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Family holiday on Lake Garda

Everyone in the family gets their money’s worth here!

Accordingly, the cultural and leisure facilities in the area around the lake are correspondingly large. from climbing Park about riding stables to the various possibilities for Watersports – Here, the children and young people on vacation as well as the parents. While one may prefer to relax on the beach, the other looks for a bit more action in the family trip. In this sense, a holiday with the family is always the same a little challenge – but everyone has their own, very different preferences and wishes as he should be, – the long-awaited holiday with the whole family.

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Lake Garda – a holiday for the whole family?

A family holiday on Lake Garda promises a nice and relaxing holiday for the whole family. Here is for Big and small guarantees the right thing. The teenage son man goes to surfing, while the little sister one riding course and the parents do one together Hiking or cycling tour do. Lake Garda has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations and offers everything a holiday needs for families with children and young people.

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Family hotel or apartment? Which accommodation is right for the family?

The first thing is to get started before the arrival can be planned the choice of the right accommodation on. Certainly hotels with a large pool and slides or a hotel complex specializing in families or solo travelers with children are great for the kids. The adults also benefit here, after all, you do not usually have to take care of yourself and can be so right switch off from everyday life. On the other hand, you are here too less flexible and that’s important to many parents on vacation with their children. As an apartment or campsite might be a good alternative. At Bambino Tours are all accommodations especially designed for families with children, so that you can not go wrong here and are always on the safe side.

Have fun and a great family time at the lake

Whether with or without our support program – Lake Garda is always a great family destination! Holidays with Bambino Tours means family holiday all according to your wishes. Finally a lot Time with the family but also have the opportunity to pursue their own interests. That goes without saying for us. Our colorful and active program promises a lot of fun for the kids, cool offers for the youngsters and at the same time a relaxed time for two for the parents.

Family holidays on Lake Garda with Bambino Tours

The manifold offer around the Lake Garda Ideal for those who enjoy a more active holiday. Our varied and sporty-active program provides the perfect setting for a vacation time, which always focuses on the family. A taster course in surfing, a climbing course or a hiking tour in the mountains – everything is possible with and with Bambino Tours! There is always enough time for own activities and trips within the family.

For questions about your family holiday on Lake Garda our competent team is always at your disposal. Just contact us and we will help you! Or browse our travel offer.

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