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Family vacation in Berlin

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Berlin at a glance

A vibrant metropolis

No city in Germany is as colorful and exciting, as international and vibrant as Berlin. Your family holiday in the capital is just as varied as the city itself. Regardless of whether you live in a children’s hotel or in a holiday apartment in Berlin – exciting vacation days are inevitable!

Children are very welcome!

The largest German city presents itself as a child-friendly metropolis: there are special theaters and museums for children, zoos and guided tours of the city, great playgrounds and music performances. Of course, the city itself has an infinite wealth to offer, so that the whole family gets their money’s worth on vacation!

You decide how you spend your days in Berlin: stroll past all the sights, such as the Brandenburg Gate or take a detour to the oldest zoo in Germany. Just outside, more precisely in Potsdam, the Sanssouci Palace awaits you, which is not uncommon as "Prussian Versailles" referred to as. Here your children will feel like queens and kings!

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Come on, let’s discover Berlin!

Are you planning a family holiday in Berlin? Wonderful, because we can tell you that one thing will definitely not be: boring! Whether on a sightseeing tour past the sights of the city or on an excursion to Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam – there is something going on every day!

Sightseeing in the capital

A family vacation in the capital Berlin is of course connected with one thing: sightseeing! Stroll past the Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie and enjoy a great view of the city from the television tower with your children. History is in every corner of the vibrant metropolis! Experience them up close, for example in the East Side Gallery and marvel at the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall. The GDR Museum is also worth a family trip. The interactive museum offers hands-on history!
One of the main attractions of the city is of course the Reichstag. Here you can not only climb the dome, but also take a guided tour. If you are lucky, you may also attend a plenary session of the German Bundestag – this is how politics is experienced at first hand!

Visiting the oldest zoo in Germany

Even on a short vacation with the children in Berlin, a visit to the city’s zoological garden is almost a must – after all, it is the oldest zoo in Germany. The main entrance with the two lying elephants made of Elbe sandstone and the magnificent roof will impress you. The interior is no less exciting: look forward to an African river landscape with hippos, a lovingly designed petting zoo and the most modern bird house in Europe. Another eye-catcher is the penguin world, which gives you great underwater views. The zoo also includes an aquarium, where you can find biotopes for sharks, piranhas and for the fish of the coral reefs.

The Museum of Naturopathy offers an exciting insight into the work of nature. The absolute highlight here is the skeleton of Brachiosauris brancai, the world’s largest skeleton of a dinosaur. The skull alone measures a full 1.5 meters. Before you enter the museum, you should take a look at the building in which it is located: with its mighty columns and large windows, the building almost looks like a palace.

Like in Hollywood

Hands-on stars await you in Madame Tussauds’ wax museum! Here you can have yourself photographed with famous personalities like Johnny Depp or Angela Merkel. A very special vacation snapshot!

You can spend a relaxed morning or afternoon with the children on the Tempelhofer Feld. The former airport site offers enough space for various activities. On the former runways, for example, you can ride a bicycle and jet through the area with inline skates.

A magnificent trip

If you stay in Berlin for a few days longer, you should definitely plan a trip to Potsdam, because here is the magnificent Sanssouci Palace. Friedrich II once had a small summer palace built here, which was expected under Friedrich Wilhelm IV. But not only the castle will impress you, the garden will also make your eyes shine. It is not without reason that he is often called that "Prussian Versailles" designated.

Perhaps the following day there is still enough time to visit the Babelsberg Film Park. Here you can get wonderful insights into Europe’s oldest and largest film city every day. Experience the spectacular stunt show in the volcanic crater or stroll along Wild-West-Straße – you will feel like in a movie!

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