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What are the benefits of working together??

What do I get from that? Why should I do that? What benefit does it give me??

The advantages of a higher rate of supplementary insurants within the patient population are obvious:

Individual health services, such as professional teeth cleaning, are being used more regularly by more patients.
In significantly more cases, the patient decides to seek private care (e.g., implant or inlay) using higher quality materials, as his own contribution decreases significantly to a minimum of 20-10% of the total cost.

The payment morale increases and bad debts fall considerably, as the lion’s share (80-100%) of the costs incurred is covered by the insurance.

Patients who have a high-performance dental insurance regularly make their prophylactic appointments more effective and can resort to modern, gentle and aesthetically pleasing forms of care without any problems. As a result, the visit to the dentist largely loses its horror and patient bonding increases.

Patients, who have come to enjoy high-quality dental care without having to accept even deep financial losses, speak in their environment rather positive about the treatment and the result itself speaks for itself.

If you need any questions during a refund or help with communication with the insurer, we are there for you. Our service does not end with a completed insurance, it starts only properly.

For all questions on the subject of private dental insurance, such as benefits, reimbursement levels, insurability, modalities of application, performance and u.v.m. You can refer elegantly to us as a competent contact person or contact us yourself.

What patient information materials are available?

Flyer – dental insurance

Order patient information material

Our service is completely free for you and your patients.

089/45 20 679 – 20
From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00.

089/45 20 679 – 77.

[email protected]

mailing address
Expert24 GmbH
Widenmayerstrasse 43
80538 Munich

As a dentist, you are not allowed to provide insurance yourself. The direct recommendation of a specific insurance also entails liability risks. In contrast, you are explicitly allowed to promote the dental supplement insurance comparison of Expert24.

The Experte24 GmbH is an independent insurance broker specializing in private dental insurance. It is authorized by legal means to advise interested parties regarding the individual best dental supplement insurance and to convey such tariffs to end customers. The liability arising from the advice and mediation of insurance is borne in full by Experte24 GmbH. Even after completion of the insurance, Expert24 GmbH will continue to be your competent partner for all matters relating to supplementary dental insurance.

You can always contact us with questions and suggestions. The contact options can be found above.

order Hotline
089 45 206 79 – 20
[email protected]

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