Family holidays on the baltic sea reprimand – a baltic sea holiday at the seepark sellin on reprimand

Family holidays on the baltic sea reprimand - a baltic sea holiday at the seepark sellin on reprimand

Family holidays on Rügen – Relaxation and Adventure

The Baltic Sea is a great place to stay during any season: Family holidays on Ruegen offer complete recuperation

Anyone who spends their family holiday on Rügen wants to enjoy long walks and gets spoiled by the extraordinary cuisine. The beach is ideal for children and is a great place to watch a kite dance in the wind. Young explorers do not want to get bored on a holiday on Rugen Island when they jump into the diving capsule on the pier of Sellin ‘to take a walk on the mystical sea floor.

Experts explain the fascinating underwater world and large glass windows.

When you want to know many interesting facts about the sea in general and with 3-D technology you want to be part of a visual trip to a beautiful coral reef.

Your family holiday on Rügen


On your family holiday on Rügen you should always include a visit to the swimming pool “island paradise” in Sellin. The pool is open all year around and offers great fun for young and old. The white-water channel and adventure pool are ideal for sports guests, while the sauna and massages allow you to switch off and enjoy the feeling of wellness. Many special offers turnings into an attractive place for family holidays; the “island paradise” also includes children activities and animations. Visitors who have booked a holiday apartment at the Seepark Sellin resort are only a few meters away from the swimming pool. Ideal conditions to really enjoy the family holiday on Ruegen!

Discover seaside resorts by train

The tourist train, so lovingly referred to as “Racing Roland”, hisses across the island of Rügen with a real steam engine. During the family holiday on Rügen this offers you great mobility for little money; you can experience nostalgia and adventure, and explain to your children how to do this. All other seaside resorts are in easy reach with this tourist train. This allows people who have made a holiday on Rügen to visit other piers and undertake an island tour. In Putbus you can find an old royal palace and a beautiful palace park. Visitors who do not want to travel by foot or train can hop on bicycles! Active holidaymakers are enjoying the many beautiful bicycle tracks. Rugen’s charming and unique interior inspires visitors of the Iceland again and again. Extensive beech forests, the chalk cliffs and tranquil harbors are amazing attractions for visitors. As a reward you can stop for a bite to eat and try out some of the delicious dishes in different small restaurants and master your way back with fresh strength!

Ice-skating on Rügen

The Baltic Sea is not only a summer destination; it offers relaxation to the stressed mind during all seasons. Sea air and the healthy maritime climate are exactly what you need to refuel with new energy for everyday life, especially during the winter months. A family holiday on Rügen during the cold season is particularly diverse for the youngest of visitors. A visit to the ice is a great idea – take a pair of ice skates and off you go! Time flies on the ice in Sellin and you want to have lots of fun together on the skates. You can set out on a holiday on Rügen! The hilly country side of Sellin is ideal for all sledge fans. Should there be any snow on Rügen. The tourist administration offices always come up with events in their programs. For example the baking day in a windmill: here the guests can watch how wood-fired bread is being made using traditional methods. A visit to the youth leisure center in Sellin is thus worth a visit; here older children can test them on the billiard table.

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