Fairy party on children’s birthday, plan children’s birthday

A Feenparty is not only fun for girls, but also for boys, as the many different characters from the realm of fairies and elves stimulate the imagination of all children.

The Feengeburtstag can be celebrated from kindergarten to elementary school.

Who doesn’t know the countless stories and fairy tales of Tinkerbell, dwarfs and mythical creatures? The tooth fairy from the TV series "When Elves Help" is also well known.

But there are not only good fairies, no. Bad fairies are also up to mischief.

This gives you the opportunity, from the invitation to the farewell Plan children’s birthday the fairy party to go many ways.

Fairy Party – The invitation to the children’s birthday party

The Children’s birthday invitation already creates a first impression of the planned party motto.

When inviting you to the fairy party, you can either use ready-made motif cards or make creative birthday invitations yourself.

Especially with the party motto Feengeburtstag but it is also a nice idea to design a paper roll as a birthday invitation.

Regardless of the decision for a card or reel – first you need a creative one Invitation text for the fairy party.

Written in the old language style, the text is a little more exciting.

For example, an invitation text for a fairy party could sound like an announcement, it could already contain a request to the guests to appear disguised as fairies at the fairy party, etc.

Disguise and fairy party decoration

Just because it’s one Feengeburtstag or a fairy party, there is still no compulsory wing. With the cladding, guests can let their imaginations run wild.

The fairy realm is diverse and the parents also dreamed of this world in their childhood.

Some examples would be the Avalon fairies, Peter Pan, the tooth fairy. Today are Tinkerbell or Princess Lillifee very popular, but generally fascinate the mythical creatures from the realm of the elves, dwarfs, wispy lights, etc.

You see, too for guys there are many ways to look at the party theme Fairies and elves off steam. So it definitely does not have to be a girls party.

The decoration can be kept simple or go through all rooms.

Glitter, tulle, flowers, balloons, butterflies wander around the walls and floor or in the garden.

Fairy party children’s birthday games for indoors and outdoors

Which Children Birthday Games are suitable for a fairy birthday? Of course, this is a question of the effort, the season and the duration of the birthday party.

A treasure hunt or scavenger hunt to the playground or in the forest is ideal after a meal and can be a lot of fun as a trip to the fairy realm.

It can also be adapted very well to the age of the children. But keep in mind when planning: This also includes adequate support.

Maybe the mother or father of the best playmate in your daughter or son will support you.

When it rains, a fairy dance party can get your legs moving. But when the music stops, everyone stands fairies petrified there until they are redeemed at the beginning of the music.

>>> Here you can find more ideas for children’s birthday games

Birthday dinner for the fairy birthday

The birthday cake is of course the highlight of the fairy party. For the fairy birthday it can also be a cake with a surprise effect.

With a themed birthday cake with the suitable motif, of course also eats the eye.

Of course, you can either bake a themed cake yourself or order a wonderful birthday cake or birthday cake – for example with a Tinkerbell decor – from the confectioner.

Or else – who has eaten an ice cream cake? Maybe the water fairy made the cake freeze?

If it’s a warm at the end Fairy birthday dinner is not to be a problem. Every meal, the children like, can be enchanted in a magical meal.

Sunshine (smiley) fries, gold (chicken) nuggets or a four-season pizza are just a few ideas for the demanding children’s palate. The main thing is that the children like it.

Don’t forget your giveaways

The perfect ending for that Feengeburtstag is the small gift bag with giveaways for the fairy guests. This is particularly useful for small guests of preschool age.

At a fairy party, in addition to small sweets, you can also bag a fairy wand or a mini booklet about fairies and elves.

The number of party guests is usually also decisive for your budget.

However, you can get magical little gifts for really little money and give them to the guests as souvenirs.

Or you can at the Feenparty even create a wonderful fairy gift with the children, which they can then take home with them.


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