau!
Had my car twice for oil change in wangen im allgau at ATU!
Two times result: engine from oil filter down totally messed up and considerable oil residue in the underbody cover of the engine! I also had to refill 0.5 liters of oil each time directly after the oil change, because it was simply filled too little! Now comes the hammer, front brake change at ATU in wangen im allgau! Got the offer for a front brake replacement (brake discs u. pads) accepted because I could not do it myself due to an injury!
The result was clear after a short drive! brakes make considerable noise and steering wheel flutters!

I back and new appointment, because yes the workshop master himself must make a test drive! brakes were then apparently removed and re-installed with the statement, now everything is in order! whistle cover, first braking after ca.100 m. Same shit still! I back and new appointment, because yes the workshop master himself would have to make a test drive! Now the whole procedure was carried out again with the statement that now everything is in order!
Already after 100m. After the first braking I had to determine that nothing has changed and then drove so on until the next appointment!

So slowly it was ridiculous what was going on and I put the workshop master in the knowledge that it is here about cheap brake discs and pads are simply junk! With the justification that I had to leave it to him, he took my car to the workshop! After approx.45min. And a test drive of the workshop master I got my car back with the statement, now everything is in order, they have installed vibration dampers! Vibration damper. What the kuckuck is that then, I thought to myself and drove from the yard to find that it has become even worse! One day later I got myself reasonable brakes from ate and then installed them myself to put an end to the haunting!

Now I also knew what is meant by vibration damper at ATU. This was a so-called armor tape that was glued four layers on the brake pads, where the piston presses, but after just 2 days again dissolved, (how could it be otherwise) and was about to give the brake system the rest!!

To my person: mechanic and machinist! Currently professional driver with ca.180.000km per year and so-called popometer!

Without wanting to offend anyone, I came to the following conclusion:
staff: totally ignorant, overwhelmed and disinterested!
workshop foreman: totally unfriendly and irresponsible! Is not aware of the consequences of his tinkering!
Maybe he is hard of hearing and has parkinson’s disease, that would explain why he didn’t recognize noises and steering wheel flutter during his test drives!
Never again ATU.

Errors in the most basic things

  • Disadvantages: no service, wrong technical diagnosis

I had on 04.05.2015 an appointment to change tires at ATU freiburg in tullastrabe. Ordered were 4 summer tires, which should be mounted on aluminum rims, as well as the old tires disposal of the old summer tires. I explicitly stated that the rims with the old summer tires are in the trunk of the vehicle and the screws for the other rims are in the spare wheel. Extra was also stated that the rims are different sizes and the operating license can be found in the service book – so far so good, employee has thus accepted the car. I as a customer have waited on site until my vehicle is ready.

At 12 o’clock my car should actually be ready by appointment. After 12:15 clock my vehicle was still in the parking lot and nothing was done, I asked friendly after when it would come to it. A few minutes later it was then taken and I waited in the sales room. When it was done I settled the bill and went to my vehicle. Arrived at the vehicle I immediately noticed that something is wrong there.

The new tires were mounted on my winter steel rims and my winter tires (bought last year) disposed of for it! Immediately I returned to the sales room to complain about the whole thing. I pointed out again that the steel rims would have a different size than the alloy rims. The employee of the workshop snapped at me only from the side, that I should have said it when handing over, that it should be mounted on other rims. See report above, I did and this I also told the employee so. Scolding himself, he drove my car back on the lift, got the actual rims from the trunk and mounted the tires simply around! The winter tires were pulled out of the disposal container again and mounted on the steel rims, and then thrown into the car under further scoldings.

In the basic stuff as a tire fitter you get taught in the first 5 minutes that if tires were once mounted on a wrong rim size these may not be remounted, but are to be disposed of, because the rubber was overstretched! Unfortunately, I only found out afterwards and the employee was simply "sh". No matter". According to this rule, I would have had to get four new summer tires – was not made because these would have had to be ordered again and secondly, this would have meant a financial loss for ATU or. She earned nothing at all on me.

Finally, I drove about 14:30 clock from the yard. There I also noticed that the car was suddenly so bad to steer and makes loud noises that were not there before the tire change. So I turned around again, went back to the branch again. There I was then told that the noise is due to the new tires and the steering is also therefore so sluggish. Was not looked again, was still in the sales room dispatched.

Unfortunately I relied on it. A few days later, tires were broken in and tightened, the noise was not better and the steering worse and worse. After my life partner has looked at the car, found that the servo oil is below minimum. So drove to another workshop, problem described. There was looked at and first oil filled – loud noise disappeared all good. After that, the car stood a few days and was not moved and I was already looking forward to.

When I Monday then wanted to work, steering again sluggish, loud creaking noises. Already after a few kilometers acrid, coked smell. Stopped to check, complete vehicle underside smeared with oil servo oil foamed and nothing more visible in the tank. Car directly again brought to another workshop. There it was briefly put on the stage and seen only full extent. Steering leaking, front springs broken which scratched the tire – drove a few kilometers further and the tire would have burst for sure, according to the workshop. Since my way to work is on the highway, everyone can imagine what would have happened . Workshop employee meant, I should today my 2. Birthday celebration (and that of my unborn child at the same time), car was kept directly there what is even more broken, can not even tell me now. Anyway, the workshop prepares an expert opinion on the current necessary repairs, so I have something against ATU in hand.

Called ATU, described the whole thing, after all the noises etc. Directly noticed when I got it from ATU hof. Also that the tires were remounted after they were on the wrong rim . What kind of answer did I get "I have now recorded the workshop foreman will call you back in 15 minutes"? . No one called again. ATU it is sh. No matter how satisfied the customer is, as long as they have paid on the spot. Complaints afterwards receive little attention and are dismissed with "our workshop foreman will have to take a look at that". No ATU workshop foreman has to look at that, when other workshop foremen have already examined the damage, shaking their heads and commenting on ATU with amateurs-doing-it-all.

My advice, never bring your car to ATU for a repair or even a tire change! Because there they do not know even the basic things. In the worst case you will be stuck in a crash barrier or tree for the botched job that is done there, or if it is noticed in time you will be stuck with an expensive repair bill for the damage that was done there. If it has already gone wrong, secure all the proofs! Get an appraisal of the repairs/defective parts and document in detail what was done to your car and who did it (or didn’t do it). It is best to have another witness to this. If there is already an appointment, then observe the whole thing closely from close up – do not be scared away into the sales room. Someone who has nothing to hide has no problem with you watching the repairs being done!

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