Fachschaftswahlordnungen – asta the carl of ossietzky university oldenburg

Student council election regulations

Section 3 (Elections to the Student Councils)

§ 21 Elections to the Student Council

(1) You can choose and choose who belongs to the respective student council according to the statute.

(2) Within the first twenty-four days of the winter semester, the Fachschaftsvollversammlung (FVV) selects the Fachschaftsrat from the members of the Fachschaft, unless otherwise stipulated by the Fachschaftsordnung. The election is prepared by the resigning Student Council and displayed to the Electoral Committee and the Fachschaftsreferat. The election announcement must be posted twelve days before the election day to the offices designated for convening the Fachschaftsvollversammlung.

(3) It is elected in a free, equal and at the request of a secret ballot according to the principles of the choice of lists associated with choice of persons, unless otherwise determined by the special committee regulations. The number and term of office of the members of the Student Council to be elected will be determined by the Fachschaftsvollversammlung before the election. To organize the election, the Fachschaftsvollversammlung (FVV) appoints a polling line. Each candidate submits to the electoral committee a written nomination that fulfills the requirements set out in § 12 (2) and (3).

(4) Section 19 (1) sentences 2-6 and (2) shall apply mutatis mutandis to determining the election result. The Student Council shall announce the result to the bodies designated for the publication of the decisions of the sub-disciplinary bodies without delay by public notice, as well as the Fachschaftsreferat and, on request, the Electoral Committee.

§ 22 faculty conferences

Each student council sends at least one member to the faculty conference from among its members.

§ 23 FachschaftsvertreterInnenvollversammlung (F3V)

Every student council sends at least one member to the board of representatives from among its members.

§ 24 Elections of the female student advisers in the AStA

(1) The speakers of the Fachschaftenreferats are elected by the F3V. The number and term of office of the speakers to be elected will be determined by the F3V before the election. In the Fachschaftenreferat at least as many women as men must be represented. The elections must be announced two weeks before on and by the F3V.

(2) Every student enrolled in the CarlvonOssietzky University can choose to vote. The candidate should actively work in the student council.

(3) The proposal and presentation of the candidates will take place at an F3V or Fachschaftenvollversammlung (F2V). There must be a student council meeting between the appointment announcement and the presentation of the candidates.

(4) There must be a student council meeting between the presentation of the candidates and the election.

(5) Each student body has one vote for each candidate; this can be given as yes – no – abstention (F3V procedure).

(6) It is chosen who:
a) more yes than no votes.
b) If the number of candidates exceeds that of the speakers to be elected, then those whose difference between yes and no votes is the largest are chosen.
c) If there is a tie, there is a ballot.

(7) Withdrawal applications must be submitted by at least one student council on the F3V. A cancellation request must be submitted to the F3V two weeks before the deselection.

(8th) If there is no election, the referee remains in office provisionally if there has been no new election.

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