Family hotel with swimming pool in Bavaria, the Friedrichshof

Bathing fun in the family hotel – with outdoor swimming pool and indoor pool

What could be better than splashing around with your kids in the pool or indoor pool, or simply relaxing in the loungers by the pool and watching your kids play in the water? Enjoy in summer a stay in our family hotel with outdoor swimming pool including sunbathing area. There you and your children can either lie in the sun or under shade trees, doze, read a book or play. But even in winter you do not have to do without the bathing fun. In the indoor pool of our Bavarian family resort, big and small can have fun and have lots of fun.

Our tip: As a family hotel with a swimming pool, the Friedrichshof offers both baby swimming lessons and normal children’s swimming lessons. So if your kids are low water and love the water, you should register for one of our swimming lessons for babies and toddlers. Your little ones are playfully introduced to the element of water

Family hotel with indoor pool – even in winter bathing

In autumn, winter and spring the indoor pool of our hotel is a popular meeting place for the whole family. This is a complete wellness area, which in addition to the indoor pool also has a sauna. Beautiful murals put you in the right holiday mood. So forget the stress of everyday life and you can fully enjoy the time with your family. Our indoor pool has a size of 6 x 4 meters and with a water depth of 1.35 meters is also ideal for children to learn to swim. Here you can swim, dive or just relax.

Since there is no separate children’s pool, the Resort Friedrichshof provides Pfand swimming wings and Schwimmnudeln available, with which your little ones can safely splash around in the water as you wish. A special highlight is the integrated whirlpool. After a long day, you can relax your stressed muscles in the warm, bubbling water. The weightlessness of the water relieves the body and the gentle massage through the water will do you good. Furthermore, you will find in the indoor pool, a shower, which provide a decent font for cooling. Ideal even after sauna sessions, as the cool water falls without pressure on your body.

Our indoor pool area at a glance:

  • Opening hours: 8-22 clock
  • 6 x 4 meter indoor pool
  • 1.35 meters of water
  • comfortable pool chairs
  • beautiful murals
  • Water wings and swimming noodles against pledge
  • integrated whirlpool
  • dousing
  • adjoining sauna area

Our tip: Why not try out our sauna landscape when your little ones are in childcare and enjoy beautiful moments alone or as a couple.

Family hotel with outdoor swimming pool for swimming in the summer

Summer holidays in the Franconian Switzerland means mild climate and lots of sunshine in the midst of untouched nature. If you are after a hike or a bike ride to cool off, it is good that you have chosen a family hotel with swimming pool. Because our outdoor swimming pool will inspire you. In good weather, swim in the open air in the open air and just be in the here and now. With a size of 8 x 6 meters and a water depth of 1.35 meters, our outdoor pool is slightly larger than our indoor pool.

Here you can swim relaxed. And even if it should not be so warm, that’s no problem: Our outdoor pool is heated. As there is no separate children’s pool, water wings and swimming noodles are provided against a deposit. Relax your body and let your soul dangle when you rest on our lawn and soak up the sun. If you are hungry, you can enjoy coffee and cake on our sun terrace and make yourself comfortable with a book.

Our outdoor pool area at a glance:

  • Opening hours: 8-22 clock
  • 8 x6 meter outdoor pool
  • 1.35 meters of water
  • heated
  • comfortable pool chairs
  • Free water wings and swimming noodles
  • large, well-kept lawn
  • adjoining sun terrace with café

Swimming fun in the hotel pool

Swimming is fun, good for your health and good mood. So do something good for yourself and your children and get into the cool water. Remember what you used to like to play in the water. There are so many possibilities: ball games, diving games or simply paddling along the air mattress. The imagination knows no bounds and time flies by. After the swimming fun you have earned a break and can for example eat an ice cream and cuddle up in the sun loungers and relax.

Family hotel with indoor pool for a holiday independent of weather

You have been looking forward to your holiday in the Franconian Switzerland, and now it is raining – no need to panic! Even in bad weather, the family hotel Friedrichshof offers enough variety. Since water is one of the favorite elements of children, and a deserved holiday should never depend on the weather, you can swim with us regardless of the weather conditions and the season all year round: in bad weather in the indoor pool and in good weather in our heated outdoor pool. Because we want you to enjoy your holiday and always have a smile on your face!

Relaxed holiday in the hotel with child care

Holidays with the family also means recharging the batteries. The Friedrichshof is a hotel with child care in Bavaria, which has made it its mission to give both the children and the parents an unforgettable holiday. So when the kids are in the holiday care, you can laze around the pool: in the winter in the warm and cozy atmosphere of our indoor pool, in summer under the sun or in the pleasant cool shade of the trees, the treetops rustle quietly in the wind. Read a book again, listen to music, or just do what’s good for you and recharge your batteries. And all without a guilty conscience, because your children are well looked after and have a lot of fun in the children‘s group, where they have fun with their new friends and our caregivers take care of them.

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