Eyelid swelling (lid edema): symptoms, causes and treatments

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Do you avoid looking in the mirror in the morning because you suffer from eyelid swelling? The eyelids are thick, swollen and sometimes even painful? Don’t worry, there are mostly harmless causes behind the symptoms. Read here how a swollen eyelid develops and how it can be treated.

Basic knowledge of eyelid swelling

The upper eyelids of the human eye protect it from drying out and the penetration of foreign bodies. With swelling of the eyelids, also called eyelid edema, the lid no longer closes properly, which affects the protective function. The upper eyelids are usually affected. Dysfunction of the bags under the eyes is usually hidden behind a swelling of the lower eyelids.

The accompanying symptoms of a swollen eyelid

Lid edema is a bulge that goes beyond the regular shape of the upper eyelid – sufferers describe their eyelid swelling as a bulge or lump. In addition to the swelling and pain, they often occur Itching, tears and a temporary impairment of vision on. The swelling of the conjunctiva is less common.

Causes: How do swollen eyelids develop??

Edema on the eyelid can be both acute and chronic: chronic cases there is often an allergy such as hay fever. Animal hair and mites are also known to trigger eyelid swelling. If the symptoms are chronic, the swollen eyelid does not go away on its own. Because mostly you can Allergens such as pollen escape badly. In connection with allergies, conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis) can also occur: In addition to swollen eyelids, evidence of this is an increased flow of tears, redness and severe itching. Viruses or bacteria are also possible causes of conjunctivitis, which causes swelling of the eyelids. Viruses and bacteria quickly get into the already sensitive eye by rubbing – so be careful not to rub your eyes. If you have chronic complaints, you should definitely see your ophthalmologist, because the following too serious illnesses for a recurrent eyelid edema:

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • Hypothyroidism
  • kidney failure
  • Eye diseases
  • infectious diseases

Acute symptoms however, by Crying, lack of sleep, salty diet or excessive alcohol consumption caused. Acute eyelid edema swells all by itself during the day. Victims often state that they are after sleeping have a swollen eyelid. In most cases it is a Lymph jam responsible for this condition. The horizontal position during sleep can restrict lymphatic flow, causing excessive fluid to collect around the eyes. In addition to the eyelids, the cheeks or lips can also be affected: Then there is talk of facial edema. Insufficient fluid intake, alcohol consumption and salty foods also reduce the natural flow of lymph.

This is how eyelid edema is treated

The shape of the Therapy depends on the diagnosed cause: That’s why it’s important to consult a specialist. Based on your symptoms, the appearance of your eyelid and your history, he can determine which cause is most likely.

If an allergy is suspected, the doctor must find out which allergens are the triggers. Your swollen eyelids will support you Eye ointments and drops treated which inhibit the allergic reactions. If there are acute complaints, it is helpful to cool the eye area – for example, this is suitable Cold compresses or cooled tea bags. A balanced diet and plenty of drinking promote the treatment of acute eyelid edema. If you are one of those affected who suffer from swelling of the eyelids in the morning, it can help to change your sleeping position: Make sure that you have the Position your head higher than the rest of your body when sleeping – so the lymph flow is positively influenced. Put To do this, either raise your slatted frame or put a second pillow under your head.

If your eye swelling is the result of a serious illness, only one helps Therapy for this underlying disease. In this case, a specialist can advise you in detail.


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