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Your experienced dentist for anxiety patients in Aachen

Do you have to overcome yourself every time to make your way to the dentist? Are you ashamed of showing your teeth to the dentist? Before each visit to the dentist, do you wait until the toothache becomes unbearable? Always postpone your dentist appointment?

Believe us, you are not the first and you will not be the last patient with dental phobia who has these problems in the dental practice Dr. Tomko appears in Aachen.

More than half of the German population suffers from mild to severe fear of dentists. The cause is often in the direct social environment of friends or family, who may have had bad experiences with dentists and have been emotionally affected by negative events.

You are not alone with the fear of the dentist or a panic before visiting the dentist

The topic of fear of the dentist or even phobia is a topic that is unfortunately still not made public. Often, those affected do not speak about it and do not trust even the closest confidante. However, such fear of the dentist affects far more people than you think. For this reason, more and more dentists are dealing with special treatment methods for anxiety patients.

The cause and trigger is often a traumatic experience. A particularly painful treatment or other complications from previous treatments can cause dental phobia. But reports of such experiences from friends or family members can also lead to increased fear.

However, the problem often lies in poor communication between the dentist and the patient. If you do not feel well or do not understand the treatment methods, you may not feel well looked after. A good relationship of trust is important for the well-being of the patient.

Some people already combine the noises or smells in a dentist’s office with negative feelings and quickly panic or feel like they are at the dentist’s disposal.

All of these can trigger dental anxiety, which can manifest itself in very different symptoms.

Typical symptoms of anxiety patients

During the treatment at the dentist, every patient goes into the hands of the dentist. This situation is always associated with a certain loss of control, which can also lead to fear. The feeling of being helplessly delivered to the dentist often intensifies the symptoms.

Most people who suffer from panic at the dentist show symptoms such as increased pulse rate, high blood pressure, sweating hands, excessive sweating, tremors during the examination, panicked fear and or nausea.

But taking strong painkillers or insomnia before an appointment are also clear symptoms. There is a feeling of helplessness, which can be associated with additional stress symptoms.

One factor that aggravates these symptoms is long waiting times before treatment. During this time, symptoms and nervousness often increase significantly and make it even more difficult for the patient.

How can you overcome fear slowly but surely?

In general, it is very important that anxious patients choose a dentist who is sympathetic to them and with whom they feel comfortable. There are special practices that are geared towards this and have developed special methods.

In dentistry there are more and more methods that can also be used in the treatment of anxiety patients. But the patient can also prepare for the doctor’s appointment and thus alleviate his anxiety somewhat.

What the dentist can do:

– First of all, a meeting is arranged in which the dentist carries out a check and discusses all options with the patient.

– The design of the treatment room can be influenced with pictures or scents, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. Well-being and the connection with positive influences can relieve fear.

– The dentist first tries to use gentle dentistry and explains all the details of the treatment, the procedure and all the individual steps.

– Depending on the request and the severity of the damage, further measures may be necessary. If this is the case, the dentist will discuss this with the patient during the consultation and also suggest the various options for drug treatment.

– Local anesthesia can be an option here, so there is no pain. The use of nitrous oxide is also becoming increasingly popular. With this form of anesthesia, you lose fear of the treatment and the sensation of pain is also significantly reduced, so the patients usually no longer notice anything about the local anesthetic. Another advantage is that after this treatment the patient feels relaxed and comfortable and the fear of further appointments decreases. The gag reflex also disappears under the influence of nitrous oxide.

What the patient can do:

– Creating a pro and contra list can help you get through to a dentist appointment. Understand the positive effects of such a visit to the dentist on your private life and health. So the first step is to make the appointment much easier.

– Breathing exercises and muscle relaxation can help you relax during treatment.

– Through autogenic training or yoga, you can try to alleviate the fear and then face the fear.

– It also helps some patients if they take a familiar person with them to the dental appointment as mental and emotional support.

– In very severe cases, it can also be very helpful to get a therapist as support. You can confidently contact your family doctor here or ask your health insurance provider and find a suitable therapist.

Why patients should definitely visit a dentist despite fear of the dentist?

Anxiety patients tend to postpone the upcoming doctor’s appointment or not to make an upcoming appointment. The problem here is, the further such an appointment is postponed, the further the damage to the tooth or teeth can progress. The damage to the teeth progresses, which automatically makes other treatments necessary. The more advanced the damage, the more extensive the treatment methods. To prevent progress from damaging the tooth to the extent that it can no longer be saved, anxious patients should also make an appointment to the dentist.

When making an appointment, you should definitely communicate your fear, so the dentist can respond to you better. In these cases, a consultation appointment is made and the further steps are discussed in detail. The dentist responds to your needs and makes the treatment as pleasant as possible.

Find a dentist you can trust

For the first step in overcoming your dental fear, you should definitely choose a doctor who deals with this topic. You should choose a dentist where you feel comfortable and who you can trust. This way you can overcome your fear and get your natural smile back.

Gather up your courage and book a meeting with Dr. Tomko and take the first step back to a healthy smile.

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