Family vacation bavarian forest with children, upper palatinate

What is worth on a family vacation in the Bavarian Forest?

Family vacation in the Bavarian Forest National Park with children

If you think of a family vacation in Germany in the Bavarian Forest, you may first have a lot of trees in your head. Far from civilization, little entertainment. That is conditionally correct. You can get this seclusion in Apartments and finding holiday homes in the Bavarian Forest, that’s right. But there are also many things to look at where you are guaranteed not to be alone and meet many other families with children. We have been to the Bavarian Forest with children a few times and give our tips here.

Hiking on the Arber with children

One of the big highlights in the Bavarian Forest is an excursion to the great Arber, the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest National Park. Here you can even take a gondola up and take a little hike with children on the Arber. It’s not far, more of a walk. There is always a lot of people up here on the Arber, which holiday guest wants to miss the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest if it is so easy to reach? Things are calmer when you hike up to the Arber from below. Also nice: hike around the Arbersee on the Arber. The small mountain lake is beautifully situated in the forest. I like that better than the hype at the Arber summit. The Lusen hike is even quieter here.

High ropes course in the Bavarian forest – and the treetop path

Particularly sought after in vacation the numerous high ropes courses with children are at lofty heights, for example in Schönberg, Lam and Waldkirchen. The so-called treetop path near Neuschönau is to be completed. It is a "hiking trail" at the height of the tree tops and a length of 1320 meters. At a height of 44 meters you walk through the forest and experience it from a completely different perspective. It is known as the world’s largest treetop path. We have been there -> that’s the treetop path. However, our children find the tree top path more beautiful.

Family vacation in the Bavarian Forest? Our children love the Buamkronenweg in Kopfing

Bodenmais with children? – Bathe Bodenmais, Haus der Wildnis, Bodenmais hike

See wild animals – the zoo in the Bavarian forest, so to speak

After the treetop path to the zoo: stayed on the ground is this Fair game enclosure, which is not far from the tree top path: Wild animals in their usual nature and still to be admired, that is the motto here. There are about 45 species of animals to see, which either still live here in the forest or have lived here once and were eradicated. We walk through the forest on a 7 km loop. At a safe distance we encounter lynxes, brown bears, wolves, wild boars and the like.

Popular excursion destinations with children in the Bavarian Forest?

We also discovered some of them. Initially inconspicuous, but then loved the Flederwisch adventure park in Furth im Wald. What it’s all about? An adventure world and an open-air museum of a special kind – here we have not only found the largest steam engine in Bavaria. Nearby you can still go to the dragon cave, where the giant dragon lingers, if not the further dragon sting. A visit to a glassworks is also highly recommended. Glass used to be the economic lifeline in the Bavarian forest. A few show glassworks remain. Which glassworks makes sense with children? – we were in the JOSKA glassworks – and were even allowed to blow glass ourselves.

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Family vacation in the family hotel Bavarian Forest

A lot has happened here. In addition to the sleepy pensions and lagging hotels, there are now some really good family hotels in the Bavarian Forest. We particularly liked an all-inclusive family hotel, where the large play barn delighted the children. We also have tips for family hotels in the Bavarian Forest.


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