Extremely gifted children – 23 signs

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In addition to their physical abilities, psychologically gifted children have other abilities with which they can see, hear, perceive and feel information from a wide variety of sources. For example, you may have the ability to communicate with the dead. Supernatural experiences are quite normal for these children, but not for us mere mortals, because we are not confronted with them every day. In this respect, these children are different in our eyes, we classify them as "SPECIAL CHILDREN", although they are just as normal as all other children. Psychically gifted children, read this article to learn more about it.

The skills of supernaturally gifted children are a gift

The skills of a supernaturally gifted child are a true gift from God. These psychic abilities were given to these children to make changes and to do good to the world and people. Many of these children even have the ability to heal.

Know the importance of supernaturally gifted children?

Understanding the meaning of supernaturally gifted children is a big step on your spiritual path and, of course, also for your children. Recognize the signs, develop your spirituality, work on your abilities and increase your vibrational energy level so that you can use this overwhelming gift better can cope.

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Psychically gifted children – 23 signs that your child has psychic abilities

Your high vibrations of love and light cannot be compared to anything you have experienced so far. You can bring a positive change in your life.

There are certain signs in children that may indicate that they have psychic abilities. We have compiled a few below:

  • The children are very intelligent, but are easily distracted.
  • They are very creative in their imagination and thinking.
  • You have seemingly baseless mood swings.
  • They have fine antennas emotionally and physically.
  • Your dreams and nightmares are often very realistic.
  • The children have a strong empathy and almost physically perceive the suffering of others.
  • You have trouble sleeping and find it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Most psychologically gifted children are afraid of the dark and do not like to be alone.
  • The children are concerned about the death of people they have never met.
  • Even if they have never heard of angels or divine masters from anyone, they speak about these entities as if they had already read a lot about them. They remember a lot of information about them.
  • Having a fancy friend is normal for children of all ages, but a psychologically gifted child has a psychic friend all his life.
  • These children are interested in other eras and cultures and they want to learn more about life in another era.
  • Headaches and fears are an integral part of the life of psychologically gifted children.
  • They prefer to be alone because they fear that they will be insulted or made fun of.
  • They remember places they have never been (which is pretty strange!)
  • The children often suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Most of all they are in the nature.
  • The children can see spiritual beings who are with other people.
  • The children are older than other children of their age.
  • They like to help others and cannot hold themselves when they see people in need.
  • They are fascinated by animals, crystals and plants.
  • They quickly see through people’s intentions and make decisions based on them.
  • Inexplicable experiences are part of their everyday life.

Supernaturally gifted children

If your child has any of these symptoms, there is a good chance that he is a psychologically gifted child.

There is no reason to make fun of it, because psychologically gifted children are a gift from God and only a few people are blessed with such children.

Your mission on earth is bigger than ours, and not everyone is able to cope with such a burden!

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