Fair or bureaucratic: the eu is against gabriel’s child benefit proposal

Leading EU politicians are against Gabriel’s proposal.

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Sigmar Gabriel wants to cut child benefit for foreigners from the EU, but EU representatives refuse to do so. Two leading EU politicians argue: too bureaucratic and contradictory. Union politicians, on the other hand, support Gabriel.

Union politicians support Gabriel’s child benefit proposal, but the EU does not: With his demand for a cut in child benefit for EU foreigners, SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel has met with resistance from Brussels. "We decided against linking child benefit to the standard of living in the country in which the children live", said Vice President of the EU Commission, Jyrki Katainen, who "Passauer new Press". "We believe that those who work in Germany, for example, pay taxes and duties must not be discriminated against and must receive the same social benefits as all other employees", Katainen argued. The European Commission follows this principle.

EU Social Commissioner Marianne Thyssen said "image"-Newspaper, the reduction of child benefit demanded by Gabriel for children of EU foreigners staying in their home country in Germany is too bureaucratic. There is "no reason to make changes to the child benefit system". After all, be it "fair to get the same benefits if you paid the same contributions into a system".

Union politicians support Gabriel

Bavaria’s Finance Minister Markus Söder from the CSU spoke out against it for the rapid implementation of Gabriel’s proposal. "In the future it should child benefit be adjusted to the price level of the country in which the child lives", Söder said "image"-Newspaper. Do this "a fair and just regulation in the EU".

The chairwoman of the CSU national group in the Bundestag, Gerda Hasselfeldt, said that in view of the sharp rise in child benefit cases from EU foreigners to around 160,000 "to be acted upon urgently". She also said that "image"-Newspaper: "With the current legal situation, we are creating false incentives and opening the door to the exploitation of the German welfare state." CSU general secretary Andreas Scheuer criticized in the "image"-Newspaper, the "Child benefit transfer abroad" keep increasing: "This is social abuse worth billions of years at the expense of the German taxpayer." Gabriel’s advance met with great criticism at the youth organization of the Social Democrats, the Jusos.

According to Social Commissioner Thyssen, the savings would be for Germany "less than 0.1 percent of the annual child benefit expenditure – in return for an extremely bureaucratic and complicated system with 27 different claim levels".


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