Family vacation at the lake – germany with children

Family vacation at the lake in Germany

Family vacation at the lake Germany. Where?

Where to go on a beach holiday with children by the lake in Germany?
According to the experts, there are more than 15,000 lakes in Germany alone. A huge number that you would not suspect – at least that’s how I felt! But not all lakes are suitable for a summer family vacation with children.

We looked at many lakes with children and recommend the best tips for a beach holiday on a lake with children. The favorite swimming lakes for children from the north to the south. Starting with the large, well-known lakes – and below, our insider tips for a great family holiday by the lake in Germany. Have fun while reading!

Family vacation at Königssee

Holidays with children in the beautiful hotel in Berchtesgaden
We discovered a great combination of mountains, lake and family hotel in the Berchtesgadener Land. We stayed in the family hotel in Berchtesgaden with many amenities. From here it is not far to the famous Königssee in the Berchtesgaden National Park, the idyllic and less crowded Hintersee is also here and there are really great hikes with children, even with prams.

-> this is how it is in the Edelweiss family hotel in Berchtesgaden.

Family vacation at the lake Germany: Lake Starnberg

For a short vacation with children, we visited Lake Starnberg and explored the Tölzer Land. In addition to Lake Starnberg, the large district also has Kochelsee and Walchensee. We lived in a great apartment right on Lake Starnberg. We did the gourmet hike there. This is an easy and beautiful hike from inn to inn. Very interesting. You can also cycle along the lake on the bike path and visit some excursion destinations.

-> it was like that at Lake Starnberg with children.

  • Lake Starnberg hike with children

  • Starnberger See in Bavaria

Family vacation at the lakes in the Allgäu

Family vacation Füssen
When we went on our last family vacation in Füssen (of course we wanted to visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle with children), I noticed how many lakes there are around Füssen. I didn’t know that before. Weißensee, Forggensee, Hopfensee, Alatsee, Alpsee, Schwansee, … – over 10 lakes are all around Füssen!

Swim, hike, bike on the lake
Here you can take a family vacation for a week and go swimming, cycling or hiking on a different lake every day. If the weather does not play along, we have also discovered great rainy weather destinations in the Allgäu. But we don’t want to hope that you have such bad luck as we had. The days in Füssen were nice anyway,

-> here are our impressions of feet with children.

  • Alpsee Füssen hike with prams

  • Rainy weather excursion

Family vacation at the lake Germany: Lake Constance

Family vacation Lake Constance
Lake Constance is one of the most popular lakes for a family vacation. The expanse on the north bank is attractive, with the connection of the Alpine panorama on the south side. In combination with family-friendly excursion destinations such as the pile dwelling museum, the large Aquarium Constance and the Meersburg, Lake Constance is of course ideal with children. In bad weather there are great leisure pools for families. There is a large selection of family-friendly apartments on Lake Constance. Family hotels are rare!

Family vacation Müritz

Did you know that the Müritz is the largest lake in Germany??
Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is home to Germany’s largest lake, the Müritz. There is a lot of nature around the lake. The best way to discover these beautiful corners with children is by bike. Otherwise, the number of swimming spots is very large, which is of course ideal on summer vacation. Canoeing is popular on the numerous lakes around the Müritz. Numerous campsites on the Müritz are ideal for family holidays by the lake.

Family vacation at the largest lake in Bavaria

Family vacation Chiemsee
Lake Chiemsee has been very popular with families for years. During a sea holiday with children on the "Bavarian Sea", you can spend time together in a farm. A family vacation at the lake couldn’t be more Bavarian than at Chiemsee. You should definitely visit Ludwig II’s Herrenchiemsee Palace by boat. A trip to the Fraueninsel is also nice with children. The Tischlein-deck-dich still fascinates children today, we tried it – that was our island hopping on Lake Chiemsee with children.

The bathing beaches on Lake Chiemsee with the mountain peaks of the famous Kampenwand on the horizon are diverse. There are beautiful hiking trails on the Kampenwand, the Hochgern or the Hochfelln. Families set out to hike there.

Family vacation at the lake – at the very top in the north

Family vacation Steinhuder Meer
What the Chiemsee is for Bavaria is the Steinhuder Meer for Lower Saxony – the largest lake. The Steinhuder Meer near Hanover is at the very top in the north. This lake is also in the middle of nature. A natural park surrounds this lake. There are many bogs on the lakeshore. Children can watch many endangered animals on the Steinhuder Meer, and you can mainly find holiday apartments to stay.

Family vacation Edersee

Family vacation at the lake near Kassel
The Edersee is located near Kassel. The Edersee is 27 kilometers long – making it the third largest reservoir in Germany. There is also a national park near the reservoir. So you can enjoy the nature experience of Baden particularly well. There are many accommodations in this region that are particularly looking forward to family guests. For many families in Hesse, the Edersee is their favorite lake – right on the doorstep!

Family vacation at the Staffelsee with children

Family vacation in Murnau with the Staffelsee
Not overcrowded and wonderful, that is the Staffelsee south of Munich. Around the town of Murnau you will find other small lakes and many opportunities for a great vacation with children. The Murnauer Moos is huge, a great bog that you can explore with children by bike, pram or on a hike along the Holzbohlenweg. The place Murnau is romantic and beautiful, where you can stay in holiday apartments or in a family-friendly inn.

Holidays with children on Lake Tegernsee

Family vacation Tegernsee
In spring we went on a vacation with children at Lake Tegernsee. It was a special time for us in the best weather. We were able to do some particularly beautiful hikes with the children directly from the lake to the mountain, enjoying the panorama of Lake Tegernsee from above. Afterwards we rested in the meadow by the lake, enjoyed the sun while the children were playing. And we also went to the Bräustüberl, a real Bavarian inn. Like from a picture book.
Here are the pictures and what we did: Family vacation Tegernsee

More ideas for family vacation Germany

Even more inspiration for a family vacation in Germany?
-> these are our experiences on a family holiday in Germany, these family hotels in Germany are beautiful, they are great excursion destinations in Germany with children and here you can go hiking with children in Germany.

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