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Everything about the topic family in the socko – family magazine and family guide. If people in Germany are asked what is most important to them, the family is right at the top. The term has a very special meaning and high status in our society. We would like to support you in mastering everyday life with children and to give parents good ideas on a wide range of topics. Family from A to Z with tips and advice and news to simplify family life and family life.

The topics that move families are as colorful and diverse as life: education and child care, fashion and leisure, crafts and games. There are also questions about life models, lifestyle and the cohesion of a family, regardless of whether this is just to be strengthened by a wedding or by divorce is in transition.

The definition of family speaks of a partnership, which is based on partnership, civil partnership or marriage or descent or adoption and consists of parent or legal guardian, parents and children. But also relatives are of course part of the definition.

Also, if the family today and earlier differs in many ways and social change progresses, the meaning is still special. Throughout history, tasks within the family have changed dramatically. But the sociology, the family image and the family structure are constantly changing. Once married couples were the usual picture, family life today has long been dominated by completely different structures. Married couples are divorced and numerous childless or one-child families shape the modern family sociology. Despite changes in the family over time, their significance has not diminished.

Magazine and lifestyle portal for the family

Keeping household, family and work together is not that easy in our fast-moving times. In addition to raising children, the topic of finance raises constantly new questions and it is not so easy to get a place in the kindergarten, as it sells the policy. A child costs a lot of money and not all families are willing to invest it. That’s why we would like to offer you a service portal with a blog in our family guide, where you can learn everything from the education of small children to puberty. No matter if you are a girl or a boy, parents or grandparents – we would like to accompany you from the kindergarten to the school to the wedding and give you some good tips.

Whether in a relationship or marriage with a child, patchwork family, single parent or extended family, at socko you will receive the latest news as well as reports on the topic of lifestyle, everyday life and family from A to Z. In addition, we hold many advices for you in our portal and information about educating, working, earning money and living in a guidebook ready to make your everyday life easier.

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