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The Bavarian Forest at a glance

A must for outdoor fans

In the Bavarian Forest, you can forget about boredom on a family vacation! Because you will experience relaxation in untouched nature, leisure activities in animal and adventure parks, sports and action while hiking, water skiing or climbing and lots of culture in the surrounding cities and museums. The starting point for your discovery tour is one of the hotels in the Bavarian Forest that specialize in children’s holidays or a holiday home.

The Bavarian Forest is one of the most diverse holiday regions in Germany and offers a colorful mix of nature, culture, adventure and relaxation – an ideal place for you vacation with children. The Bavarian Forest extends along the triangle between Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and is one of the largest forest areas in Europe. The offer for a worthwhile holiday is of course correspondingly large: nature lovers appreciate the beauty and untouchedness of the region, culture lovers the numerous festivals and cultural events taking place, families with children enjoy animal parks and adventure playgrounds, and athletes and adventure seekers have the choice between hiking, skiing, Water skiing or climbing.

The Bavarian Forest is ideal for family holidays all year round. From November to April, ski-loving families can benefit from the above-average snow reliability in the mountains. Rush down the slopes in the Bischofsmais ski area, for example – families with children and beginners are in good hands here. The Bavarian Forest National Park also offers many other activities.

A highlight also in summer!

Not only the western town of Pullman City offers many events that are an attraction all year round and especially delight the children! Many wild animals such as bears, wild boars or wolves can be admired in the enclosures of the numerous game parks. The International Wilderness Camp is really adventurous. During the holidays, the children are taught the attitude to life of old natural tribes in one-day or multi-day courses. During this time, parents can explore the Bavarian Forest and take advantage of the many leisure activities such as golfing and climbing, go on bike tours or visit the cities of Regensburg and Passau, for example. In the Bavarian Forest, you not only spend an eventful but also a cheap holiday, regardless of whether you are planning a longer holiday or just want to take a short holiday in the Bavarian Forest! A family vacation in your own country that has so much to offer!

Selected family hotels in the Bavarian Forest

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Sugarloaf mountain peaks in Bodenmais!

Bavaria, Germany Sonnenhotel Bayerischer Hof

Snow fun and hiking pleasure in the Bavarian Forest

Bavaria, Germany Hof Anton Murr

Pure idyll on the farm: Anton Murr Farm

Bavaria, Germany baby & Children’s organic resort Ulrichshof

Pure nature in the Ulrichshof organic resort

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More travel destinations in the Bavarian Forest

Family holiday ski area St. Englmar

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Family vacation ski area Hohenbogen

Come on, let’s discover the Bavarian Forest!

A vacation in the Bavarian Forest basically means enjoying the full vacation program, because no matter whether you are planning a family vacation in summer or winter, your leisure activities are almost limitless. The Bavarian Forest attracts the whole family with beautiful ski areas for large and small piste sweepers as well as with many nature parks that invite you to go hiking with the family, especially in summer.

Winter wonderland in the Bavarian Forest

In winter, the Bavarian Forest is the top family destination if you want to learn to ski or if you are already an expert on the slopes. The slopes in the ski areas of Bischofsmais, Bodenmais, St. Englmar, Waldkirchen or Hohenbogen are so varied that everyone gets their money’s worth here. Ski cracks are looking forward to the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest, the “Großer Arber”. The ski area around St. Englmar is best suited for beginners. Family hotels with direct access to the slopes can be found here – nothing stands in the way of a vacation with children!

Time travel and thrills!

In "Pullman City", on the other hand, you do not have the feeling that you are on holiday with your children in the Bavarian Forest, but rather in the Wild West. Built in the style of an American western town, the complex conveys the feeling of life of the gold mining era. You can also spend the night here, either in log cabins, lodges or in an old American-style hotel. Children from the age of 12 can rent a horse or pony in the Horse Stable. Riding courses are offered for beginners. “Pullman City” offers a colorful and diverse range of events all year round, especially during the holidays!

