Express credit with lightning transfer – still money on the account

Express credit with lightning transfer - still money on the account

Express credit with lightning transfer

Are you looking for an urgent loan with flash transfer? Hand on the heart, crunchy sayings you will find without end.

Lots of quick words, but really fast credit was not there yet. With fast words, copywriters are good at hand.

Unfortunately, not every express loan fulfills the expectations that advertising generates. There are hardly any limits to creativity and imagination.

But, which express loans deserve their name, what to pay attention to?

Blitzkredit equal to small loan?

If a lightning loan or express credit with flash transfer is mentioned, then it is mostly about small loan or mini loan. A small loan that the bank automatically audits and pays immediately.

But is a lightning loan automatically always a small loan? The question clearly answers “no”.

Although many lenders allow such a loan with flash transfer usually only for a small or mini loan. Nevertheless, this is not set in stone.

If lightning transfer is mentioned, then it is about transfers that occur on the same day or the following working day. In the case of an express credit with a flash transfer, the payment is made at the earliest after only one hour to a maximum of 24 hours.

Both the loan application itself, as well as the legitimacy of the borrower are done quickly and easily online via the Internet. As a possible borrower, you thus save all the way to the bank or to a branch of Swiss Post.

Why an urgent loan with immediate transfer?

An emergency loan with flash transfer is especially needed when suddenly unexpected bills open up. Money that you want to settle quickly.

But even short-term financial or other money problems can justify an express loan with lightning transfer. For example, a damaged car or a broken washing machine could be the cause of a cash injection.

Everyday life is full of such surprises. Most of the time, a small calamity happens just when it’s financially the least needed.

Countless Germans are embarrassed every day by any situation that they need an emergency loan with lightning transfer.


Haste and time pressure are usually not a good guide. Not even if you just have a lot of pressure on the shoe.

Real short-term credit with lightning transfer offer only a few banks. Elaborate advertising, mostly from intermediaries, does not necessarily serve the purpose of providing quick credit.

Pay attention to black sheep – Blitzkredit the door opener

Be sure to click on, if you get to a dubious provider. You recognize rogue as soon as someone asks you for one of the following things:

  • Prepayment for your urgent loan with flash transfer
  • Conclusion of an insurance
  • home visits
  • gratuitous payments as commission
  • ask for sensitive data

Express loan with direct payment – meaning?

Of course, there is no express loan with lightning transfer at every bank. Many banking companies rely on time to award their credit.

Checking all requirements is always the top priority. Not every bank checks by high-tech.

For classic credit applications, the clerk processes the customers according to the order. By comparison, you can easily tell which bank is still living behind the moon.

Make sure that your fast loan provider offers paperless credit. So videoident, upload the evidence.

First priority in the Eilkredit has thus the credit check for the most modern possibilities. Digital procedures ensure fast, secure credit decisions.

The second point is the lightning transfer. This is a special service, because many banks do not book until the following day, after the credit decision.


Pay attention not only to the effective interest rate, but above all to the additional costs. Optional services, such as lightning transfer, do not have to appear in the effective interest rate.

Express Credit with Sofortüberweisung – application

The application for an emergency loan with lightning transfer should, as the name suggests, take place in the highest speed. You can choose your own lender from the internet or get help from an intermediary.

A credit intermediary usually works with many different banks. In addition to large banks, these can also be private individuals who make themselves available for a personal loan.

If you use a credit intermediary, you can specify your wishes beforehand by means of a credit calculator. The speech here is of the desire sum, the intended use, the monthly amount of the installments and the length of the term.

The broker uses this data to check which partner banks fulfill the request. If there are lenders available for lending to you, you will immediately receive a corresponding list of results.

From these you can then draw a comparison for yourself. In order to be able to look at the respective offers, you just need to click on the respective provider.

Minimum application requirements – express credit with lightning transfer

If you have decided on an offer, then you can start the actual application. First of all, you should know that you have to meet some requirements:

  • The minimum age is 18 years
  • The registered permanent residence is in Germany
  • The account you are holding is at a German bank
  • The monthly net income is the default of the lender
  • The Schufa shows no hard negative features such as Arrest warrant, insolvency, etc.


If you only want to take out a small loan as a direct debit note, you will gain time. The entire application and credit check is even easier and faster.

You also do not have to fulfill as many requirements for a small loan, as is the case with conventional consumer credit. The bank decides in the simplified procedure.

For small loans she does not ask for so much net income per month. Even the Schufa is often not such a “big factor” dar.

