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Estonia family vacation from specialists

For Family Reisen, Estonia offers a special kind of family vacation: We spend the night in a bear observation hut, observe animals and visit knight’s castles and the child-friendly capital Tallin. During your Estonia family trip you will learn about nature, animals and the country & Get to know people very intensely and authentically. We would be happy to advise you personally on our trip!

We will advise you personally: Christina van Dijk

Estonia for family

Bears, wolves & castles

  • Wolf tracking and canoe tour
  • Boat trip to seal banks
  • Watch bears at night

Group trip 10 days

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars

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Current Ratings

Estonia was wonderful

it was sooooo unique wonderful :-)! Such a quiet, natural country! We were happy with everything and beyond! Organization … more

The program and the nature and animal experiences were just great!

The best vacation we have ever had. Great program, fantastic nature and animal experiences.more


For Family Reisen stands for the highest quality & sustainable travel concepts.

  • First class tour guide
  • Small groups or indiv >

We are experts in Estonia family travel

Estonia impresses with its beautiful nature, many wild animals but also an interesting culture. Come with me on one Family trip to Estonia, where varied and family-friendly activities, such as moor shoeing and canoeing in Soomaa Moor, await you. Also get to know the foothills of the unique taiga landscape, which otherwise mainly extends to distant Siberia and Canada. On an excursion to the coast, we will embark on the exciting traces of the last ice age, which dates back more than 20,000 years. In addition to this breathtaking nature, we also get to know the Estonian culture. The medieval capital Tallinn invites you to discover, there are also plenty of knight’s castles and mansions. Our German-speaking travel guides in Family vacation Estonia are extremely experienced in dealing with families and offer an exciting program in which the children will have fun learning about animals and nature.

Great wildlife viewing in Estonia family vacation

Hardly any other country in Europe offers as many opportunities to get to know wild animals in their very natural habitat as Estonia. in the Family vacation Estonia we meet elks, lynxes, bears, wolves, beavers and maybe even the rare ringed seals, which can be observed especially on the lonely islands off the coast. A special highlight is the overnight stay in a bear observation hut, because here we have the unique chance to see a real bear up close. In addition to visiting a husky farm, a wolf researcher will go with us on their search, and we will also get to know feeding places for lynxes, bears or moose. At the latest with a beaver safari on a fishing trawler in Matsalu National Park and an evening moose safari, all animal and nature fans are guaranteed to get theirs costs. The vast forests and endless bogs offer a perfect habitat for these animals, which we see on our Estonia family trip will explore.

Your family accommodation in Estonia

All of our accommodations in Family vacation Estonia are traditional, family-friendly and selected according to your own criteria. Since we attach great importance to the authentic encounter with the country and its people, our hotels are family-run in most cases, which also supports the economy of the travel destination. The night in the bear observation hut, which has simple but sufficient facilities, is particularly exciting for children and is of course safe, which is elementary for us. Our accommodations Estonia family trip are very typical of the country and personal, such as the Klaara-Manni guest house in the historic town of Tori or the Alt Moise inn amidst the beautiful nature of West Estonia. Here you have the opportunity to switch off properly. Another highlight is the tent or hut overnight stay on the lonely island of Saarnaki, where the chances are good to see a few ringed seals.

Experienced guides on our Estonia family trip

We are accompanied in our Family vacation Estonia from first-class, German-speaking and local tour guides who will be our first point of contact all the time. They are of course particularly familiar with the nature and animals of their home country and are able to show us very special things, even away from mass tourism, and to explain them enthusiastically and in a child-friendly manner. The focus of ours Estonia family trip lies on the exciting animal observation, whereby our guides naturally also guarantee our safety. Because although we will try bears, lynxes and wolves as close as possible possible we will of course never be in any danger of coming. Your children learn at the Family trip to Estonia In addition to a lot of interesting facts about the country and animals, such as the fact that the so-called boulders (very large stones) are evidence of the ice age, they also know ecological relationships.


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