Fake raffle: car raffle with stolen picture!

This Facebook page promises big prizes

You have to be careful with the following facebook competition!

Note: we have checked the following facebook competition from a legal point of view. Since this does not meet the criteria of the facebook sweepstakes guidelines, this has been classified as negative.

Time and time again, high-priced cars, caravans, houses, etc. are being. Raffle. But in the rarest of cases, the coveted prize is actually up for grabs… no matter how well the attempt to hoodwink the facebook user has been done..!

Screenshot of the current fake raffle:

Screenshot by mimikama.at

According to the facebook page VW golf 7 – germany, the genner family is also said to have taken part in the competition. Shown are a man and a woman standing next to a car with a red ribbon.

Within 48 hours the participant should have the chance to win one of 10 VW golf incl. Special equipment… let’s take a closer look at the alleged "winning" picture.

We find the two in the world wide web again, however not in connection with the alleged lottery on facebook:

On the blog of the sparkasse oberlausitz-niederschlesien in an article from 21. August 2014 this picture is also used. If you scroll down further, you will get the following information "photo: rene waschneck and his PS lottery grand prize: a brand-new VW golf GTI."

Since the entry is from the year 2014, it can be assumed that the facebook page VW golf 7 – germany has stolen this photo.

A proper imprint as well as conditions of participation are also not to be found on this page. If you take a look at the page history, it also does not indicate a very serious organizer:

Screenshot by mimikama.at

Since some on facebook are still not aware that there are no real prizes in such sweepstakes, we are happy to explain again..

… the fake sweepstakes on facebook!

Take a real or fictitious event and announce to the user that there is something great to win on the occasion of this great event.

The criteria for participation are quickly listed:

  • Comment
  • Share
  • Like
  • Send a personal message

Sometimes a closing date is added, but most of the time the operator deletes the sweepstakes before this date.

So that there must be no actual winners, the page owner is to be contacted by personal message. If the fake is up, a new raffle with another prize is shot in the shortest possible time. It doesn’t matter if you could win a car before and then a dream house..
the main thing is that the users interact or follow a link that actually has completely different purposes.

"but if I play along, then that hurts nevertheless none!"

True. Only you, by showing your complete circle of friends and acquaintances on facebook, how gullible you are. This also shows the creator of the page, who will be very interested in luring you with further sweepstakes in the future in order to get more data from you. Because data brings money. And pages with a lot of likes and shares are easy to sell.

"how am i supposed to know when a sweepstake is real??"

We have a very simple checklist for this. If several or even all of the points on this list apply, you should leave them alone!

  • Either a known brand, a known company is represented or it is worked with a fantasy name
  • Users are forced to "like" and "share", which is the case here
  • There is no (credible) imprint
  • No conditions of participation available
  • No possibility of contact
  • No correct company (imprint) available
  • site exists only for a short time, which is also the case here.
  • No winners are announced
  • Winnings are provided by sponsors who "do not want to be named"
  • The prizes are advertised with copied images from the Internet
  • Look out for the blue verification hook behind the page name in the title image of known companies

Do you have friends who participate in such sweepstakes??

Then please point out that it is a fake sweepstakes. But explain them also about this, why there is nothing to win on this and similar sites. And be emphatic, because if these people have their friends list open on the profile, you are as friends of this gullible person also interesting for such creators of fake sweepstakes.

What else can happen

Notice: why is there / was there this raffle? Of course there is a financial interest behind these pages. There are several ways to profit from successfully running fake sweepstakes. Starting from rather harmless page sales up to nasty subscription traps everything is possible.

We have seen a lot of fake sweepstakes so far, that this kind of sweepstakes is always quite similar. In a first stage they seduce with their simple participation. You should share and like a high quality potential prize. Anyone can do this, it is not a hurdle. This is how people are attracted.

Side sale" / "likefarming" option

With the help of these luring events, the site is then "bred". The site operator is working on driving up the fan numbers. At a certain point you will find this site for sale. The fans only wonder at some point, what content they get to see after the sale and why they have ever linked to this page.

affiliate" option

At a certain number of participants, the description of the sweepstakes is changed. the terms and conditions are added and usually a link to visit is included. There are then any partner programs waiting, about which the "organizer" commissions bagged.

In the harmless case there are partner programs, which bring the participant a heap of advertisement, in the extreme case a WAP-billing subscription trap is hidden behind the link for the visitors via smartphone (with which the organizer collects naturally also commissions). Every now and then you can find these highly bred facebook pages then also offered for sale on ebay.

No matter what else happens: the advertised profit does not exist!

Independent fact-checking and research are important and correct. They promote media literacy and education.

An independent and freely accessible information medium is especially important in times of fakenews, but also message control. Since 2011, we have endeavored to provide all internet users with high-quality fact checks at all times. This should remain the case in the long term. We need your support now! At all now, because we do without annoying advertising banners from now on, because we do not want to be longer slaves of the advertising industry and we would like to maintain this condition consciously. There is a good reason for this. This reason is called: independence.

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