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Families with small incomes have been benefiting from the Strong Family Act since July 1st. As of August 1st, the services for education and participation will be improved and theirs application simplified.

Children and families are now being given even greater support © Fotolia / Dmitry Naumov

Protecting families with small and medium incomes from poverty more effectively and securing the subsistence level of every child – these are the goals of the Strong Family Law. Since July 1st 2019 first Level of law in force:

  • The child allowance has been increased and now, together with child benefit and the separately granted education and sharing benefits, ensures the livelihood of children from families with low incomes.
  • Single parents have more of the benefit because child support and advance payments are only partially taken into account.
  • The application effort for families is significantly reduced: secure approval period of six months, less obligation to provide evidence.

Innovations as of August 1, 2019

As of August 1, 2019, with the improvements in the services for education and participation and the exemption from daycare fees for more families, further elements of the Strong Family Act will come into effect, from which children in families with little or no income will benefit.

  • The amount of equipment for personal school supplies such as sports equipment, fountain pens, exercise books, calculators or educational software increases from 100 to 150 euros per school year.
  • The monthly amount for social and cultural activities such as in a sports club or at the music school increases from 10 to 15 euros.
  • The food allowance for lunch in daycare, day care, day care or school is taken over.
  • The cost of public transport tickets for schoolchildren will be covered.
  • In the future, the costs for tutoring will also be covered if the child’s transfer is not at risk.
  • The administrative burden for families is reduced: costs, for example for trips and trips, can in future be settled collectively by schools and day care centers with the responsible agency.

In addition, with the Good Day Care Act, all parents, child allowance, housing benefit or benefits under SGB II (Second Social Code) to get, exempt from daycare fees.

Innovations as of January 1, 2020

The second stage of the Strong Family Law comes into force on January 1, 2020 and expands the circle of eligible families. The upper income limit does not apply. The benefit expires slowly with increasing income. With these measures, a family no longer falls out of the child allowance if the parents only earn a little more and they can keep a little more of their self-generated income. So if you work more, you have more in your pocket. The child allowance will be fairer.

More information for strong families

The new Starke-Familien-Checkbook gives a quick overview of the state support families can currently rely on. It contains information on the most important family benefits: clear, simply explained and with tips on how to separate them. The check book is now available for download online or can be ordered free of charge as a printed brochure.

The central family portal of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs provides further information. There families can find out more about child supplement, education and participation and other benefits for families. In addition, you can find local contacts using the postal code search.


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