Falkensee excursion destination on the outskirts of Berlin, Ytti

Falkensee excursion destination at the gates of Berlin

Did you know how close Falkensee is to the city of Berlin?? We take you on a trip to Falkensee. Not so far away, oh so close: From Spandau station we are about 10 minutes train ride already there, swinging on the bikes and discover the Falkensee lakes, the forest swimming pool, the farm shop Falkensee (which is much more than just a shop ), the “Haus am Anger” and in winter the Christmas market. We also find delicious fortification in the “World Shop” and in the “Biofreunden”. And what do you want to discover?

To the “ Farm shop Falkensee “We cycle through the pedestrian / cyclist underpass and then in any case first on the Potsdamer road (past the cinema – or is just something nice?), Then either on this – busy and only z.T. equipped with bike / sidewalk – continue on the road or rather over a dangling leftward on the Barkhausenstraße on the z.T. bumpy Dallgower road. So we almost do not mean to be in Falkensee when we reach the farm shop. (The official address is then also: Dallgower Straße 1 in 14624 Dallgow-Döberitz.)

The farm shop is open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm (closed on bank holidays).

The farm itself offers many possibilities: At harvest time, you can pick strawberries and blueberries yourself. A petting zoo with goats and donkeys as well as two small playgrounds are especially fun for the younger children.

In the shop itself, you can buy not only the eggs of the farm’s own free-roaming J chickens, but also other farm products (such as delicious marmalade), pretty decorative items and a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and other foods from regional and national farms. It is also home-baked on Fridays to Sundays, so you can stock up on fresh-baked bread.

If you want you can sit down and relax with the food on offer, while the children discover the farm and the playground.

Very close to Falkensee station are the “ Biofreunde “, The health food store Falkensee (Bahnhofstraße 80). It is open Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 7pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. In addition to a good shopping for the picnic, he also offers a comfortable seating area to relax before or after the excursion and with delicious dishes, as well as refreshing or warming drinks to replenish your own energy reserves.

If you want to know more: www.biofreunde.com

Of the “ World shop Falkensee “Is in the Bahnhofstrasse 61 in Falkensee – as you can guess so not too far from the station Falkensee. It is open Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 to 18:00, but unfortunately closed on Saturdays and Sundays. There is delicious coffee, even better cakes and small dishes (quiche, soup). Both inside and outside you can sit nicely and the children find employment in a children’s corner, with books, puzzles and painting utensils. In addition, you can enjoy the many, beautiful and fairly traded things and maybe take one or the other home.

Here maybe a photo “Weltladen”

However, if you do not want to take a break but want to move around or even do some artistic work, it is best to cycle on the Trench along …

… and in a dangling through the Gutspark to “Falkenseer Anger”. Here you will find the House on the Anger “In Falkensee, which offers a variety of creative courses for children, adolescents and adults throughout the year: painting, drawing, silk painting, woodworking, theater, … there are (almost) no limits to the imagination. For the more or less spontaneous excursion is interesting, however, that here in the school holidays an open offer from 8:00 – 16:00 clock finds: Under expert guidance you can operate for a small fee artistically and thereby many of the creative and child-oriented designed possibilities of the house use. In the morning this offer is for groups and then a registration is required!

The Angerweihnacht in Falkensee takes place in front of the house on the Anger every year on the Saturday before the first Advent. At numerous beautifully decorated stalls, gifts, Christmas decorations and delicacies are made by local groups, clubs, schools and day-care centers. In this nice and “village” ambiance this is a successful and not hectic beginning of the Advent season.

In less frosty seasons, however, it pays to cycle through the small Falkenseer side roads to the “Falkenhagener See” and the “New Lake”. Approximately where Kantstraße meets the narrow path between the two lakes is a nice playground (and, psst: An E – I – S shop). If you manage to move away from this children’s attraction, you can walk or cycle along the path between the lakes, observe waterfowl, admire water lilies and, at the end of the trail, discover a sandy beach on the opposite side of the lake. So: definitely think of the bathing suit or at least let your legs dangle into the water!

From the train station Falkensee and also along the “Schlaggraben”, but then on the Geschwister-Scholl-Straße in the Krummmen Luchweg and from this finally to the right into the Salzburger Straße, one comes to the “ Waldbad Falkensee “(Salzburger Straße 59). From May to September, always from 9 to 20 o’clock, this bathroom at the edge of the forest offers a friendly atmosphere. In addition to the swimming pools and lawns you will find plenty of space for volleyball, table tennis, badminton and a children’s playground. Admission is € 3 for adults, € 1.50 for children and € 7 for families with up to three children (for the whole day).

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