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Two Kita places are searched – and when finally found?

From a student, who got her child in the middle of business studies, wrote Baby with the SEO-Bachelor thesis and finally became Working Mom, has meanwhile become a mother of two, who still likes to do private and professional SEO and does the job Berlin is drawn. Our second son is even a native Berliner. Together with the man I share the parenting and the household and can concentrate on the career and further education.

And the kids should go to the daycare?

The children are in the daycare super. In my opinion, no reason to have a bad conscience. Even if they are a few hours away from the parents, they benefit from the common life with the other kindergarten children. Actually, it is almost like a small supervised flat: The kindergarten teachers are watchdogs and provide the framework for the development of our children. And I am very happy about that – I could not offer the children the social interaction between the children.

The kids are an important part of my mom blog, but are not shown on photos. They should later decide for themselves whether they want to present themselves on the Internet. For the same reason, I think carefully about what topics I write and what I omit. Although the blog provides a rough overview of our family life, I reserve the right not to report some things to protect our children. The question is always in the room: how private can it be? When in doubt, I fail to write about a topic. I think that’s in your mind. :)

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Experience: Toddler breastfeed at 2 years old

Never in my life would I have thought that I would breastfeed one of my three children for so long. Over two years, even 2.5 years, I am quieting my daughter now. There is no end in sight, although sometimes I hope she would nurse by herself. The train left. Long-term breastfeeding is unfortunately not always rated positively. Lack of education and the dairy industry do the rest.

Schulstress: When the second child comes to school

How happy I was back then, when my first child came to school. We were both excited together. That has now settled, worse: I know what to expect my second son. I have now also registered for school. He is now a preschooler. Really joy does not come up with me however.

I am still first mom – despite 3 children

So many first times you experience with the child: it learns to grasp, crawl, run, talk, it gets big. Even as a mom you experience many first times. Changing diapers for the first time, getting used to the kindergarten, the first day of school. Now I have three children and sometimes I’m still unsure about teething & Co. One thing in particular is often forgotten: for my firstborn I am still first mum. Puberty is approaching and I have to go through many more first times as a mom.

Excessive demand in the baby time

At the first child I was 23, at that time I thought, I was just too young. No wonder I’m overwhelmed. So much time spent with baby with my parents. After all, my husband was traveling a long way. But then I realized: it’s not the age. This feeling came back to every baby: how can I do it all??

Discover Berlin with child: Berlin-Mitte

Although we have lived in Berlin for so long, I still do not know all the cool attractions that you can find in Discover Berlin with child can. We ventured from Lichtenrade in the direction Berlin center and found great highlights at Potsdamer Platz and Friedrichstraße.

Tips: Put three children to bed – evening routine

My three children are younger than 10 years and therefore still very dependent on us. Getting three children into bed is usually very exciting, exciting, sometimes loud or even impossible. We try the same evening routine, but have found one or the other trick. May the child sleep come soon!

About me

I’m Sarah, 32, from Berlin, my Mamablog Mamaskind since 2010. I do SEO for a baby online store. I have three kids (2010, 2014, 2017) and like consoles- & Computer games, books, minimalism & pencils.

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