Familienhotel gut nisdorf – ideal for children

Children feel at home in Gut Nisdorf, the children’s hotel on the Baltic Sea. Whether sunshine or sow weather – outside and inside you can in our children Hotel play wonderfully and experience adventure.

The playground with climbing house, suspension bridge and slides is close to the sun terrace. There is also a sandpit with all sorts of bottle shapes, shovels, etc. and a bird’s nest swing. Not only the little ones love the 5-meter trampoline. Large children and adults can also often be seen there.

A special highlight are the kettcars, scooters and bobby cars, which are freely available to all guests. You can use it to drive around the entire garden or on the bike path to the swimming area or to the next village. Adults can also be children here again.

A little further back in the huge garden the nature-Swimming pond. He does it 60 meters long and 30 meters wide with a small sandy beach children Hotel to an oasis on the Baltic Sea. Here you can dig, bathe, splash, swim or just sit in a beach chair and enjoy the day.

There are also frogs and fish in the pond. You can also catch the frogs – if you do nothing to them!

No boredom – even in bad weather

The playroom in the house is waiting for you and your children. In addition to many board and card games, there are baby toys for all ages, a knight’s castle, a wooden train and much more.

The foosball table is equipped with safety handles, so you don’t have to be afraid that smaller children will get the handlebars on the other side of the table.

The large play room is conveniently located right next to the dining room. This makes eating very relaxed for the adults: the children can go play as soon as they have finished eating and the (grand) parents continue to enjoy the delicious buffet.

There are other play areas with a doll’s corner and house, cars and much more in the hallways on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Very often the children of the guest families play with each other independently or make great things together. Here e.g. 3 girls rebuilt the entire Gut Nisdorf.

Family vacation with childcare

Our childminder Jennifer takes care of the children 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, 5 days a week.

It offers in the childcare different programs: Games and To sing for the little ones (from 1 year) and various handicraft, painting and work activities for the older ones. Sometimes cookies or muffins are baked, sometimes lanterns are made, sometimes natural materials for nature pictures, mobiles and much more are also sought outside. There’s always something going on at Jennifer.

If you don’t want to join the group, you can of course just do it "just" play.

family holiday means spending time with your partner and children, but also having time for yourself and / or your partner. It is at this time that she creates childcare the necessary freedom.

You can find the current childcare program in our weekly schedule.

Holidays in the country with Farina, Glampi, goat & the sheep

The paddock with our Icelandic horse Glampi and the smaller pony Farina is right in front of the manor house. The two like to be petted or can be observed in the pasture.

Farina is the ideal pony for the smaller children. Larger children and adults can also ride on Glampi. Guided pony rides and riding lessons take place three times a week. Experienced riders can also make (accompanied) rides by arrangement.

The roommate of the horses are the goat and the very cuddly sheep Emma. Emma is a hand-raised sheep and therefore very human-related. She is always very happy when someone strokes or cuddles her. Emma’s little sister Winni also lives with us.

Grandma, grandpa and grandchildren – vacation with the grandparents

It’s not just the family vacation with the parents that is great for the children. Why not with grandma and grandpa in the vacation drive.

Find in the children’s and family hotel Gut Nisdorf grandparents everything you need for a nice time together with the grandchildren. We provide catering with breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. The indoor and outdoor games offer plenty of employment opportunities.

And if you need some rest and want to take a deep breath, our trained kindergarten teacher will be happy to take care of your grandchildren.

Everything is also taken care of in the spacious and cozy family apartments. The separate living room and bedroom create a relaxed living atmosphere – almost like at home. In the small kitchen you can brew tea or warm things up.

Potty, child’s chair, bib, changing table are of course also available for the little grandchildren.

Choose between the different apartment types: the pacifier apartment when grandma or grandpa come alone with the small grandchild. Or the large cloverleaf apartment with 2 bedrooms, if grandpa snores. No matter what type of apartment you book, you always have a separate living room with you!

Look forward to a relaxing stay at the Nisdorf manor house and enjoy spending time with your grandchildren!


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