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Family vacation in Paris

You should visit the world metropolis with your family! Whether Eiffel Tower, Disneyland or Asterix Park, art and culture in museums and churches or leisurely trips on the Seine – a family vacation in Paris is exciting! Let’s bet you will love the city of love!?

Paris – the city ​​of Love! But the cosmopolitan metropolis also has a lot to offer for families. Numerous theme parks and zoos, but also botanical gardens and lots of castles await and bring visitors to the city Children for amazement.

Paris doesn’t let boredom arise, with its numerous shopping opportunities it is a real paradise, especially for shopping fans. Afterwards, you and your children can relax a little in one of the charming bistros and cafés or eat and drink well in one of the restaurants serving French and international dishes. Your offspring will of course pounce on the delicious and sweet crepes.

Rested again, you can plunge into the hustle and bustle of the city. It is worthwhile to find out about the numerous festivals that take place here regularly before the start of your holiday. Especially the film festival or the long night of museums, in which all museums can be visited free of charge, are wonderful events for the whole family.

In general, you can experience a lot of culture on this vacation, because Paris is home to some of the most famous museums in the world. Above all, of course, the art collection in the Louvre and the Dalí Museum. But the museums that deal with science or technology, history and biology are also worth seeing. Children in particular love the vivid presentation and hands-on stations in these museums.

Other popular holiday regions in France

Other popular holiday regions in France


Of course, Disneyland Paris is now world-famous, where popular characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck make children’s eyes shine. The theme park offers visitors exciting shows and colorful parades. There are a lot of carousels for the little ones, the bigger ones can put their courage to the test in daring rides like the Space Mountain. No matter how old you are, there is something for everyone in the family at Disneyland Paris that guarantees exciting holidays.

Another theme park can be visited just 30 km from Paris, Asterix Park. The heroes from the well-known French comics are up to mischief here and in addition to parades, artistic and stunt shows you will find roller coasters with looping here that do not give you an adrenaline break. A special highlight of the park is the dolphin show. Young and old can even learn something from the reenacted medieval scenes of a village smith.

But if you really want to be amazed on your vacation, you have to go to the Cineaqua in Paris. The very special aquarium is located below the Palais de Chaillot. In an exhibition area of ​​over 3500 square meters, visitors can look forward to more than 500 different types of fish, including sharks, rays and sea urchins. In addition, there is a theater hall and 10 large screens, on which documentaries but also animation films on the subject of fish and sea are shown. specially for children there are also workshops where you can touch the water dwellers.

Little princesses and princes will certainly look forward to a visit to the Palace of Versailles on a family vacation. Since the animated version of the bell ringer by Notre Dame, this church – along with many others in Paris – has now become very popular with children.

Really surprising: on a family vacation in Paris you can even experience life on a farm up close in the middle of the city. In the Bercy district is the Ferme Georges-Ville, where you can experience the farm feeling live: cows, chickens, sheep and rabbits not only run around the grounds and can be petted, but also fulfill an educationally valuable task. Because milking cows, shearing sheep or harvesting local crops not only children, but the whole family can still learn a lot.

Paris is definitely worth a holiday, whether as a weekend getaway or an extended stay. Because in addition to art and culture, as a family you can experience more than enough to rave about the city for a long time.


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