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The familiarization of the child is an elementary building block of a successful and good integration with the lucky children. The younger the child, the more intense and interrelated the relationship between child and parent.

From both sides – child and parent – it is the greatest imaginable achievement to extricate oneself for hours from familiarity.

The Berlin acclimation model is an educational concept that gives the children ample time to get acquainted with the new environment and to establish a bonding relationship with a permanent educator (direct caregiver). An essential part of the concept is the inclusion of a parent in the acclimatization process.

Together with the parents, we therefore plan in great detail the familiarization phase of the child based on the Berlin model and attach great importance to having a steady parent during one Period of about 4 weeks take care without restriction. Finished is the acclimatization, if the child is a first emotional band attached to the educator. If the child feels well, safe and secure, it will also actively explore its environment and make contact with other children.

This first common task is the basis and at the same time opportunity for a communication in the future Relationship child-parent carer succeed.

Settling in

The settling in phase for a child is a fundamental part of successful and good integration into the happiness children community. The younger the child, the more intense and mutual relationship with their parents.

For both sides – the child and the parents – leaving this familiar environment for hours at a time is the greatest imaginable challenge.

The Berlin settling in model is an educational concept that gives the children a long period of time to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings and develop a close relationship with a specific caregiver (direct attachment figure). The involvement of one of the parents in the process is a key feature of the concept.

We therefore plan the child’s settling together with the parents in great detail, based on the Berlin model. It is very important to do so period of around 4 weeks. The settling in phase is complete emotional bond with the caregiver. If they are feeling at home, safe and emotionally secure, they will begin to explore their environment and make contact with other children.

This first shared undertaking forms the basis, and therefore an opportunity, for successful communication within the child-parent-caregiver relationship now and in the future.

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