Interesting and worth knowing – urgent loans with lightning transfer

An urgent loan with flash transfer is in many cases only possible with a small loan amount. Because, as already mentioned, larger installment loans take longer to complete the review.

Of course, lenders also check the credit rating for smaller loan amounts. They are even obliged by law.

Nevertheless, small credit offers plenty of scope to “turn a blind eye”. This scope does not exist for larger loan volumes.

But, as with all other things in life, there are exceptions here as well. Under certain circumstances, several thousand euros as a rush credit with flash transfer possible.

The offer comes from the same specialists, as small Blitzkredit. However, only good existing customers can hope for such a real express loan with lightning transfer.

Express Loan as Minkredit – Real Credit Offers

If you opt for a small loan, then this usually runs no longer than 30 days. The loan amount is limited to between 50 and 600 euros.

For small credit providers, this restriction applies to new customers. From the second loan, it can go higher.

There is also the option of extending the term of such a mini-credit for up to 62 days for repayment. Interest rates hardly play a major role, because the loan amounts are small and the terms extremely short.

If the disbursement of the loan amount takes place immediately, ie as a quick loan with lightning transfer, it will be expensive. You must expect that you will get hefty, additional costs.

Not on the interest, but on the “optional additional costs” earn the providers of lightning and express loan their money.

What is a lightning transfer – who offers it?

So-called lightning transfers or express transfers have long been offered by savings banks and banks. This enables a quick cash transaction and therefore also availability.

For loans, these types of transfers often play a major role. Many borrowers want to have the money as soon as possible after granting their loan.

Depending on the time of day, the transferred money can be in the account of the recipient after only a few minutes. However, the fast money transfer does not work for all banks alike.

The problem is often the recipient bank. In order to be able to carry such a procedure smoothly over the stage, some important conditions must be met.

For example, you as a borrower should be careful not to apply for the express loan with lightning transfer on the weekend. Outside the booking times, from Monday to Friday, nothing runs in Germany.

Although you want an express payment and pay heavily, the bank system only books at certain times. Banks do not work on weekends and therefore no bookings can take place.

Therefore, even late evenings or nights are not suitable for applying for such a loan.


For an optimal procedure, it is best to look at the working hours of the two banks concerned before applying.

Sofortkredit with lightning transfer – without Schufa possible?

An express loan with flash transfer sounds very seductive to most people. This is especially true when, thanks to negative Schufa, liquidity is limited.

So it is not surprising, especially when people with a bad score seek a schufafreien lightning loan. Unfortunately, you have to restrict here immediately, really without Schufa comes only foreign credit in question.

Loans without Schufa are currently only offered to the German bank Sigma Kreditbank. The bank does not have an urgent loan in the program, so a maximum of “despite Schufa” is possible.

If it is the express loan with flash transfer and negative Schufa, it is again a mini loan. For example, Vexcash offers up to 500 euros in flash or express credit despite Schufa.


If you see the advertisement for express loans without Schufa, pass it by. The quickest way to get credit without Schufa is through direct credit application with Sigma Bank.

Facts about credit without Schufa – in short sentences

  • Credit comes from the Sigma Bank, based in Liechtenstein
  • The target group are adult German citizens
  • Residence must be registered in Germany
  • The borrower must have a very good net income
  • Three different loan amounts are available for application

If such a loan seems right to you, you can no longer speak of an emergency loan with lightning transfer. Taking out a loan from Liechtenstein takes time.

Alone the application takes several days due to the postal service. Furthermore, the processing of the loan faces a certain window of time, just as the final payout takes more time.

Additional costs for the lightning transfer

As already mentioned, additional costs may be incurred for a direct debit loan. Here, the emphasis is particularly on “can”, because this is largely dependent on the chosen lender.

For banks, an immediate processing of the loan application with immediate payment, an additional expense. However, only if human labor is to be paid.

The regular digital credit, by the way, not advertised as an express credit with lightning transfer, the instant bank transfer costs nothing extra. Example: Credit2Day.

The Blitzüberweisung special provider for mini loans can be royally rewarded. Vexcash is with 39 euros for the lightning transfer still just too “ridiculously cheap”.

For other providers, it can cost 100 euros and more, not 15 days to wait for the loan payment.

It must be exactly this loan?

Would you like some honest advice? Rethink your plan to take out urgent loan with lightning transfer. If you have good credit, you are almost as fast with a regular digital loan.

In contrast to the short-term loan, neither the fast procedure nor the quick payout cost extra.

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