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Job and family

Here are some tips for job seekers and employees. What should be considered when looking for a job? How do you enjoy the job? And how do you reconcile work and family?

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Work and family – not always easy to get under one hat

It used to be the case to stay home with the children for the first few years and to give up their jobs during this time. Either children or career – that was the motto and especially mothers had to decide which way they wanted to go.

Of course, even today, women still have the choice whether to devote themselves completely to their children or to return to work. For men, this question usually does not arise, because even today the roles are clearly distributed. So the man is often the main earner and the wife does not work or only part-time. Nevertheless, more and more women break out of this old role allocation and are not willing to give up because of the children on the career. They do not have to – because with enough organization and structure in everyday life, both can be better combined under one roof than you might think at first.

The linchpin of such an organization is of course the childcare. Nothing works without them. If the offspring is still small, many parents opt for a childminder. This can be more individualized to the child than it would be in a large group of children. Nursery and kindergarten are other ways of childcare. Here, great attention should be paid to the opening hours, because some children’s facilities are not open at midday or close very early in the afternoon.

Working part-time – ideal for mothers

A good alternative is a part-time job for many women. It is usually easier to combine with child care than a full-time job and has the big advantage that the offspring not only sees their parents as good night-time shoppers. For all understanding of the work: children need their parents! Mom and dad are the most important people in a child’s life – and they feel children when there is no time left for them at all. It is not so much on the quantity. The quality of time spent together as a family is the key. Is Mummy really in the game when I play with her? Or is she just thinking back to the office? Does my dad ever listen to me when I tell him about the quarrel with my friend, or does he just say here and there? "Hm", because he wants his peace?
To reconcile work and family is difficult for many
Photo: © Sport Moments Spending time together is something very valuable. There is usually little room during the week to do something together. But the weekends can be used all the more intensively. How about a trip to the zoo? Or a picnic at the playground? Also, cooking together or a movie afternoon can help bring the family together again.

And most important: stay in conversation! As a family, talk about how the current situation is felt and how it all affects them. Even the youngest have a say. Remember that someone is coming too short, so it is time to look for possible solutions. Often even small changes help to better organize everyday life and to gain more time for everyone at the end.
Text: K. L. / Stand: 11.11.2019

Also remember that you after the wedding Report your new name and any other changes to the employer.

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