Extension of the daycare center bad salzschlirf inaugurated, fulda

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Extension of the day care center "St. Michael" inaugurated in Bad Salzschlirf

New building now offers space for two groups with up to 34 children / Prerequisites for the project were not easy

Bad Salzschlirf – The extension building of the Bad Salzschlirfer became part of a ceremony "St. Michael day care center" inaugurated. The new building now houses two groups with up to 34 children. The new building impresses with his clear form, high functionality and high quality building materials.

Mayor Matthias Kübel was able to greet Frederik Schmitt, the first member of the district, in addition to numerous mandate holders and representatives of the Catholic parish of St. Vitus, which runs the facility. The architect Andreas Reus, in particular, received words of thanks and praise for the highly valued new building.

On the occasion of the opening, Kübel emphasized that the opening was a happy day for the childcare offer of the community. The creation of kindergarten places is always a challenge. The construction strikes the balance between great cost responsibility and high-quality construction.

Reus gave a brief review of the development from the first drafts to the finished building. He underlined that in the present case the "most daring variant" at first glance turned out to be the most sensible basis for today’s new extension building on closer inspection. "This design is the only option at this location, given the spatial requirements of such an extension building today in the immediate vicinity of the previous kindergarten. Both personnel and energy synergies can be used here, ”reported Reus.

First district representative Frederik Schmitt addressed the importance of offering sufficient and appealing childcare places in his greeting. He underlined that the project was funded by the federal government. A supplement to the funding conditions enables one support with over 300,000 euros. For the parish, Maria Post, spokeswoman for the parish board of directors, expressed her thanks for the good collaboration with the political community. The prerequisites for the expansion were not the easiest. She presented a cross that may always give God’s blessing to the house.

For the furnishing, Maria Horn thanked the architect for his constant responsiveness. He was fully identified with the construction site and even partially worked himself. The children of the St. Michael day care center welcomed the new building with cheerful songs.

Parish administrator Father Ljubo Lebo and Father Mladen Sesar then blessed the new building. In spring, all citizens are given the opportunity to visit the new rooms at an open house.


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