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Aldiana Club Cyprus

Finally the time has come. vacation!

Not just any vacation, No, we go to Cyprus to the Club Aldiana.

I, Steffi, look forward to a lot Sports, my husband, tom, wishes to spend time looking at the sea and reading a good book read. Together we are curious about the country and its people. The kids, Moritz and Carla, just want to play. Pre-pubescent Katharina thinks everything is stupid and wants to chill with friends, a little to celebrate and maybe some cool sport.

Complicated? Let’s see …

"All of our clubs have an exceptionally beautiful location," I read on the website. When we arrive I’m still surprised. On one side the sea, on the other the impressive mountains and in the middle of this wonderfully spacious garden. I take a deep breath.

The children are excited and jump around. Tom tries to catch them. The friendly staff at the reception smile "leave them alone, children are welcome here."

After a very warm welcome, we move into our family room. We have two rooms and two bathrooms – plenty of space for everyone.

Sundowner & Cocktails in the beach club

The perfect start to your vacation

After a short orientation round through the club, we go to the beach. We get cocktails at the beach bar, of course non-alcoholic for the kids. Our first Sundowner on the beach. That’s nice! We sit in the warm sand, the sea rustles softly, otherwise there is silence. The orange sun gently kisses the horizon, the cocktails taste promisingly sweet. Even Katharina is enraptured. The little ones are less romantic and compare theirs to the deep blue Fin Cocktail colored tongues!

What can we expect in the next few days? We are excited. Somehow relaxed but already – it is such a peaceful moment.

WOW! What a buffet

Then it’s time for dinner. Wow! What a buffet. Front cooking, Cypriot specialties, international cuisine, a great salad buffet, my mouth is watering.

Moritz and Carla immediately plunge towards the ice: self-service, as much as you want with toppings – stop! Ice cream is dessert and dessert is dessert because it comes after eating. They make long faces, pasta and fries help quickly about the disappointment away.

Kathi piles up the plate full of different vegetables, casseroles and pasta and explains for the climate to avoid meat. Tom and I try the fresh fish, hmmm, delicious, tender and juicy. We toast ourselves – on a nice vacation.

The first real day of vacation starts promisingly. The Sun laughs from the deep blue sky, that immediately puts you in a good mood and eager for adventure. The breakfast buffet is gigantic, everything the breakfast heart desires. I can hear the scales giggling at home but no matter, I’ll just enjoy it without a guilty conscience.

So, let’s see if the two little ones really are in the Fin Club want to stay, not to speak of Katharina at all. So the whole family goes on a pilgrimage. The children (and we) are warmly welcomed and immediately divided into their groups. Carla is a “pinball” (4-6 years), Moritz a “Dolphin” (7-10 years) and Katharina a “youngster” (11-13 years). The latter is disappointed, she wanted to go to the teens, after all she is ahead of her age and sooooo cool. But then she stays with the youngsters, because it stands water polo on the program in the pool. While we were discussing this, the other two are already out of sight, first for the daily 10 a.m. dance at the pool and then it’s beach day! They are gone.

    • Lunch in the beach bar

      Grilled fish & French fries

      With Tom I’m at noon beach bar agreed. I pick up Carla and Moritz in the Flosse Club beforehand and Katharina also joins them. The lunch snack buffet at the beach bar makes our hearts beat faster. Fresh grilled fish, salad and for the french fries – who needs a restaurant? The children tell each other wildly what they have experienced in the Flosse Club and absolutely want to go back the next day: "There is Minion Day Mum!"

      We actually had one Excursion planned for Omodos, the small winegrowing village in the Troodos Mountains. But Katharina also has other plans: "We play the werewolf game in the club, I have to be there," she insists. OK, we are postponing the trip, but we don’t dare to leave the children alone in the fin club.

      After a relaxed Family Afternoon on the beach and the stunning evening buffet, the two little ones are tired and fall asleep almost immediately. Katharina and some other kids are playing kicker and Tom and I end the day on our balcony with a glass of wine. Cheers – in Cyprus and Aldiana and a relaxing vacation.

      We will be back

      We are looking forward to the coming days. The evening programme we’ll watch tomorrow, there’s a great show going on. And on Thursday we have to chill out at the beach bar with DJ Dabbelju, which should be just great, the other guests said. And we also want to go to the Troodos Mountains.

      On the other hand: just no stress. One thing is already certain for us: we will be back Aldiana! Whether to Cyprus or to another club – let’s see. For us the concept is definitely perfect – everyone can live out their idea of ​​vacation and time for common ground remains enough anyway.


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