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Comparison of 200 tariffs

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Our services for you at a glance

Price guarantee & Discounts
We guarantee that you will not be able to conclude insurance rates anywhere cheaper. In addition, you can expect some exclusive special discounts.

Independent advice
As an independent consultant, we compare more than 300 providers. Each provider has our own profile, where you can find out about the provider.

Long term care
We are always there for you and accompany you from the conclusion of insurance to the event of damage. We support you in everything. You are our customer.

Experts |
Our experts are trained professionals with years of experience and no hotline employees.

Always available
We are happy to advise you by phone, email or chat. Even with general questions, we are happy to help.

time savings
We collect all the information for you. So you get maximum transparency and do not waste time searching for information.

Why expert24?

Which service is provided by Expert24?

Expert24 is an insurance portal that gives every customer the opportunity to learn fundamentally about different types of insurance and to acquire their own specialist knowledge. Not only are our experts available with help and advice, but also the guides and market comparisons they have made for each insurance sector.

You can use the comparison calculator to calculate the insurance rates that are individually suitable for you without obligation. If the optimal tariff has been found, our team accompanies you through all steps up to the conclusion of the contract. Even after graduation, Expert24 is committed to providing constant support for all customer concerns – be it questions about claims or a change of insurance.

What advantages do I have when graduating from Expert24?

When you sign up for Experte24, our clients benefit from several advantages:

Upon completion of the insurance, you will be personally advised and looked after by trained insurance salesmen who are always available to you – both by phone and by email.

Another principle of Expert24 is to create maximum transparency for our clients. Through the detailed guides, market comparisons and tests, we make you an insurance expert.

Expert24 is an independent insurance portal and is therefore not bound to the interests of other companies. This allows us to provide transparent and independent advice to our customers and to convey the best insurance policies for our customers.

How does Experte24 earn or how does it finance itself??

Like other insurance brokers, Experte24 finances itself through the commissions of the insurance companies, which are distributed with each conclusion of the contract. When concluding the insurance policy, no additional invoice will be issued to the customers. After all, the costs of consulting are already factored into the insurance premiums.

At Expert24, independence comes first. Neither external companies nor insurance companies are involved in our company. For this reason, the focus is on the customer’s well-being alone.

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