Family planning completed? Health information

Family planning completed?

A vasectomy is the safest method of contraception for the man.

(iwg / fru) Many couples want their own children. For some it does not work for a long time, for others, the desire to have children very quickly becomes reality. But what if the family planning is completed and another child no longer fits into their own life planning, because z. B. the spatial or financial situation does not allow it anymore or the parents want more space for themselves? Then the questions about contraception automatically come up again. Mostly the prevention of the woman is “pressed to the eye“. There are many methods here, but they all have their disadvantages. But even men can take the contraception and simply sterilized.

Small outpatient procedure

The sterilization of the man is carried out by means of vasectomy – this is the name of the small outpatient surgery in the specialist language of urologists. “This is an obstruction of the vas deferens to prevent sperm transport to the prostate and urethra. Around 40 to 60 million men around the world have undergone such an operation, “it says on the website, the joint website of the German Society for Urology and the Professional Association of German Urologists. As a result, a permanent infertility in the man brought about, but under certain circumstances can be reversed. This reassembly of the vas deferens is technically possible with microsurgical surgical procedures, but much more complex and not always successful. A man should therefore be sure about the decision.

The urologist informs the patient in advance of the treatment in a personal conversation about the course of the procedure, the risks and the costs and is available for all other questions. “Vasectomy is the safest contraceptive method for men,” it says on the urologist portal. The Pearl Index, which indicates the safety of a contraceptive method, is 0.1 in this procedure. This means that one in 1,000 couples who have unprotected sex for one year and rely on this contraceptive method become pregnant.

No effect on the love life

So the method does not offer 100% security. Through regeneration processes in the body spontaneous restorations of the continuity of the spermatic ducts can be observed even after years. However, the odds are very low at 0.03 – 1.20% depending on the study. After a vasectomy, additional prevention should be provided for two to three months, as sperm that can be fertilized may still be present in the seminal fluid.

Incidentally, the intervention has no effect on the potency of the man, because the hormone balance of the man is not disturbed by this. Ejaculation also takes place as before the procedure. As with any surgery, side effects such as the appearance of pain in the area of ​​the testicles can occur during vasectomy, but these subside after a few days. In addition, there may be a rebleeding or wound healing disorder (sometimes also a wound infection). The consulting fees for a vasectomy are covered by the statutory health insurance. The procedure itself usually costs up to € 400, and the patients have to pay for it themselves.

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