Family vacation bad richenhall with children – what’s worthwhile?

Family vacation bad richenhall with children - what's worthwhile?

Bad Reichenhall

Family vacation in Bad Reichenhall with children

I can still remember the “Bad Reichenhaller Salz” that we had at home. Today we take a short family vacation with our children in Germany in Bad Reichenhall. The old spa town of Bad Reichenhall in Berchtesgadener Land is known for its salt, which is still produced here today, the excursion destination "Alte Saline" and the family-friendly spa.

What can you experience with children in Bad Reichenhall??

In addition, you can of course conquer the old town with the pedestrian zone on foot during a family holiday in Bavaria. Many families from the surrounding area also come to the small town for shopping. We were on a rainy day in the beautiful little town, which is surrounded by mountains very close to Salzburg.

Arrival in Bad Reichenhall

How to get to Bad Reichenhall?
From the A8 Munich – Salzburg motorway, it is only a few kilometers from the Bad Reichenhall motorway exit to the city center. You have to be careful with the signs, as there are a lot of branches. There are plenty of parking spaces with parking ticket machines right by the old town, otherwise there are only resident parking spaces in the inner city area. If you want to park for free, you have to find a place outside.

Walk through Bad Reichenhall with children

A tour of the spa town of Bad Reichenhall with children

We start our tour at the Alte Saline. From here it is only a stone’s throw to the city center. Here some streets, all by the way a pedestrian zone, invite you to stroll. The normal business is of course not that exciting for children. Our little one only hops on the cobblestones on the dark lines. So he has his fun while we look at the beautiful old house facades. I just have to be careful that he doesn’t jump between my feet.

Visit to the graduation house in Bad Reichenhall with children

Mom, what is a graduation house?

At the end of the pedestrian zone we will find the Royal Kurpark. This is now also interesting for the children. There is a large grading system here. "What’s that?" Asks the little one. Over 100,000 tufts of black thorns form a 13-meter-high wall that is 162 meters long. Brine is conducted from top to bottom on the fine branches. This creates a very fine brine mist that is good for the respiratory tract. Vigorously in through the nose!

The junior tries it out right away. And in fact the air smells very salty. For health success you would have to do it longer. In the convertible hall we discover a funny fountain, here the brine comes out of dwarf heads. The boys would not be averse to a game of chess with the giant figures, but that would take me too long. On the way back through the pedestrian zone, we also stop by the Reber store. Here are the Mozart balls and lots of other good things. My mouth gets very watery, I’d better get it out quickly!

Bad weather excursion in Bavaria: In the old saltworks with children

The destination in Bad Reichenhall with children: the old saltworks

In the old saltworks in Bad Reichenhall you can learn everything about brine and salt extraction. The tour, which lasts almost an hour, goes through the old tunnels and past huge water wheels. We admire the old technology, which is still in operation, even though some of it is almost 200 years old. Maybe there will soon be an extra detailed report on the old saltworks here!

Bad Reichenhall Sights: The Bad

Rupertustherme family pool

In addition to the saltworks, the leisure band is the Bad Reichenhall sight. There is a separate family area in the Rupertus thermal baths. Here you can let off steam as a family on your family vacation in Bavaria to your heart’s content. There is a toddler pool and also a drying room for the little ones.

Indoor pool with a water slide

A wave slide and a tire slide are waiting for older children. In addition to the family pool, you can also immerse yourself in the sports pool. You can just let yourself drift in the flow channel. If you still have someone with you to look after children, you can of course visit the sauna world. Many different amazement inside and outside are waiting for relaxation.

Bad Reichenhall sights

Family outings in the Bad Reichenhall area
If you are visiting Bad Reichenhall as a family for a longer family holiday, you can go on nice and exciting excursions in the surrounding area. Here is a short overview of the Bad Reichenhall sights and excursion destinations:

  1. To the Königssee
    The Königssee offers a great backdrop in every season. In summer you can go by boat or walk across the lake in cold winters.
  2. "House of the Mountains" in Berchtesgaden
    In Berchtesgaden you can see the museum of the national park the "House of the Mountains". Very well prepared, you can learn a lot about the Alpine world and its inhabitants.
  3. Berchtesgaden Salt Mine
    The salt mine in Berchtesgaden is also a great experience for the whole family. With the train into the mountain and over the mine slides deep down into the world of salt. The Dürrnberg also offers another salt mine, we were in it:
    -> these are the salt mines on the Dürrnberg
  4. Porsche dream work in Anger
    The trip to the Porsche dream work is really cool. In addition to a great model railroad world, you can see an old toy collection with a new Carrera train to drive and in the garden a small slow train drives you for a walk.
    -> all details here about our trip with children to the Porsche dream work
  5. Salzburg with children
    In Salzburg you can experience a lot with children in addition to a tour of the beautiful old town. The House of Nature is not only interesting for small researchers, but for the whole family. In addition to underwater worlds, a space hall, primeval dinosaurs and a journey into the human body, there is also a science center for your own experimentation. A visit to the Hohensalzburg Fortress is also part of a visit to Salzburg. Or rather in the large zoo and Hellbrunn Palace with its water features. In Großgmain at the gates of Salzburg you will find a large open-air museum on rural life spanning several centuries.

Have fun with these Bad Reichenhall sights and day trip destinations!

Family hotel in Bad Reichenhall?

Where to stay in Bad Reichenhall with children?
In Bad Reichenhall itself, the range of family-friendly hotels is scarce. We therefore looked for a family hotel in Bavaria in the area. We recommend the family hotel Edelweiss in the area for overnight stays.

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