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Family vacation in Germany

Taking a break together and driving away for a few days – experience an exciting, varied and relaxing family vacation in Germany. From the coast to the low mountain ranges to the Alps, there are many travel destinations for which you only have to travel a short distance.

Popular accommodations with children

Popular vacation regions for families

Vacation with children in Germany

Family vacation in Germany: fun for young and old

The planning for family vacations in Germany is in full swing, the family council only has to decide where to go. Germany was chosen because a short journey is ideal for a vacation with children. In addition, Germany has many beautiful corners to offer, in which you can do a lot. Perhaps it is the same with you and you are faced with the question of which region of Germany is best suited for your vacation. Let us inspire you when choosing the right destination.

Accommodation is of course important for a holiday with children in Germany. This should be tailored to the kids. Special family or children’s hotels are therefore predestined for a successful holiday. Everything is done on site so that the little ones feel just as comfortable as the adults. Care and entertainment can be found as well as games and sports for the whole family. The rooms are designed for children and even in the restaurants everything is done for the wellbeing of the kids. Many accommodations not only offer special menus, but also special buffets for children. The hotels offer indoor and outdoor play options for all kinds of weather for leisure activities. So nothing stands in the way of holiday fun.

Family vacation Germany: the choice of destination

You want to fulfill your children’s every wish, but you want to have a say in choosing your travel destination – after all, everyone should get their money’s worth. Your options are as varied as your wishes. Here are a few highlights for a family vacation in Germany:

  • Water pleasures by the sea: playing on the beach, splashing in the water, enjoying the sun. The North and Baltic Seas are a great way for families to spend their holidays. Boredom is guaranteed not to come up with the offers. If the weather is too bad for beach fun, you can simply get it somewhere else, for example in play barns and indoor play parks, such as in Dornumersiel, Wangerland, Otterndorf or Burhave. Or how about a visit to a fun pool, a pet park or an adventure park? Highlights are also mudflat walks and trips to seal banks, where the animals can be observed up close.
  • The Allgäu and the Alps: Green meadows, high mountains, many cows – if you and your kids can get excited about mountain regions, the Allgäu is a great place to go. Adventure camping, a romantic mountain hut or the convenience of a family hotel – the choice is yours! A lot of nature is waiting for you, and children can also get excited about it. If you go on a discovery tour with animal and plant identification, the little ones will even learn something new. Excursions to castles such as Neuschwanstein Castle are real highlights for young and old. Not to forget the Allgäu Skyline Park, the Center Parcs and the Buron Children’s Park.
  • Bavaria and its farms: Since both adults and children can get excited about animals, a farm holiday is just the right thing to spend a holiday with children. Petting the cows, helping with the supply, romping in the hay, taking trips with the handcart and simply enjoying the peace and quiet – sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Take advantage of the wide range of offers and you will find particularly cheap holiday options here with us.

Family vacation Germany: ideal accommodations

Since everyone feels comfortable somewhere else, we also have a few ideas ready for you when it comes to accommodation options:

  • Family hotels: You don’t have to worry about anything here and you can take some time out. The children are in good hands with the professional care and you can relax a little. Otherwise family hotels have everything a child’s and parents’ heart desires.
  • Holiday parks: A holiday together can be so easy. Holiday parks or holiday villages usually offer the best accommodation in their own apartment or bungalow and also leisure fun for every generation. Swimming pools, water slides, playgrounds, relaxation areas, mini golf, animations and much more are waiting for you.
  • Camping: Do you want to go on vacation in nature? Then a camping holiday is ideal. You spend the night in a tent or in a caravan and, like in holiday parks, have many amenities and entertainment options in the immediate vicinity. It’s fun and smells of adventure!

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