Pure adventure and thrills – this is how the following attraction could be described. In the Schönberg high-wire park, you will be invited to climb to a height of 3 to 25 m at the summit of the Kadernberg, making your family vacation a real experience! The facility has various courses with different levels of difficulty. Ropes are stretched between trees and wobbly planks let the adrenaline rise! Tours are carried out in a team and of course all climbers are secured with a rope. The park is special because you can take part in this unique experience even with family members with disabilities.

If the adrenaline rush in the high ropes park is not enough for your family, the summer toboggan run and the family roller coaster of the tobogganing and leisure paradise on the Egidi-Buckel will entice you. The Bayerwald-Bob and the Bayerwald-Coaster each have a length of 1000 m and provide integrated steep curves, jumps and a 360-degree steep wall gyroscope for one A top-class adrenaline rush. The family roller coaster "Der voglwuide Sepp" is one of the highlights of the facility and the longest roller coaster in Bavaria: adventure and fun come first!

Children’s vacation in the Bavarian Forest

Your kids will take home a lot of exciting experiences and new knowledge. Hardly any region has as many animal and nature parks as the Bavarian Forest. The largest zoo is the open-air area of ​​the Bavarian Forest National Park near Neuschönau. The circular route is about 7 km long and can be completed in half a day. You will encounter a wide variety of animal species such as bears, griffon vultures, otters, red deer, wild boars, wolves or – with a lot of luck – also shy lynxes. The starting point is the information center in the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus. There are numerous offers for families with children of different ages. In winter there are even guided tours with animal tracks in the snow!

Another highlight of a family vacation in the Bavarian Forest is the forest play area near Spiegelau. The children can let off steam in the numerous climbing and playgrounds or the extensive forest area. You can have a wonderful barbecue on the large barbecue area with seating. There is also a nature trail that offers many attractions to experience and marvel at.

Also very worth seeing is the Bayerwald-Tierpark Lohberg near the district town of Cham. The enclosures are smaller here than in the national park and therefore allow a better view of the animals. There is also a great diversity of species to admire here!

The International Wilderness Camp at Falkenstein is a very special experience. Children and adults experience here, such as Mongolian nomads, Mapuche Indians or Brazilian rainforest inhabitants in harmony with nature and the environment Life. The association Waldzeit e.V. offers courses lasting several days during the holidays. In the camp you will also live naturally: in tree houses, earth caves or water huts! The Bavarian Forest offers you the most exciting family vacation for a long time!

Where is the Bavarian Forest?

The Bavarian Forest is a forest and mountain area that is also known as the Bavarian Forest. The forest area stretches on the border between Bavaria, Austria and the Czech Republic and is one of the largest forest areas in Europe, as it actually belongs to the Bohemian Forest. The highest peak in the Bavarian Forest region is the "Große Arber" – an ascent to the 1456 m high mountain is an adventure for the whole family! The Bavarian Forest National Park lies in the back and has an area of ​​24,250 hectares. The largest peak in this area is the "Great Falkenstein" with a height of 1315 m.

What is the weather like in the Bavarian Forest??

Pack your backpack, it’s off to the Bavarian Forest! The weather in the Bavarian Forest is ideal in summer and in winter: Leisure activities such as hikes, barbecues or skiing take place in the respective seasons under suitable conditions. In summer the average temperatures are 19-24 degrees – the warmest time of the year is the months of July and August – just beware of the ticks! In the winter months, the temperature can drop to -5 degrees.

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A day in the Bavarian Forest!

A day in the Bavarian Forest is as diverse as the region itself. Even during breakfast you will have to worry about the huge choice of leisure activities. Should it be an exciting hike through the national park today, an ascent to the "Großer Arber" or an adrenaline-charged ride on the summer toboggan run? It’s best to try everything out once! In winter you spend the day on the slopes: numerous ski areas offer slopes for young and old, beginners or advanced. For dinner, the family can review the great day again and will find that such a day can quickly pass. No matter whether short vacation or summer vacation, beautiful memories will be preserved for all family members.


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