Families: kunstmuseum bonn


There is space here to arrive and to linger. Books are ready for you on the shelf and there is always something to do on the game table.

If you turn the crank, you get an unusual play of colors in motion, it reaches up to the museum ceiling.


On Sundays, children and adults can experience the art and get active in the museum studio. Together we explore the museum and use colors and work materials to turn our fantasies into pictures and objects. Every Sunday there are new promotions, themes and games as well as exciting artistic materials and techniques.

For people aged three and over. Three and four year olds must be accompanied by adults. But parents and grandparents of older children are also very welcome!

There is a workshop every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m..

3.50 euros per child 6 euros per adult Limited number of participants. Tickets can be purchased at the museum box office at any time.


The museum case is ready for you at the cash desk!

Follow yours visit the permanent collection the case symbols next to the works of art. You will then find the necessary tasks, games and materials in the suitcase. You can paint and complete a picture or put it together from many parts, the "tightrope walker" from August Macke Giving colors, bringing a library to life or searching for and drawing ghosts.

For children from 5 years accompanied by curious adults, with comrades, friends, siblings, parents or grandparents.
Rental fee per child: € 1.00


A light table with colored transparent stones, a mirror construction through which the forms reproduce, colored glasses and a color spinning top: these and other materials can be found in two collection rooms on the top floor of the museum. The two ART STATIONS on the topics SEE and COLOR offer many surprises, and maybe you will become some works of art afterwards "with different eyes" see.

We will give you some information and ideas on the way!

Bring paper and pencil. Then you can draw or write something in the museum. You can use your pencil anywhere, but unfortunately not other pens.

Be a human eye! Take everything with your eyes, don’t with the Hands true. The works of art must not be touched in the museum so that they are not damaged or soiled.

Do you know the painter August Macke? Many paintings by him hang here in the Kunstmuseum Bonn. One is called "The tightrope walker". Before he painted it with brushes, he made drawings.
You can find such a drawing here, you can print it out and paint it colorful. You can then use your tightrope walker when you visit the museum with the by August Macke.


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