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When young children grow up – record experiences in photo books

>Your personal family chronicle in pictures

The 1st year in pictures

Pregnancy and childbirth are unique experiences and the first few weeks with the new family member bring a lot of new things, time flies by. Therefore, record the 1st year in many photos. Whether spontaneous snapshots or carefully arranged baby photos – together they make up a unique photo book.

Unique that lasts through time

Our paradise photo book 30×30 with velvet matt hardcover and matt photo book pages in high quality is suitable for capturing special moments.

Children among themselves

With the kindergarten, the little ones start to become more independent and spend the day among their peers. This is not only a special experience for the children, but also for the parents. Record this special time in one of our small photo books. Design your pictures on one page and your photo book looks like bound single photos.

Kindergarten time in a practical format

Your Softcover Mini 10×15 with matt photo paper fits in every pocket.

school enrollment

“The seriousness of life begins.” Many children hear these or similar sentences on their first day at school. Children only really know what change this really means much later. It is all the better to capture this day in many beautiful pictures for her.

Tip: Take a picture of your child as he gains so many new impressions. The joy of the full school bag, the pride with which the new schoolbag is presented and the first steps to make new friends – all of these are beautiful motifs for a very special photo book.

Capture beautiful moments

Give your pictures a beautiful frame with the paradise photo book A4 portrait, with a glossy hardcover and inside pages in digital printing.

Communion, confirmation and ordination

Your child is becoming more independent. For many children and adolescents, the celebration of communion, confirmation or the ordination is an important step on the way to adulthood. One more reason to invite the whole family to celebrate this day together.

Tip: Take the rare opportunity for a large family photo and capture the beautiful impressions of the day in many photos.

The right format for your pictures

With the landscape motifs, it is best to design a paradise photo book A4 landscape with gloss hardcover and glossy flat pages.

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