Family hotel ticino – that’s how it is children’s hotel on lake maggiore

Ticino Family Hotel – Lago Maggiore Family Hotel

How is the family hotel Albergo Losone in Ticino?
The name of the family hotel "Albergo Losone" does not sound particularly exclusive. At first glance, the location on the maps does not suggest what is really in the family-friendly hotel. But when you stand in front of the hotel near Lago Maggiore in Ticino, things look very different: A huge area surrounded by palm trees and other Mediterranean plants already testifies to the special flair and exclusivity of the family hotel in Switzerland. For us it is the most beautiful children’s hotel in Ticino.

Family Hotel Lake Maggiore

Welcome to your own republic on Lake Maggiore
At the entrance you are advised that you are now in the "Free Republic of Albergo Losone". The proclamation of the "free republic" already caused many a funny story among the guests and in local politics. The lagoon-like pool area is located directly behind the archway. Three outdoor pools allow splashing and swimming for young and old. The temperatures are also matched to this – depending on the pool, 26, 28 or 30 degrees warm.

The bar with ice cream and cocktails is positioned in the center of the swimming pool, which from the outside could also be found in the Caribbean. A thatched roof decorates the bar, palm trees complete the picture. Right next to the turquoise green pools is a large outdoor terrace where you can enjoy eating and drinking. Especially on mild evenings, this is a special holiday experience – a Caribbean feeling in the middle of Switzerland.

Family vacation in Ticino

Family hotel in Ticino with the feeling of the Caribbean
If the weather is nice, there is also a multi-course evening menu on a family holiday in Switzerland under the open sky of the sun sails. The children can be looked after on family vacations until 10 p.m. Have so the parents Time for yourself and can enjoy the meal in intimate togetherness. The children eat together in the turtle room or in a discarded railroad car. Yes, in a real wagon.

Family hotel Ticino with a unique playground

A real railroad for children
It was furnished in a style that makes children’s meals without parents doubly fun. The “rest” of the train is also on the Albergo Losone site. There is no question that the children board the old locomotive and become the train driver in the game. There is even an old station house next to the train set. Nostalgia fans will also find an old steamroller that still does a good job here on the playground.

A special playground in the Ascona family hotel
“Normal” play equipment such as a seesaw, small cars are of course also available, but these take a back seat to the unusual “play equipment”.
That is also what distinguishes the "Albergo" Losone: The way of collecting old objects, storing them and using them again. It is not a museum, even if you can find so many objects throughout the hotel that you could easily set up a museum with it.

The Glaus family is behind this overall concept. It bought and settled the site in the middle of the last century. There were no streets or houses, but a lot of swamp. From the golf course behind the House not to mention. Charly Diego had the idea to create a vacation experience on the grounds of the Albergo Losone. Especially for the society that was becoming increasingly mobile by car. The guest should feel at home here, just on vacation. The family in the form of Diego Glaus now continues this. The ideas and the spirit of the family make the family hotel what it is today. So Diego Glaus also had the idea of ​​staging the weather.

Sun insurance in Ticino

Family hotel with sun insurance
After all, Ticino stands for an extremely high probability of sunshine, but some rainy days do not fail to come here. In order not to have long faces of the guests on rainy days, there is the "sun insurance". The guest can take out this sun insurance when booking his vacation with children. In the event that it really rains on a vacation day, the guest does not have to pay for his room. A peculiar but “Albergo-Losone” -speaking idea that makes the holiday guests smile even on rainy days.

Family hotel between Locarno and Ascona

The children’s hotel in Ticino for a family holiday on Lake Maggiore
The family hotel Albergo Losone is centrally located between Locarno and Ascona in Ticino. This location can be used for excursions and short hikes or bike tours. We recommend a trip to Ascona, sightseeing with children in Locarno and a bike ride to Ronco. Of course, visits to the beaches on Lake Maggiore should not be missed on a family holiday in Ticino!

Unique family hotel in Ticino with a lot of flair
Conclusion: The family hotel is located on a wonderful area in the middle of palm trees only 2 kilometers from Lake Maggiore. It is the many details that make the Albergo Losone exclusive and unique for family holidays in Switzerland. If you are expecting an all-inclusive family hotel that meets all the criteria of a children’s hotel, it is better to look for another family hotel. Individualists and vacationers looking for something special search and willing to spend money too, will love the Albergo Losone. This is what the Glaus family stands for with all their ideas and experiences.


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